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The Effectiveness and Accuracy of My "Rebel Intelligence Algorithm"

October 31, 2017 | By KJ for and
Since 2013 I have been developing an algorithm that now has become one of my best and most valuable assets in this constant war that I'm waging against the alphas of darkness and their wicked schemes that seek to coopt the general public and the real resistance.
This website too is the result of that algorithm's effectiveness and accuracy but not everything that I do or run through this algorithm gets published here obviously. It's simply too much content for one person to get through.
But today I want to share an every-day example of how the "Rebel Intelligence Algorithm", as I call it, works.
For this I will take a Facebook post that I just came across and that I exposed the algorithm to.
Click here to see that Facebook post in a screenshot.
The photo that comes with that FB post above was instantly marked as suspicious and marked as being a likely zionist creation. This stems from the fact that the algorithm has learned that most of the western "hardcore" or radical islamist or muslim propaganda is produced through zionist controlled channels, groups and organizations. Also in France that is the case. The specific photo that was used here indeed looks off when observed through trained eyes and minds.
The algorithm's response to the photo and the article was: "Identify the jewish or zionist source"
That was exactly what  I thought, that a jew or zionist was the source for that headline.
It turned out that indeed I was right, before I even played and watched the video that comes with that article and that is the core of it.
I had never seen the article and video before, so there's no way except than through the algorithm that I could have known or have estimated, with at least a proven 95% accuracy rate, that a jew would in fact go behind the story.
The RT video is from May 2015, the jew that goes behind the "story" is Ami Horowitz. "Horowitz's mother is from Israel. He is a modern orthodox jew and spent a year at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel" (from Wikipedia).
Ami Horowitz is an obvious zionist asset/agent, this is easily proven through his "political" activism which you can read about even at Wikipedia, linked above, and in the mainstream news media.
The Horowitz video report for RT was two-fold basically:
  1. To measure the effectiveness of the zionists their anti-islam (and "all terrorists are muslim extremists") propaganda (sort of a survey for themselves to see how good their lying and cheating works on the public). To see how much of society in a given area has been successfully coopted by their brainwashing and staged terror attacks (false flag attacks).
  2. To keep the fear mongering on a constant and critical level. Having people constantly afraid of and opposed to "terrorists" and "muslims" is the ideal state of mind for the zionists to have their target audience in, the western(ized) population. That allows for easy manipulation of the (western) governments and the politicians, to constantly go to war in the Middle East and the rest of the world under the deceptive banner of "war on terror".
Given that most people have not been able to connect the dots or spot the deception, even with and during this simple example and exercise, it once again is documented how big the gap truly is between the real rebellion and the general public/alternative news media.
For the FB post above, literally zero comments were made on the social media platform that pointed to the zionist plot behind that specific video report and article. No one, apparently, in that group it was posted in - and that saw the post in their timelines - was able to spot the zionist hand that held the photo in front of their faces.
I admit, the video report and the photo that came with it are a rather advanced form of propaganda for the average news consumer. However, it is merely an every-day exercise for the Rebel Intelligence Algorithm because it is now learning from far more advanced campaigns that all of us are being exposed to. The Vegas shooting is one of those campaigns and because of the effectiveness of the algorithm I haven't felt the need to published any major updates since October 8 for that report since everything that really matters had already been handed over to the readers of this website.


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