The “News Cycle” is a Crucial Part of the Control Grid

by K.I.G As long as you know and understand that when you consume “the news” you might as well be consuming 100% scripted and manufactured infotainment (Google’s Selfish Ledger comes to mind), you are pretty safe… relatively speaking. However, most folks, including “truthers”, still don’t seem to get it (after decades of activism). Daily, you

WordPress Company Fears the Control Grid Syndicate’s Knife on Throat, Joins Ranks of CGS

by K.I.G On august 13, 2018 the New York Times wrote: “This Company Keeps Lies About Sandy Hook on the Web”, referring to Automattic’s platform. One day later deletes dozens of individual blogs including Scott Creighton’s American Everyman and Eowyn’s Fellowship of the Minds in yet another purge that leaves the purged ones

Activism and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

By K.I.G Here’s where I get confused… On one hand you have activists and truthers who want to get rid of oppression and the control grid syndicate but on the other hand you have the same activists and truthers voluntarily complying with the very oppressive regime policies that they want to get rid of. Take

The Control Grid Syndicate

By K.I.G In the second half of the 20th century a phrase was being popularized around the world, long before the internet as we know it today had been created. The “new world order“, a catchphrase for everything that concerns oppressive people, organizations and corporations that seek to jointly dominate the world in a rather