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Laura Loomer, "Investigative" Alternative Media "Journalist", is Provably a Likud Asset... and She May Not Even Know it Herself (Archived)

October 6, 2017

Poison Ivy Loomer

Someone has to tell the world who she really works for because she poses a grave danger to the hardcore investigative rebellion.
I have already seen enough to know for a fact that she is an asset of forces that she may not even be aware of, but I doubt that the latter is the case though.
She has been spouting decoy after decoy in the ongoing Las Vegas shooting news cycle (Stephen Paddock is "the killer" is a decoy, the hotel room receipt is also a decoy. Both prove nothing and only put up a smoke screen.) and it is time that someone exposes her for what she really, and merely, is. I bet the Irgun Likud party is having a ball over her online escapades at this very moment. They're enjoying their bowls of seasoned falafals as they take note of the success that she has had so far.
So, the sad part is that many have already been duped at this stage.
Provably she is a zionist jew (don't be fooled, zionists fund all sides of conflicts, see Rothschilds et al; and also in Ukraine for instance [1, 2, 3]) that is being used by the Likud party to poison your mind with anti muslim and anti islam propaganda - specifically using this shooting and trying to link it to ISIS. This has demonstrably been one of the goals of the Israeli press since day one, on October 1. I told you that the event is about something else and that Paddock was not the shooter, although the patsy.
Her MO is a popular one. First inject your poison in the alt media and truther community through platforms like Infowars and then create a character for yourself that people will look up to. Even if based on false information and deception. Most "truthers" won't ever find out anyway or are too stupid to actually see what is unfolding in front of them. Loomer proves this all by herself that that is the reality because there are already hundreds (if not thousands) out there who see her as some kind of respectable leader figure. Go figure...
A swift glance over her Facebook page and Twitter feed instantly raises red flags, it shows that she is poison and that she therefore should be avoided at all costs. Once you allow her to establish credibility in your mind you are lost and put on a sidetrack where you mean no harm anymore. Whether you know it or believe it or not.
You should know that there is no ISIS in the Philippines, not three months ago - not today. Yet if you would take her waffling serious you'd be of the opinion that there is. "Vegas shooter wires $100,000 to ISIS [in the Philippines]". What a lie, how poisonous. This smells (stinks) like Likud propaganda from miles away.
Here's another one of her Irgun traps:
"I have received intel that the woman who went to the front row of the concert in Las Vegas and told people 'you're all going to die' is in custody and she is Muslim."
Aside from her fraudulent "sources" she is the only one spouting this nonsense but it seems that many Trump groupies are buying it nonetheless.
The fact that she is directly affiliated with Ezra Levant, also a hardcore zionist jew, proves that his outfit "The Rebel Media" is a limited hangout and that there is nothing rebellious about it. This last part I already knew for a very long time but it is now appropriate to mention this here.

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