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Vice Magazine and HBO Are Lying Propagandists

October 13, 2017
Here's how Vice Magazine introduces its latest HBO video report about the Philippines its war on crime and drugs:
In the Philippines, survey teams are going door-to-door marking the homes of suspected drug users with red “Xs.”
I gave you the above first because it is the basis of Vice's contrived storyline and I want you to see for yourself what information warfare looks like when the US government is in control of it at Vice and HBO headquarters.
Next, lets take a look at what Vice and HBO further claim and after that I will give you the actual facts as they are coming from someone who actually lives in the Philippines and who knows what the reality in the Philippines really is.

The Vice and HBO Propaganda

They claim that homes in the Philippines are being marked with an "x" when the occupants are drug users. That, however, is not even once proven or documented in their very own video report and accompanying article. Nor are any photos provided that could support their false propaganda.
What is clearly seen several times throughout the Vice/HBO video is that an authorized drug clearing team writes a number on specific homes. Not once in the video can a "red x" be seen. Not once! I have purposely watched their video three times.
Here's what you do see being written on the wall of homes: #163, #164, number one hundred seventy something and #180. You also see a map listing the assigned numbers per home.
It is also claimed that the compiled lists then are used by the government as "kill lists". For this Vice and HBO provide ZERO evidence of course. What did you honestly expect?
As for the rest of the video and claims all that does is further establishing as factual that the reporters or "journalists" who made this report know nothing about the Philippines and haven't even tried to understand and give you the correct background that comes with this matter.

The Truth and Reality

First, I live in the Philippines and I have actually already observed with a very critical eye, and even had access to, the anti-drug enforcement practices and policies. What western audiences are being fed is nothing more than hyper bullshit and distortions. On the same level as Vice/HBO's latest.
The reason why you can see an authorized drug clearing team write numbers on the walls of homes is actually far less dystopian than one might expect after seeing that rotten Vice/HBO psychological terror piece.
The area where that specific team was operating and filmed at the time is a squatter area. If you don't know what that means or looks like, then take a look at this. You'll get the picture easily.
In a squatter area, and even in most other places in the Philippines, homes simply don't have a house number. Even street names are scarce. For this reason too you won't see too many mailmen walking or driving around in the country. Most people pick up their mail in the local post office because houses also, in most cases, don't have mailboxes. The biggest exceptions to this are subdivisions, where guards are posted and all houses are nicely numbered and come with a fence and mailbox. But, sadly, squatter areas and other poor neighborhoods still make up the biggest part of the Philippines.
So, the reason why the team in the video can be seen writing numbers on the walls is because that is the only logic way to identify a home in a squatter area, with a "house number". This "house number" allows for easier location of drug surrenderers, users and pushers at a later stage for followup. There's literally zero violence involved in this process and it is far from "dystopian", as the fake alternative news outfit SHTF Plan FALSELY describes it (others even dare call it a "holocaust in the Philippines", the nerve that these media whores have!)
If we would use the same reasoning then all countries in the world that use house numbers and street names are then by definition dystopian hell holes. In reality many ARE indeed, but it is not because the folks there prefer to have house numbers, street names and mailboxes.
The drug clearing, surrendering and followup are part of a nationwide program to literally clean up the nation. If you have ever walked the streets like I have then you will know exactly what I mean with this. I am no fan or supporter of any politician in any country but Duterte, the president of the Philippines, perfectly understands what condition his beautiful country is in. In many ways it is a mess and his policies attest to that.
When he took office, and he is still very popular, he got a country that was in bad shape, socially. Economically the Philippines is rising and that is very good of course.
The fact that he is trying to clean up the mess that was left for him to find means that he is actually following up on his campaign promises. He told the public in advance, long before he got elected, that he would impose martial law if needed, that he would be rough in his ways of handling crime, junkies and corrupt politicians. Still he was elected it seems. He has actually been doing exactly what he has promised and what he was elected for. And still the man is super popular. Imagine that, a politician that actually does what he preaches.
A little more about the drugs and "cleaning up"...
When you walk into the wrong neighborhoods here you will find yourself, in many cases, among people that can't read, write and do basic math. Personal hygiene is a foreign word to them, literally (sad but true). All too often you will then also see plenty of individuals that have had their hand chopped of (or it was attempted) after they cheated their local drug dealer or stole his stash. In many cases you can still see the pus oozing out of the wound. I experienced this several times myself and the sight isn't something you want to look forward to.
You'll also find millions of street kids begging for money and when they are given cash they either buy drugs, glue (to sniff) or have to give it to their local crime boss who extorts them until they die or decide to run away or find help from the cops or an orphanage.
Clearly the Vice/HBO team didn't walk the streets of Manila all by themselves trying to establish an actual background for their report because that would be too dangerous, their camera would be stolen in an instant by someone who hasn't eaten for more than a week and they might even never get back to the airport at all with their fancy crew. That's what Duterte is trying to clean up and it's far broader than chasing down drug addicts, pushers and surrenderers.
This administration is the first one I know of that actually actively uproots corruption at all levels of government, local and national. I haven't seen any government do that before for as long as I can remember. Not here and not anywhere else.
As for the drug clearing...
The junkie-style drug users - who steal, rape, murder and who would sell their own mothers and sisters just to get a shot or snort - living in the squatter areas are a menace because they are so numerous and the social damage that they cause to the country is significant and so this must be addressed. But because no one has been willing to actually do something about it this government is left with no other alternatives than to do what it is doing at this very moment. It was elected for this very purpose, foreign interests and propagandists have no business with this because they don't even come up with realistic alternatives. All they do is lie, sabotage, distort and further the US government's regime change operations in the Philippines.
Those junkies are given a chance to come clean and stay clean. If they don't, after signing an agreement, they are going to jail for a very long time.
Not because they have used drugs but because they, collectively, have already caused so much social damage that there simply is no other way to deal with them. Small talk won't work anymore. We are far past that stage now and honest observers know this and they will not fall for or accept Vice's latest vomit.
The number that you now hear and see about "the slaughtering" of people here (now allegedly "more than 10,000") is not an honest reflection of the reality because any drug dealers and users that are found dead are now, by the press and foreign saboteurs, automatically added to the deaths caused by the police and other government agencies in this crackdown and that of course is false reporting.
Today the number of drug-related deaths stands roughly at 4,251 and half of those had local or national police involved. You can follow the actual statistics here every month. I will put a more permanent link for this at the top of the frontage too.

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