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In 2013 the World Economic Forum (WEF) Helped Pave the Way for Current GEOSTORM Propaganda and Related Brainwashing

October 1, 2017
I am not surprised about this at all. I'd be worried if this wasn't the case because then it would mean that the international deep state is not the one who is in charge of geoweapons and then we'd now be searching for an other secret society that wants to pervert this world with geoweapons of mass death and destruction.
From the World Economic Forum's website:

Rogue Deployment of Geoengineering

In response to growing concerns about climate change, scientists are exploring ways in which they could, with international agreement, manipulate the earth’s climate. But what if this technology were to be hijacked by a rogue state or individual?
...a country or small group of countries precipitates an international crisis by moving ahead with deployment or large-scale research  independent of the global community. The global climate could, in effect, be hijacked by a rogue country or even a wealthy individual,  with unpredictable costs to agriculture, infrastructure and global stability. The problem is that the only way to truly test solar radiation management is at scale. This potentially conflates large-scale research with deployment, thereby giving rogue nations political cover under the guise of science. Much research has gone into whether a programme could be targeted at the Arctic, for instance, where the impacts of global warming are being felt the most, but some researchers suggest that the impacts could quickly migrate from the Arctic to other regions. Many say that a true test of solar radiation management would have to be global. Due to such complexities, most of the science to date has been conducted via computer modelling, although scientists are looking for ways to test these ideas with local experiments. But overall, despite calls for more coordinated government science programmes, the funding landscape for this kind of science remains spotty. This leaves a gap for unregulated experimentation by “rogue” parties. For example, an island state threatened with rising sea levels may decide they have nothing to lose, or a well funded individual with good intentions may take matters into their own hands. There are signs that this is already starting to occur. In July 2012 an American businessman sparked controversy when he dumped around 100 tonnes of iron sulphate into the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of Canada in a scheme to spawn an artificial plankton bloom. The plankton absorb carbon dioxide and may then sink to the ocean bed, removing the carbon – another type of geoengineering, known as ocean fertilisation. Satellite images confirm that his actions succeeded in produce an artificial plankton bloom as large as 10,000 square kilometres. The individual hoped to net lucrative carbon credits, but his actions may have been in violation of two international agreements. Observers are concerned that this may be a sign of what is to come.
From what it looks like, when you zoom out, the doctrine seems to demand that the ones who control the narratives in the (western) news media should at all times also be in charge of geoweapons, for our own good. They are not considered "rogue", the thinking surely goes. They should be the ones in charge of weapons of mass destruction, it must be assumed. Not Russia, North Korea or China. Although these too, combined, already have their alternative geoweapons I'm sure and I wouldn't rule out Iran either. There's more to this expanding war in the Middle East and the Korean peninsula than the press claims.
This further underlines the importance and accuracy of my previous report on the hijacking of "geo(-)engineering.
And... I don't care how hard the fake opposition and false truthers try to sabotage this website and the information that it puts out. Eventually all of you idiots will be hunted down by the real hardcore rebellion out there that isn't impressed by the extent of the deceptions that you lend your soul to. You will all perish at the hands of the light that will destroy your masters their age of darkness. Suck it Up, buttercups!

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