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Total Media Blackout: The Case of the Ukrainian Whistleblower (Archived)

October 16, 2017

Part 1

Eleven days ago the Donbass News Agency reported about Roman Labusov, an alleged Ukrainian whistleblower who is seeking refuge in the Donetsk region after having worked for the SBU (Ukrainian security service) for several years.
Although he hasn't revealed much new yet as far as I have been able to track him down, aside from confirming that Ukraine's Azov neo-nazi brigade (a Ukrainian national guard) is under direct (private) command of Arsen Avakov (US-Israeli government puppet) - Ukraine's interior minister, the fact that the western news media and even RT continue to impose a full media blackout about the alleged Ukrainian whistleblower is quite frankly shocking and very revealing at the same time.
It is shocking because the western press and the Russian flag ship news outlet seem to work together on this one, none seem to be willing to break radio silence. If you wouldn't already have broadened your horizon beyond the mainstream media, which definitely includes RT as you can see for yourself, then you wouldn't even know about Roman Labusov.
The news media blackout is also very revealing because it shows that Labusov may very well be in position to actually leak real damaging data into the public sphere that can make the western "democracy" alliance (including the Israeli government) look like the aggressors and the hostile side in the Ukrainian civil war. Data that goes far beyond that what is already known about the public support for the illegal Ukrainian government by the US and EU governments (both governments supported and funded the coup). Both in terms of military support and political funding.
Last year the US congress reapproved funding and military support for the Azov battalion after previously having it declared a neo-nazi paramilitary militia that worked against the interests of the Ukrainian, and thus the US, government. Now that same brigade is an ally of the US government because it is deemed an enemy of Russia.
Through the jewish billionaire Igor Kolomoisky also Israel has its active role in the ongoing destabilization of Ukraine and can largely remain on the background of the events, while continuing to play the so-called poor eternal victim. Kolomoisky is one of the major funders of the Azov brigade and has very intimate ties with and in Israel.
Kolomoisky, an energy mogul, is "an Israeli citizen who speaks Russian but not English ... [he] maintains an official residence in Israel and has another residence in Israel where he stays several times a year when visiting Israel."
U.S. SEC: "Igor Valeryevich Kolomoisky, a citizen of Israel residing at St. Galey Thelet 48, Herzeliya, Israel, 46640, passport No. 10905729, issued on 2 October 2005"
If, somehow, Roman Labusov his future revelations would continue in the same direction or trend as they have been up until now then it is very understandable that the western news media refuse to talk about this man because by now it is an open secret that most, if not all, mainstream news media outlets are controlled (not necessarily owned) by the israel/zionist/jewish lobby. Both in the west and in Russia. That would perfectly explain their deafening silence. There is no other explanation for it, at all.
This Israeli-Ukrainian case is not unique, the Israeli government earlier already cooperated with Ukraine's neo-nazi Right Sector: "The two parties agreed on establishing a hotline [between Israel and Right Sector's administration] to prevent provocations and cooperate when issues arise."

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