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Spanish and Catalan Police REALLY ARE Trained by and in Israel, Private Homeland Security Company Shows

October 9, 2017
Earlier I wrote that Spanish police forces are being trained by Israel and that even the Catalan police is trained there too.
For this I was called an idiot and fake news pusher. At the time, I pointed to secret agreements that the Spanish and Catalan governments have with their Israeli counterpart and with Israeli military contractors and manufacturers. Agreements that have not yet been fully disclosed for the Spanish and Catalan people.

"Guardian" Spain - Defense & Homeland Security - "100% Made in Israel"

Now I want to point to an actual private Spanish/Israeli company (contractor) that actually facilitates the training itself.
Their website is A very revealing screen capture has been saved. A video describing Guardian Spain's promo video is linked here. Strangely, this video only has 4,700 views on Youtube since 2014, as of now. Information like this should be distributed far wider than that!
Here you can see on their own website that their main client is the Spanish government (the "clients" page exists but you have to know about it) and in an archived page of their site you can also see that the Catalan police forces were listed as having been trained by the Israeli oppression machinations (may very well still be the case).
I'm glad that this issue has now been conclusively and permanently addressed and that the deniers out there have been adequately put back where they belong, at the titties of the deep state - sucking up the government and mainstream narratives that don't make any sense at all.
Of course, aside from the Spanish law enforcement also the US and several other countries have their police schooled in and by Israel. That information is far easier to find with any online search engine.

Spanish Police, and Many Others, ARE Occasionally Trained by (Private) Israeli Agents

October 2, 2017
In response to my Catalonia update (independence referendum of October 1, 2017) some are now saying that Israel does not train Spanish police.
Well, in reality it does and that includes even the Catalan forces too, whether they even know it or not. There exist "secret" agreements between the Israeli government and (military) corporations and the Catalan government. Much is not being revealed about this, since.... it is considered secret. Training military and police forces IS part of the package nonetheless. I have looked into this and it is, sadly, a fact.

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