Media Profiling

By K.I.G – Page created July 5, 2018. Last updated July 7, 2108.

Media profiling is crucial when you really want to understand who is providing you information, what the information means and what it is supposed to achieve.

Not being aware of the nature of information, be it “news” or infotainment, is as worrying and dangerous as not knowing that knives can cut through your skin.

An important difference that you will notice as you use our website, our program and content is that we normally don’t refer to the various media outlets as either “mainstream” or “alternative”, for the very simple reason that the differences between these media streams have largely faded away. In general both streams peddle lies and distorted realities and in the process they each accuse each other of publishing or producing fake news.

To see this explained through a concrete example, read this report.