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"Paradise Papers" is an Infotainment Ruse and NOTHING More! (Archived)

November 6, 2017 | By KJ for and
Bank on it that the news media - both mainstream and "alternative" - are going to milk this for weeks to come while there is no case at all. It is the perfect distraction from the stuff that I and a few others write and report about and it once again stalls the further development of the real rebellion.
The reasons why I know for sure that this is nothing but an infotainment ruse is because everything points to that, when you focus on what really matters here, what is actually being achieved and how and what to look for other than the news headlines and factoids.


Likely the most important piece of evidence in this case, from the perspective of the real rebellion, is this statement from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) about the "Paradise Papers", the organization that is also the source of the "leaks":

"We do not intend to suggest or imply that any people, companies or other entities included in the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly.

Nor has any charge been brought against Appleby, from which the documents were stolen by Wikileaks and Anonymous double-agents.
Read that again, there haven't been any crimes committed except by those who stole the documents from the Appleby servers. Of course that is not a juicy reality and that will not be the headlines of the alternative news media their endless clickbait campaigns now.

2. Appleby

The following is the statement from Appleby, concerning the "leak":

“Recent media coverage, including the Panorama programme aired on 5th November, continues to focus on the offshore sector.   The journalists do not allege, nor could they, that Appleby has done anything unlawful. There is no wrongdoing. It is a patchwork quilt of unrelated allegations with a clear political agenda and movement against offshore.

We wish to reiterate that our firm was not the subject of a leak but of a serious criminal act.  This was an illegal computer hack.  Our systems were accessed by an intruder who deployed  the tactics of a professional hacker and covered his/her tracks to the extent that a forensic investigation by a leading international Cyber & Threats team concluded that there was no definitive evidence that any data had left our systems. This was not the work of anybody who works at Appleby.  Panorama stated they have nearly seven million of our documents.  They also claimed to have sourced information from “publicly available documents”.  The BBC website states that “the Paradise Papers contains 13.4 million documents”. It is plain that the source of documents is not confined to Appleby.

We have had lengthy correspondence with the International Consortium of Independent Journalists (ICIJ). Their claim that we “did not reply to their detailed questions” is false. We responded to their questions and we requested that they show us the documents they have in their possession which belong to us. Extracts of our response to the ICIJ, which they acknowledged on 26 October, are set out below.  We take client confidentiality extremely seriously and we are disappointed that the media has chosen to use information which has emanated from material obtained illegally. This has very little to do with accurate and fair reporting, and everything to do with the pursuit of a political agenda. These journalists will not permit fairness and accuracy to get in the way of their political objectives.

We also wish to clarify that Appleby is a global organisation comprising ten offices which have equal prominence within the global business. We do not have a headquarters. It is not correct to state that Appleby has its headquarters in Bermuda.

Appleby has thoroughly and vigorously investigated the allegations and we are satisfied that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing.  We are a law firm which advises clients on legitimate and lawful ways to conduct their business. We operate in jurisdictions which are regulated to the highest international standards. We do not tolerate illegal behaviour and we reiterate our commitment to responsible business conduct.  We are committed to the highest standards of client service and confidentiality.  It is what we stand for, this commitment remains unequivocal.
The statement continues here.
Now compare the above with the "edited for length and clarity" excerpt of it published by the Guardian. I hope you feel as disgusted as me because it attests to the gutter journalism that the Guardian increasingly resorts to in hopeless efforts to stay relevant. If you don't know how to compare the two versions just take note of the fact that the Guardian doesn't want their readers to know that Appleby referred to the "leak" as the pursuit of a political agenda and also note the deliberate omission of "this has very little to do with accurate and fair reporting".

3. Offshore

Offshore business isn't illegal and the ones out there who now again pretend that it is wrong to not want to pay taxes by creating (elaborate) financial constructions are hypocrites. No sane person wants to pay taxes to scamming governments that go to war while the people say NO. Not wanting to pay taxes is smart because governments are pits of corruption that seemingly have too much cash anyway since they can still steal it from the public or use it for things that no one really asked for. Like building creepy control grids and police states that serve the few that aren't even listed in the Paradise and Panama Papers at all, obviously.
So what? A bunch of rich people got outed as tax evadors. So what? Big deal. I'd do the exact same thing if I was stinking rich. Of course I would. And so would everyone else. Hiding your jealousy behind a mask of false justice makes you no better than the ones who organize the false flag attacks. You disgust me just as much.
If you don't understand how the money game is played then you should start paying attention and get up to speed with the real rebellion, if you care enough about our work and the future of your children, if you have any.

4. Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Guardian

These "news" papers who are also at the source of the "leak" are all partners of Wikileaks. Including an expanding list of dozens more mainstream "news" outlets. Wikileaks is mainstream, it always was and it was intended to be that. The fact that that CIA/zio front organization is involved along with Anonymous deceivers who are yet another proven CIA/zio outfit makes it crystal clear what the deal is here.
Keeping people occupied with nonsense and freak infotainment ploys shows how much they fear the real hardcore rebellion, if not they wouldn't have to go to such lengths to keep people distracted. Our core rebellion can never outscream the media frenzy that is again being unleashed and the conspirators of darkness know it. But they do need huge ploys to sabotage our efforts.
Sadly, literally hunderds of thousands of "truthers" and gullibles will get sucked into this infotainment ruse and will be spending the next two weeks chatting away about nothing. They'll be digging through an empty bubble and further feed the derailment of the real rebellion and that is what pisses me off the most because we are trying very hard to win but simply aren't allowed to and the fake alt media and their idiot followers are part of the problem, clearly.
If you have fallen for this ruse but now see that you were fooled, worry not. We welcome you and we will stand by your side.
If you still believe and will feed this ruse after having received our information, presented here today, then please step aside and remove yourself from our path. We will crush you too eventually if you don't! It's because of people like you that I can't even work properly on the Intelligence Academy that I am building and it is because of idiots like you that it gets harder and harder for us to expand the real resistance.
This ruse, the Paradise Papers, is yet another litmus test that most of the alternative news media WILL not pass. 


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