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The #ZioCoin Report, Part 2: The Zionists Already Hijacked Bitcoin

October 28, 2017 | By KJ for and
This report is one of the most revolutionary in recent years and I'm enjoying it more every day. Look, I don't want to brag or something but you have to admit that it will likely take years until the rest, aside from the people who read this website, will pick up this reality. Why? Because none of the most popularized "alternative" news media outlets dare touch this subject. They will never spoon-feed this to their audiences, yet another reason why the so-called alternative media in general is not the real rebellion. They are not the real resistance that is fighting in the final frontiers.
One of the reasons why I like this report so much is because 9 out of 10 comments are hostile and have no true arguments as basis. Yes, name calling and diverting the comment sections away from the core issue that I put forward. Guys, you should have known in advance that I would strike back hard in a "part 2". To the shills, trolls and haters out there: You really think I will show you all my cards in the first round? You should know better by now.


In part one, yesterday, I mentioned how the Israeli hub of the Chinese Bitmain is Israel's doorway into the entire network of the Chinese bitcoin miners. I mentioned that with the belief that most folks would easily connect the dots since I mentioned the Stuxnet-Fukushima connection. So, I assumed that folks would be able to do a little thinking themselves but apparently most haven't passed that stage yet. Silly me for putting so much trust in so many people out there. The hardcore rebellion truly is small.
When Israel has access to all of Bitmain's mining data, which it does because Bitmain Israel (Ra’anana) provides "highly detailed real-time information and analytics to miners, and gives mining operators a better understanding of their performance," then it has access to critical bitcoin (meta)data sets that enable the Israeli government and private spies and zionist agents to profile bitcoin addresses. It will do this on the long term because it wants a real clear picture of who's who. Hopefully you didn't think that the zionist bankers would just let you take over THEIR banking business with bitcoin, did you? You really believe that they wouldn't find ways to divert the money game back to them? Clearly they have, and most of the bitcoiners and truthers are yet to wake up to that reality and most of them will hit the wall face first relatively soon. Better cash out while you still can.
Imagine that you were pure evil and you have a map of an enormous number of active bitcoin addresses that are used very regularly. Soon enough, with your state-funded spy machinations, you'd also end up with the IPs that are linked to and the devices that operate the bitcoin addresses that you have profiled over the months and years. This allows you to either plant malware (spyware) and extract bitcoins from the devices or at online wallets at a later stage or it allows you to simply seize the devices and drain the bitcoin addresses immediately.
Second, since the richest bitcoin owners likely use vaults to protect their keys, like the one(s) that Xapo has available, and since
you are that same pure evil you also have access to those directly. They were basically handed to you on a silver platter. Xapo is zionist owned and controlled, remember?
But clearly this isn't enough to convince or to use as a warning for the general public and the "truthers" out there. So we need to dig a little deeper.

Bitcoin Payment Gateways


Coinbase is one of the biggest bitcoin payment gateways. It was/is funded by Andreessen Horowitz. That money house is zionist and jewish because the boss there is so too, Ben Horowitz. Chris Dixon, from Andreessen Horowitz is a board member at Coinbase.
"David Horowitz [father of Ben Horowitz] is one of the most consequential figures on the American Jewish far right. He sits at the helm of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, an activist group with a $7 million annual budget that helps promote some of America’s loudest pro-Israel and anti-Muslim voices," according to the Forward. 
Coinbase is/was also funded by DFJ Growth with Barry Schuler on the board of directors. Schuler is a jewish zionist and so are others at DFJ.
Coinbase is/was also funded by ICE. ICE is headed/owned by  Jeffrey Sprecher, a zionist (jew?).
Coinbase is/was also funded by Ribbit Capital. There Meyer Malka is the man, he's a zionist jew. He also funded Xapo, the Swiss luxury bitcoin vault company. Yes, zionists tend to work together...
Coinbase is/was also funded by Y Combinator,  Y Combinator is headed by Sam Altman,a jewish zionist.


Braintree is owned by PayPal, PayPal is pure zionism. The best piece of evidence for that, while there are hundreds smaller such pieces, is the fact that PayPal won't allow Palestinians to use their company. Israelis living in the occupied regions can use PayPal, the Palestinians who are literally meters away are banned. Why? Because the zionist lobby says so. They don't always have to "own" something to control it. This is clearly obvious for the news media too. Likely, most alternative media outlets aren't "owned" by the zionists but the zionists DO control the narratives there and that is more than enough for them. This very report serves as the most recent attestment to that reality.
Now, I know what most people now will say or push forward as an excuse: "It's because Palestine is politically unstable."
Really? Try again!
According to mainstream data only, we see that for the Economist in 2009, in this order, Zimbabwe, Chad, Congo, Cambodia, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Pakistan and Zambia are apparently far less stable and far more dangerous to live in than Palestine - which isn't even in the list.
When you look at the Wikipedia page for a similar list you'll find South Sudan in slot number 1. Israel/West Bank is listed as number 69.
PayPal does, for instance, serve Zimbabwe, Chad, Congo,
Cambodia, Ivory Coast and Zambia (which are far less stable) and many of the other countries listed before Palestine (Israel/West Bank) in the Wikipedia list. Still convinced that PayPal is not zionist controlled?
As for bitcoin, I'm sure it has been established by now, as factual, that it is a zionist controlled asset but some people will never recognize this reality no matter how much proof you put under their noses. Instead they will willingly continue to live in their fantasized world where they falsely believe that bitcoin will set them free from the conniving banksters.

Wake-Up Call: Bitcoin Has Already Been Hijacked by Zionist Bankers and Spies - Bankers Are "NOT" in Panic Mode over the Crypto Hype - #ZioCoin

October 27, 2017 | By KJ for and
Staying ahead of the curve, as the final frontier in information warfare, means that people should be able to count on you when most find themselves on a false path to truth and freedom. With bitcoin it isn't any different, so it seems.
People have been receiving too many false reports during the past several weeks that it is now time to cut through all the distortion and shred the lies.
The reason why I grew exceptionally skeptical towards "cryptos" in general and bitcoin in particular is because the so-called underground currency is no longer underground. It is fully mainstream and this could only have happened with the full consent of the true money changers in the world. The zionist financiers. Sadly my research has shown this to be true, even though I really hoped it wouldn't.
So, lets follow the money and apply logic. To understand who could control or hijack a crypto like bitcoin (regardless of it being, allegedly, "decentralized") we need to see who mines the coins.
Even though Bitmain is a Chinese bitcoin mining company, the biggest in the world they say, it is however also operational in Israel and not just via a small insignificant hub in Ra’anana.
ConnectBTC (Bitmain Israel) "provides highly detailed real-time information and analytics to miners, and gives mining operators a better understanding of their performance, without having to develop custom internal monitoring tools. It was fully developed by Bitmaintech in Israel."
What this really means is that Israeli spy agencies are already live connected to the entire Bitmain online network, through the
Ra’anana-based mining pool and service hub.
You think this is of no importance? Think again. With Israel's blackmailing and spy history which also includes the creation of Stuxnet and the deployment of that virus at several nuclear facilities around the world, especially the ones in Iran and Japan (FUKUSHIMA attack, 3/11), anyone who is still not concerned about the Israeli
ConnectBTC is not paying attention.
Once the Israelis get their hands on any part of any company that is linked to the internet all bets are off for that company. Not so sure about that? Ask TEPCO. (Prior to the internet the Israelis mainly used Amdocs and AT&T to spy on people and to sabotage companies and governments)
Still doubtful? See who else has already been compromised by having their companies handed over, pretty much on a silver platter, to the Israeli spy agencies. The hook, you ask? "Cyberspark".
Since 2014 the Israeli government has been inviting all leading internet and technology companies of the world to come and establish branches in the new national cyber park of Israel, Cyberspark, in Beer Sheba (Beër Sjeva). Cyberspark is only 47km away from the Rotem Industrial Park in Dimona where security companies and agencies (Mossad inc.) are located such as the Israeli Magna BSP, which was involved in the sabotaging of the Fukushima nuclear power plants.
But the zionists their tentacles reach much further and deeper than that though.
Take Xapo, the Swiss company that was recently in the "news". Xapo "combines the convenience of an everyday bitcoin wallet with the security of a deep cold storage vault." Yes, it's the same company that offers luxury vault services for the super rich bitcoin owners, the bitcoin "elite" if you will. This is the top of the bitcoin food chain. More so when you check out who is in control of the company's policies and ins and outs. You guested it, a zionist jew.
The most important name at Xapo is Lawrence H. Summers (note the nose photo) he would have been the new boss at the US Federal Reserve if Janet Yellen wasn't appointed by Obama. Not that that would have made much difference since she too is a zionist jew. Most of the Fed bosses have been zionist jews. Israel always makes sure that they control the US central bank, it funds their war on fake muslim terrorists. Summers is also a World Bank creature so you know for sure that he is one of those types that pull the strings over at the BIS (Bank for International Settlements).
And then we get to understand why bitcoin hasn't had that hard a time to receive prime time exposure, and why it is NOT the fear of central bankers and asset managers. It's quite the opposite, clearly. It's always the same MO, whether it is a crypto, a false flag event or controlled opposition or a "leaks" outfit.
This brings me to another crucial item of this report, the distorted messages that people are receiving from the so-called alternative media about bitcoin allegedly "clotheslining" the "400-year-old banking swindle".
What a ruse! What a lie!
Surely, the audiences of those "alternative media pharisees" have lost all touch with reality and it is not so much they themselves that are to be blamed here because they have simply put their trust in the wrong sources. Again... First it was the "mainstream" press, now it's the "alternative" press.
I understand that it has gotten very murky by now. Who's who? Right?
Well, the ones that are screaming that bitcoin is the savior are either uninformed outlets and need to read this report (and my previous ones about cryptos) ASAP or are hostile entities that deliberately keep the hard facts from their audiences because if I can connect the dots all by myself, thus without paid staff and so forth, then for sure the most popular "alternative" news media outlets can do so as well. Yet, they haven't. The reason for that is obvious of course. It is the same reason why they are not considered the final frontier of information warfare where the real rebellion resides and fights.
Get your piece of the bitcoin pie while you can but know who has hijacked it and for what purposes. If you thought that you'd be setting yourself free through bitcoin you will be very disappointed very soon. Extract your gravy from the system but realize that the central banks and the zionist financiers have their strings already attached to the entire crypto scene, globally.
The 400-year-old banking swindle? Well, it just got crypto pimped.

Here's the REAL Reason Why Central Banks Want Their Own "Crypto" Currency

September 27, 2017
Based on a previous Bitpay report, which can be found here, it is safe to claim that the following is, also, exactly why governments and central banks are prepping populations for the introduction of national "cryptos".

More people are spending more of their money through bitcoin:

Already, credit card companies and banks, globally, are registering losses due to the increased number of payments through bitcoin. For Bitpay alone that amounted to US$ 7,991,250 in 2013-2014, based on a 3% credit card transaction fee. "At the beginning of 2015, 100,000 merchants accepted bitcoin. Of those 53% accepted by Bitpay", claims Bitpay.
These millions didn't flow into the accounts and pockets of the credit card companies and banks who normally would have served the involved consumers and credit card holders, nor are these millions - thus - reflected in the central bank accounts of the banks that would have normally been involved in the transactions. These millions too were surely anticipated by the financial corporations but instead never got to exist at all. That must have been a creepy observation for those banksters. In their world you are supposed to create money out of thin air, not erase it from the matrix! This trend is surely to go up.
Bitpay, in 2014, also registered an increase of about 47% in bitcoin value processed through their payment gateway. From US$ 107,575,000 to US$ 158,800,000. The number of transactions more than doubled, while the amount per transaction decreased, showing an increased  bitcoin acceptance by more consumers, relative to bitcoin investor-only transactions.
People also buy more precious metals with bitcoin than they do with fiat money. Based on Amagi Metals/Bitpay claims. This too must be a scary source of frustration for (central) banks and governments since they see an increase in the acquisitions by the public in general of the very commodities - gold and silver - that can undermine the banks their power positions in the current socio-economic pyramid.
These reasons, and the ongoing political urge to work towards a centralized global governance following a BIS-system model, are exactly why the BIS and national central banks are working so hard to get their own so-called cryptos ("pseudocoins") installed ASAP.
They are losing money and their grip on you and your money, when you use bitcoin for instance, and they want it back. All of it!
Creating fake and centralized "cryptos" is for them the perfect way to get back into the driver's seat.
But only if you let them...

Amazon Bitcoin Payments: Mainstream Cryptocurrencies SCAM, Part 2

September 23, 2017
This is a followup to yesterday's central bank cryptocurrencies report. I want to expand a little bit further on this topic since some folks are now arguing that Amazon is about to announce that it will start to accept bitcoin payments.
Why that too should be a good thing for bitcoin and its loyal followers is not clear to me because the reality of the matter pictures a totally different state of affairs.
Lets be very clear about it, none of the major payment gateways, that offer bitcoin payments, that are currently being used by any major corporation such as PayPal or eBay remain loyal to the core principle of bitcoin being a "crypto" currency because there is literally zero secrecy involved anymore through these payment gateways and related merchant websites, including Amazon.
If this is something that you do not agree with then I ask you to take a look at these images first before continuing.
Signup/registration forms for:
Clearly ALL secrecy ("crypto") and anonymity has been removed once you register at one or more of these payment gateways. You can argue that you don't need them to use bitcoin and that is true but if you want to receive or send (pay with) bitcoins at PayPal, eBay, hundreds of registrars and the thousands of other (online) merchants that accept bitcoin payments you'll - in at least 75% of the cases - have to signup at one of the above listed payment gateways. That is also true.
Therefore, by doing so, all essence of bitcoin or any other "crypto" currency is lost and it becomes completely useless to even consider making such payments at major corporations, of which Amazon is one for sure, or any other company. What is the point of using bitcoin as a cryptocurrency when you can just pay with euros, yen, dollars and so on, which everyone has anyway? Bitcoins are still hard to get if you don't want to buy them at the various exchanges. And there too all anonymity, in most cases, is lost because the registration forms are pretty much identical in most cases.
Sure, bitcoin can be an asset, an investment, and there's nothing wrong with that when you actually know what you are doing but you can forget about bitcoin still being a "people currency". Those days have already long gone.
For a cryptocurrency to be a true decentralized and independent currency for a population of any size it MUST remain detached and it must remain non-mainstream and 100% "CRYPTO" (secret). That is the entire point of it. Once a crypto, or anything else, is suddenly mainstream - or linked to it - it is reduced to being an extension of the global control grid under the BIS and the various secret societies that own it.
In theory a true people's cryptocurrency can exist but it must be totally parallel to the global financial system at all times (never part of it) and it can even become as big as the mainstream society's 'alternatives' or even bigger. For example, if a cryptocurrency would exist that is as big and widely used as the Japanese yen but entirely detached from the mainstream financial system it would considerably reduce the effectiveness of the global control grid and its operators and owners. And that is the exact essence of a decent cryptocurrency. You want to destabilize the power structure and dismantle their web of oppression.
So, for any serious truther or activist out there it should not matter anymore whether or not Amazon will accept bitcoin payments. They likely will though since its competition is ahead on this issue.
Bitcoin has become (too) mainstream and can never be considered a rebel currency, or underground currency anymore. To a certain extent bitcoin is even no longer "crypto" worthy since thousands of people, and likely many more, have already been identified through their transactions via the major payment gateways.
In addition, the payment gateways are being bought by the biggest players, creating a completely mainstream "Big Crypto" establishment or complex that is out to dominate and sabotage. Similar to big pharma, big media, big oil and so forth.
In a dream about liberty, bitcoin still has potential. In reality it is a mainstream-occupied asset that is being stripped of its own reason to exist and it will gradually pave the road for a global 'pseudocoin'. A fake cryptocurrency operated by the BIS or the UN system.

Central Bank "Cryptocurrencies" Are SCAMS, Here's Why...

September 22, 2017
The point of a cryptocurrency is to have secrecy, that's what the "crypto" in the term means and stands for. Central banks that want to create and launch their own "crypto" currency are, thus, by definition scammers and frauds because there is no way that any central bank will grant more anonymity to the people it prints money for. There is already too much freedom and anonymity - according to these same banks and the BIS, with paper cash money. That is why the limits of cash payments are constantly being lowered by governments to the point where it becomes ridiculous. In many countries you can't make cash payments anymore for amounts above 5.000 euro for instance. Or even less.
For this reason the BIS, Bank for International Settlements, is yet again full of shit with their "working papers" on "cryptos" for central banks.
The only reason why central banks would be allowed to introduce "crypto" currencies is to fool populations into even less freedom and self determination. Only on the surface would it appear that it concerns a crypto currency but in reality all it would be is a full digital alternative to a national currency, which is SUPER EASY to control and manipulate. To a large extent this is already the case for most countries anyway since all bank accounts, including the accounts at central banks, have been digitized worldwide.
This is likely the ONLY reason why bitcoin is being allowed to go mainstream, because it allows for the incremental implementation of national, and therefore centralized, digital currencies that will be advertised as "cryptos" but won't be anything near that. Central bankers know that most folks will simply never understand anything about money creation anyway and for most people bitcoin is already confusing and too technical yet more and more are getting into it nonetheless.
Give it another decade or so and the world will eagerly welcome and call for a set of false cryptocurrencies, voluntarily.
If you're into bitcoin right now, have fun and get your piece of the action but remember that in fact you are helping install yet another extension of the global control grid for the (New) World Order, of which the BIS is the head of the financial snake.
The truth is that bitcoin can never become a "people currency" anymore since it is already linked to the US dollar and it is already being regulated by governments and the BIS directives. when you see asset managers buying and selling bitcoin-related financial products then you already know the entire essence of the bitcoin has been lost. That bitcoin is already dead in the water.

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