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It already seems that Wikitribune will become a fierce opponent and since it is so very young we actually have a chance to bury them much faster than the rest of the lying press. For this reason I have created this separate archived page for updates about Wikitribune.

Wikitribune Presents its "Reliable and Ethical" News Sources List. Guess Who's (Not) On it...

October 15, 2017
For those who are still not familiar with Wikitribune, it is Wikipedia's new propaganda venture that is about to take off any week now. They have been postponing the actual launch of their very own "evidence-based journalism" website a few times already because apparently they are not sure which way to go with it (or are still harvesting feedback through their corporate A.I.s that have to determine how to best sabotage and hijack public outcries, because that is the real world we are living in. Most of reality is now literally simulated and artificially augmented).
That is not entirely my own personal opinion because when you look at the ratings and feedback you immediately see that at least half of its followers and even financial supporters are VERY skeptical about everything that Wikitribune claims to stand for and wants to do.
Wikitribune is advertised as a community news website where users can put forward their take on the news reports that the website puts out, sort of the Wikipedia model but for "news" specifically. Last month I wrote a first update about them and I pointed to the very valid comments that were posted on their website, from users who smell that something is fishy over there.
The same pattern continues. Wikitribune is indeed another carbon copy of the political correct news websites that only present you what deep state(s) want to have imposed on the general public. Wikitribune's self-compiled "list of preferred news sources" attests to this.
Many of their followers and financial backers are NOT happy with that list, and frankly I am shocked about this in a positive way.
I didn't expect that the trust in mainstream news producers was actually this low among the general public because the news media and their corporate owners have managed to keep the illusion of superiority up, high. When you browse through the news, for instance at Google news, all you find is mainstream press. No truly deeply rooted alternative perspectives are getting through there, so in these ways the corporate news media still have the upper hand. They have mastered their trade of illusion to perfection over the past decades and it shows. Even I am still often fooled by their slickness.
Clearly, though, more and more people DO hate the regular press and only in mainstream comment sections that have not yet been closed down, like at Wikitribune, can you measure that hate and skepticism. For how long? I don't know but if (or when) Wikitribune continues like this they too might just lock down their comment sections completely because it is at this moment not doing them any favors. Unless they are just deliberately generating data sets that their and other mainstream A.I.s can tap into, which would have the sole purpose of further diverting (hijacking) potent resistance.
As of this writing, Wikitribune's top 3 news sources that it describes as and deems "reliable and ethical" are, in this order, Reuters, Associated Press and BBC. I kid you not, and the comment section for their list pretty much sums it all up about how people think about that. Like always of course the critical thinking there too is deliberately water downed with text book comments of praise.
The rest of the "reliable and ethical" Wikitribune list is, in this order: New York Times, Washington Post, The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Axios, Quartz, BuzzFeed Investigations, The New Yorker, The Guardian, Politico, Bloomberg and Nature.
I will post some of the good comments that were left at Wikitribune's blog:
Richard Downing: "I have issues with the BBC. They appear very biased in the way they present the news. Nothing that you can point to and say ‘that’s false’, but the subtle innuendo. I saw a tweet, forwarded by WikiTribune, this morning that said “Can we integrate reader communities into the process of creating the news?” Here is the great myth of modern journalism ‘CREATING the news’. Report it, explain it, yes, but create it? No expletive deleted way! And that is my beef with the BBC."
Phil Spear: "I find it hard to consider corporate news sources as reliable & ethical…"
Simon: "BBC News... What a joke."
Vincent Godinich: "Just lost all respect for this project when Buzzfeed was listed as a hard news source. Buzzfeed. The 'news' outlet only famous for being trolled into publishing a fake dossier of Trump that was so outlandish that it was somehow as click-baity as it was partisan… a feat for Buzzfeed. Just unsubscribed from the email list and lost complete interest in following this project. It’s not 'evidence based journalism'… it’s thinly veiled partisan hackery at best, and grossly uninformed at worst. The search for impartial and open news continues… wikitribune is just more of the same. Build your house upon sand and all."
Stiofán Súilleabháin: "The more I read about this project the worse it gets. ... If you still think it’s acceptable to use BBC as a trusted news source then you should include other sources like Al Jazera and RT. At least that way you will have different takes on each news story and the readers can see what facts match up in each story. I was really hoping you would be a positive change in the way the news is curated and reported. Sadly it’s looking like more of the same."
Chris Gayler: "You cannot be serious to include the NYT, WaPO, and AP in your list. If this credulous nonsense continues, I will want nothing to do with this project. May I suggest ConsortiumNews?"
Jochen Burkhard: "Let’s say I’m stunned you not only rely on but mainly mention mainstream corporate media as your preferred sources. ... I fear my expectations are not met to say the least. Likewise I, at least not yet, don’t see that I will proceed, supporting you…"
Still, it won't matter any bit what people think about Wikitribune because it will just go along with what it is supposed to do. It will find corporate backing anyway when too many individual sponsors quit because Wikipedia has already become a major propaganda arm of the controlled media, through which a deceiving and secretive deep state control grid operates. Wikitribune is just another manifestation of openly hijacking rebellion and the growing awareness among the public.
In stark contrast, websites like are truly the final frontier of information warfare because it is there that the public is presented with the tools and information to successfully undermine the control grid that has been rolled out.
Without our kind of websites there wouldn't even be a resistance anymore because most of the "alternative media" crowd has already been diverted away from doing harm. All they do en masse is parroting the mainstream narratives. We have seen this once more with the Las Vegas shooting. All the mainstream talking points and "leads" are perceived as being of great value. In reality, though, all these do is divert the public (including most of the "truthers" and "conspiracy theorists") away from finding out who the real perpetrators are.
And with Wikitribune all you will get is more of the same. Deception and false reporting.
(Note: I will create a separate archived page for Wikitribune because it already seems that it will become a fierce opponent and since it is so very young we actually have a chance to bury them much faster than the rest of the lying press.)

FACT: New 4-Part ISIS (Docu)Drama "The State" is Zionist Propaganda, Just Ask the Jewish Director

October 3, 2017
Peter Kosminsky is the creator of this propaganda campaign for Channel 4 (but in reality it is for Netanyahu his Irgun Likud Party), titled The State. It tells the story of people joining ISIS (Islamic 'State').
It isn't Kosminsky's, who is a zionist jew, first such propaganda campaign. A few years ago he made another such "dramatized" 'factual' piece called Britz. He openly admitted then that "I know a lot of people will be very, very angry. I've no doubt somebody will accuse me of making an al-Qa'ida recruitment video." The Independent added "others will surely object to Muslims being shown as extremists yet again."
Well yes, that's what this kind of propaganda is intended to do. To polarize opposing groups and to radicalize muslims in the west so they can keep the fires burning in the Middle East as unwitting proxies. That's the whole idea behind the Irgun Likud Party its war on terror doctrine that the entire world seems to have copied blindly (or under extreme pressure by (nuclear) blackmail at the hands of the Israeli government).
From another perspective, I'm actually positively surprised that critics and observers of the Wikitribune are paying attention. At least for now.
Wikipediocracy: "Please ask Mr. Kosminsky why he felt the need to “intersect” drama with journalism. In other words, why was there a need to dramatize what seems like could have been a perfectly engaging factual documentary? And how is the viewer supposed to decipher what aspects of the story adhere to authentic journalistic procedures, and which aspects have been artificially enhanced for (presumably) ratings goals."

New "Wikitribune" Trashed by Own Base

September 19, 2017

UPDATE: Here's what you can expect from the new mainstream Wikitribune:

This is actually a great development and good news. Yesterday the first Wikitribune article was published in an attempt to set the scene for what is to become yet another mainstream rag that pushes the same old biased political correct "news".
Wikitribune is the newspaper of Wikipedia.
They actually did such a good job at achieving their initial goal that its own base trashed the very first article that was published.
You can read the poorly written article here but the best part of it is the comments all the way down the page. You should read them all because 75% of them are saying that Wikitribune is totally biased and that their article is a promo stunt for the UN and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It pleases me a lot actually to read this from their own base. Some are even saying they're going to cancel their monthly subscription for Wikitribune due to the lack of neutrality expressed in their "journalism".

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