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Redwood Valley ATTACK/California "Wildfires": Video Footage Proves Deliberate Destruction of Houses and Property - Redwood Valley, Mendocino County, Was ATTACKED

October 19, 2017
I first want  to make it clear that my reference to "wildfires" in the title is only to make sure that folks know what place and time I am referring to, because there is already a lot of confusion out there.
I don't believe that Redwood Valley fell victim to any wildfire, at least not the part of it that was filmed by KTVU. There's video footage out there that proves this beyond any doubt because all the houses in the footage are gone, as if they vaporized. Yet not a single tree or bush is scorched. As if the "wildfires" (as in burning forests) all by themselves somehow magically and selectively jumped from house to house to burn them down. That is not how wildfires work. What we see here is in some way similar to what  they did during hurricane Sandy. Then too several blocks were destroyed in a pattern that looked like as if Sandy jumped right in and out. Leaving one block nicely intact while another was burned down up until the pavement of the next block. Then not even the power lines and poles were downed by Sandy but somehow these houses disappeared. Very strange.
Something similar has happened in Redwood Valley. The video footage is linked here.
Save a copy for yourself because it is the most damning piece of evidence that we have so far that exposes the "wildfire" lies once and for all. You can see the drone camera zoom out and literally see that not a single tree or bush has been destroyed or scorched.
The only thing that can leave such a trail is deliberate arson or an other kind of attack on the houses of those people in Redwood Valley.
"Wildfires" didn't cause these folks to become homeless. The ones who did this are the same vile, secretive creatures that own and operate the geoweapons. Obviously they go behind layers of front companies and other corporate and government constructions, as Weather War 101 pointed out earlier.
The video footage (original KTVU is here and the comments there show that others are also paying attention) proves it all and only trolls will now attack you when you try to put it in front of their faces. Get ready to be banned everywhere you post this!

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