News and Media Awareness

By K.I.G – Last updated July 6, 2018

The website is in its entirety a free and public news and media awareness program that aims at educating an international public audience about how to interpret and harness the information that is being provided by news and infotainment media outlets around the world.

By now, the 20th century media landscape has completely changed but the public has so far not been properly informed about this crucial development, not by their governments nor by the news and entertainment media themselves. People continue to consume information as if the year is still 1983, unaware of the true nature of the agendas that they are being exposed to.


Investigative Reports

The program currently counts three components and we are working on adding several more. One component includes the investigative reports by myself and a few participating independent outposts. These can be followed on the frontpage of the website where the reports are chronologically listed.

Media Profiling

Through this component we will try to identify the owners, operators and agents of the media outlets, their purposes, agendas and the nature of their content and info products.

Narrative Analysis

Through the currently third component of’s news and media awareness program we will analyze the various aspects of narratives that exist. In order to have any chance at substantial success with activism, blogging and investigative reporting you must first understand what the narratives, that news media outlets and governments send into the world, are really saying and what their purposes are.