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Alternative News is Dead

September 25, 2017
I was already planning to post a #NotSleepingGiants report for several days and haven't gotten to it yet but today I came across an article on From the Trenches World Report (FTTWR) that could go together well with it in fact. So I'm just going to do this right now. This is the FTTWR article:  "Alternative News is Dead". It points out a few issues that relate to this...


This refers to Sleeping Giants campaigns that make advertisers aware when their ads appear on the Breitbart website. It has seemingly had effect over the past months because mainstream press has reported extensively about them.
I will not alert advertisers about their ads appearing on alternative news websites, because that's what this focuses on, I will alert you about the fact that the ones who were selected - "alternative news" websites - for this report and sampling are not what they appear or declare to be.
You will see that most in the sampling have Google ads served on their so-called alternative news websites that allegedly pose a serious threat to the establishment and their global control grid (at least that's what  they want us and you to believe). Others have ads served from another suspicious ad network that is originally an Israeli company working hand in glove with the Israeli spy agencies. Five or six in the list are so blunt or far away in the twilight zone that they are eligible to take the cake.
The following is merely a sampling, hundreds more (and likely thousands, internationally) so-called alternative or independent news sites fit the profiles below.

Google Ads Served on Website

Often multiple times, multiple ad slots.
Know that as a true threat to the power structure you'd never be served by Google in any way when income generation is involved. With Google Ads that's exactly what you'd want, to earn money in partnership with Google. True dangers and enemies of the control grid are banned, blacklisted, marginalized and destroyed. They're not served profit-sharing ads - EVER again! Google Ads is where all major brands advertise through. All of them!
Being listed below doesn't mean that it concerns false or controlled opposition. It just proves that these are not considered threats to 'the powers that be'. At best they are infotainment outlets that are occasionally slightly informative.
No hardcore information warfare will be seen at these, ever. There's nothing wrong with that but folks should therefore treat them accordingly, instead of assuming that they are seriously informed and part of the underground rebellion simply for following 'the news' through these websites. Clearly they are in many ways pseudo alternative news outlets that basically rehash or repost what the establishment press puts out.
For instance, constantly putting your audience in a state of fear and war is exactly what the control grid wants from news sites. When 75% or more of your content is about war in the Middle East, Africa and so on - even if it is with a critical or anti-war approach - you serve your purpose in the minds of the control grid puppeteers. You get served Google's ads, on demand. No problem. You're beating the war drums, you're considered harmless to the system.

Eligible to Take the Cake

  • Economic Collapse: Not only are they served Google Ads but they have managed - or rather he has managed - to also tap into the alt news niche market to further an already dubious political campaign and career. Because, lets be honest about it, when you are a so-called infowarrior and are aware of the "swamp" that will never be drained by anyone anyway, regardless of personal wealth or fame, you'd refrain from being associated with the very crud you have been "attacking" through the years. Running for office is the last thing you'd do, if at all, when you want to change the system because you can't do that from within the system itself. The only way to change the system is by sabotaging and deconstructing it from the outside, with severe attacks to its core, backbone and head. Not by mingling with the crud you allegedly despise so very much. If you really believe that you can change the system, for the US (and the rest of the world to a large extent), straight from Washington D.C. then you are either a fool or a con artist.
  • Neon Nettle (2): Although the word is spreading faster everyday about this one being a truly fake news website (on par with AWD News and Your News Wire), which makes it 100% fake opposition, it hasn't rendered them unable to trick the Richie Allen Show in working together with them. For someone who works with David Icke, he should know better. More so since Icke has outed (1, 2, 3) another fake opposition outlet, namely Your News Wire.
  • Henry Makow: On the surface it seems that this one is very much aware of the zionist lobby and its tentacles but provably Henry doesn't shy away from accepting the same zionists their advertising money. Taboola, embedded on Makow's site, is an Israeli ad network that literally works with the Israeli spy agencies. Just like ("spot 'em") (3rd-party comment sections) does, which is embedded on for instance. Both Taboola's and's data, along with (hundred)thousands of other websites, is being tapped into by the Israeli government's systems that, among other objectives, identify alleged and so-called "antisemitism" online. Several apps are also part of this vast Israeli government monitoring grid. Apps like Sniper and Jewish Security Application.
  • What Really Happened: Also has Taboola embedded in spite of Michael Rivero allegedly being aware and extremely critical of zionists their deceptions (so he says).
  • Waking Times: What appears to be an alternative news outlet strongly opposed to the mainstream doctrines, that keep the world in darkness, is in reality a direct promoter of establishment propaganda. Waking Times literally serves you propaganda videos from CNN, AP, Time and others on a regular basis. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Nice on cue, every visit you make to their alt news venue.
  • Signs of the Times (SOTT): Here we're not talking about ad slots, per se. What we have here is quite astonishing for a "counter current" outlet that works very hard to give you the impression of being an anti-deception outfit. What they do is attempting to funnel their audiences to Amazon, of all corporations in the world (can it get any more mainstream and control grid-associated than this?), in return for donations to QFG inc. (Quantum Future Group, is the parent company of SOTT) from... Amazon. I mean seriously, doesn't anyone pay attention anymore? Has critical thinking been lost in only one generation?

Final Note

I have to say that also at From the Trenches World Report I have spotted several reposts of content coming straight from Your News Wire, AWD News and Neon Nettle, although that may have been deleted by now because I try to inform FTTWR about it when it occurs. I do give them the benefit of the doubt on this one, that they simple made honest mistakes, due to not being informed properly about the deception practices.

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