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Neo Alphas: We Need an Activist Rebellion with Higher Levels of Serotonin (Archived)

October 17, 2017



Serotonin is one of the most important neurotransmitters in the human body associated with a wide range of physiological effects in the central nervous system and with psychological behavior.
Low levels of serotonin, both in men and women, can (and obviously do) lead to deep depressions, insomnia, amnesia ("Alzheimer"), sexual dysfunction, anxiety disorders, hyper activity, sugar addiction (and addiction to 'sweet'), insecurity, subordinatism and passivism.
All of the above are defining problems that the activist rebellion and the global population in general are dealing with but of which most folks are not ware that they relate to serotonin and the lack therefor. It is also how entire populations are kept super docile because even in earlier medical research (1984) it has been shown that alphas have up to double the serotonin in their systems than the "subordinate" members of communities.
Mankind's serotonin levels are, thus, deliberately lowered by those hostile people in society who seek the full control over the super dominant positions in the social pyramid (the "Alphas of Darkness").
Mainstream - mass consumption - foods and personal "health" and hygiene products are increasingly laced with synthetic toxicants of which aspartame (a.k.a. neotame, nutrasweet, aminosweet) and sodium fluoride are the most commonly used and the best known among a growing number of aware consumers. Both synthetic toxicants also cause lower IQs and actively damage the nerve system [1, 2, 3]. They are extremely poisonous, yet are overconsumed by most of the public, still including most activists.
Children are hardly, if ever, educated about these substances and, thus, grow up consuming them without being aware of the dangers that these pose to their physical and mental health. Especially in the long term.

Neo Alphas: Alphas of Light, Alphas of Truth

In order to reverse this dystopian trend and reality of the activist rebellion (and the public in general) oppressively being forced into the lowest "castes" of society by hostile finance, oil, manufacturing and pharma corporations, (foreign and domestic) government agencies, news and social media outlets and platforms (the Alphas of Darkness), we need more alpha males and alpha females in our ranks.
This means that our alphas, of the rebellion, (Alphas of Light) need to topple the anti-serotonin cabal, to then fill that void with actual people power, even if many people of the public will likely always remain docile anyway - because the herd mentality has been so deeply ingrained in mankind over the past millenia that it will take, likely, a few hundred years until a majority on this planet has been elevated.
It is always a very small portion of a society that paves the road towards the future and for a rebellion it is not any different. Alphas, or dominant individuals in a society, make things happen. Betas, or the rest, simply follow whatever is presented to them. But if the majority of activists don't understand what is keeping them, and us, from being victorious then all efforts that they deliver are pretty much in vain since the very nature of their survival and dominance is not understood by them.
It's like saying, I'm going to diet starting today so all my softdrinks will from now on no longer contain sugar... only aspartame. Or, I'm going to live like a modern age rebel but I'll still continue to use Colgate twice a day because I'm too lazy to make my own healthy toothpaste.
Obviously, that is not how winning is done. You either are a full-blooded rebel or you're not a rebel or activist at all. You can't be both, you can't be effective when you're only partially activist. Not a single rebellion has won with being only partially dedicated.
So, we need more alphas. That means that the activists out there today who really are dedicated and want to go the full distance, but don't know exactly what it is that keeps them and us from actually toppling this vast control grid, have to change their way of life and their mindset.
For instance - in addition to living healthier by dropping the maximum amount of toxicants in their foods, health and hygiene products - activists, or rebels, should be of the opinion that everything that the news media puts out (both mainstream and alternative) is false and a deception. From thereon they then work towards digging up facts or clues that may lead to verifiable facts and truths. It doesn't matter whether this concerns a local weather update or a major news topic about war or a terrorist attack or a mass shooting. EVERYTHING is false until the truth and reality are proven.
With this in mind it is far harder to be fooled into endless conversations and digging that will not lead you anywhere of importance anyway. As a rebel, or activist, you simply can't afford to waste and lose your time with traveling on the sidetracks that have been crafted by your enemies.
The perfect example for this is the recent shooting in Las Vegas. When you turn the table and the script around - and instead of assuming that there is "Paddock the killer" and that there is a room service receipt that matters and that there is a Jesus Campos security guard - and start with what we really have there then the burden of proof is on the news media and the government. Not on us, the activist rebellion, because all we would be doing in the current mindset is chasing our own tales (we can't afford that, we simply don't have the time or resources for that). The ones who orchestrate all these false flag events always have a ball, as they sit back and enjoy the show. They observe the wild goose chase that bloggers commit themselves to without getting an inch nearer to the truth.
Imagine that you would have 7 decades of expertise in fooling the public using the news media. Would you really still not be able to fabricate an entire story out of thin air? Would you still not know how to think of the smallest details for any plot that you want to sell to the general public? You really believe that the Las Vegas shooting wasn't thought through well enough months in advance?
If so, then you are living in a fantasy world and are unwilling (or unable) to see the world for what it really is. Regardless of whether or not you see yourself as an activist, rebel or "truther", all you really are in such case is part of the problem. Not of the solution. If this disturbs you then it is time to rethink your life.
The time has come for the rebellion to grow up, to show to the rest of the world that it has matured, out of this current college-grade mindset that is blocking all of us from moving forward.
Alphas in society are always scarce but the ones who are must now join forces and pull this worldwide rebellion out of the new dark ages. Clearly the average activist is not up to that task, and there should be no shame in that, so I request the alphas out there to step forward and take the lead. Don't waste your time with the endless and pointless forum debates that only occupy your time and waste your efforts. You are few but you must guide the rest of the activists towards the future because they have lost their ways. They are confused and are traveling away from the truth.
Alphas, rise!

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