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CONFIRMED: "Geoengineering" (Geo-engineering) Hijacked, Hollywood's Upcoming GEOSTORM Movie is Part of the Global Master Plan of Deception

September 30, 2017


First lets take a look at how 'geo(-)engineering' is currently being defined by, lets say, the Camebridge online dictionary. We're going to have to split the definitions up because there are now two different descriptions, for apparently two 'different' words.
Geoengineering: "the study and activity of finding ways to change the earth's atmosphere in order to reduce global warming (= the gradual increase in world temperatures): One geoengineering project is tree planting."
Geo-engineering: "the use of scientific methods to artificially control the environment, particularly the world’s temperature, in order to deal with the problem of climate change: Many researchers worry that geo-engineering could cause more problems than it solves as it will give politicians an excuse to avoid curbing carbon emissions."
Now lets see what "geoengineering" really means and should stand for also in today's society.
'Geo' is derived from the Greek language, referring to "Earth". To  'engineer' means to create, to build, to design in a scientific way.
Neither geoengineering or geo-engineering refer to the Earth's climate, atmosphere and weather alone because geo(-)engineering is a set of engineering sciences that happens to also include climate, atmosphere and weather related engineering sciences. It is not limited to that but if you would put all your trust on mainstream dictionaries and Google's search results you'd end up believing that geoengineering means to alter the climate. Be it for good or bad. At this point that doesn't even matter anymore.
In reality geoengineering is far broader than that, as can be concluded from this:
From "The Educational Geo-websites is a collection of educational websites that intend to teach/educate students and practitioners on specific subjects of the geoengineering field."
From UC Berkley: "Dr. Lucia is one of the most accomplished and respected consulting geotechnical engineers in California. He is recognized for his practice expertise and experience in several areas including: (i) stability of natural hillside slopes and constructed embankments, dams, and levees; and (ii)  environmental remediation and clean-up of contaminated sites. He has long been a leader in identifying the risk management challenges faced by geotechnical engineers who provide recommendations and designs for underground construction." Clearly this man is not a climate or weather expert yet: "Dr. Lucia has a long history of support for Berkeley CEE. From 1984 to 1986, he served as a Visiting Lecturer to the geoengineering program teaching undergraduate and graduate courses. Since that time, he has been a frequent guest speaker to the geoengineering group"
From GEER: "CHARTER OF THE Geo-Engineering Earthquake Reconnaissance Association (GEER)"
  • About "GEER: The Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance (GEER) Association was formed as an outgrowth of grassroots efforts to investigate and document the geotechnical impacts of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, 1994 Northridge Earthquake, and 1995 Kobe Earthquake. Following these earthquakes, members of the geotechnical earthquake engineering community responded with ad hoc reconnaissance teams that relied on past personal and professional relationships. The National Science Foundation awarded a grant to GEER to help formalize post-disaster geotechnical engineering reconnaissance efforts."
Provably, geoengineering only partially involves the engineering (and study) of climate, weather and atmosphere. Yet that is not what you would conclude from current mainstream publications, in 99% of the cases. Clearly there is a worldwide attempt, a master plan of deception, to fool populations into believing or assuming that geoengineering only refers to changing the climate, or to... (manmade) "climate change".
This is extremely important to point out because here is the point where the new Hollywood movie Geostorm - in addition to hundreds of other productions, broadcasts and publications - its role becomes obvious. It is to enforce this belief in the new geoengineering definitions that only focus on climate change. The carbon trade scam is at the heart of this deception of course and all major corporations, including big oil, are playing ball and going all-in on this fraud that it is.
They are not divided on this matter, you are merely being conned into believing that they are. The billions of dollars and euros in profits, annually, unite them against the common people that aren't aware of the extent of this master plan of deception.
Common folks, the average consumer, actually believes by now that his or her "carbon tax" is to save the planet's climate and environment because Greenpeace and the WWF told them so. In reality it is being funneled through the Green Climate Fund and the carbon trade matrix back into the pockets of big oil, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Donald Trump (the Kochs), the Clintons the BIS and the rest of the corporate mafia out there.
Geostorm is demonstrably a production by this same mafia.


That the climate has been manufactured on a daily basis, globally, during at least the past 4 to 5 decades is not an item of discussion anymore. It hasn't been for a long time, among serious observers and investigators. The information is out there, Geostorm proves this and Weather War 101 has been pointing this out too for several years now. What we do have to deal with and discuss is false opposition, gatekeeping. Coming from fake alternative news sites and movements such as Geoengineering Watch because they too are selling you the FALSE definitions of "geoengineering".
This war that is going on is very refined and that is exactly why I call my website, Intel Sector, "the final frontier of information warfare". Because that's what it exactly and truly is.
That geoengineering includes more than the (re)designing of the climate and the atmosphere is a fact, that it also includes the engineering and study of earthquakes for instance is also a fact. This is one of the reasons why the term "geo(-)engineering" has been hijacked!
We have witnessed this in Miyagi and Fukushima, on March 11, 2011. Then there was a magnitude 7 earthquake in the Miyagi prefecture. The Miyagiken-Oki earthquake of March 11, 2011, was on land. Right in the heart of the Miyagi prefecture. This earthquake could therefore never have triggered a "natural" seaquake and resulting tsunami. The marginalized CRIEPI map proves this all too well. That map is still being buried like hell. Until this very day. In order to hide the truth the Miyagiken-Oki earthquake was in the following days renamed and now is still WRONGFULLY known as "The great Tōhoku earthquake" of March 11, 2011. Probably that is a fraud of the strongest magnitude ever in known history on this planet. The lie is so big and the effects were so devastating that it isn't even funny anymore when you try to joke around about it.
To clearly see and understand what the above refers to and looks like, take note of the following and get your own copies:
That the 2011 tsunami in Japan wasn't the first event, in history, following a deliberately triggered earthquake or sea quake is proven by a New York Times article from June 5, 1977. It took me a while to find it and oddly I was the very first person in the world to archive it with Which is just as strange as the report itself. Here's the report, get your own copy before they pull it: archived version - original NYT version.
But just in case:
"After 10 months of near silence about the earthquakes that struck Tangshan City last July, Chinese officials finally let it be known that the tremors leveled 20 square miles and were the most devastating China has experienced since 1556. In that year, 830,000 people died in an earthquake. Authorities—still somewhat reticent—did not say exactly how many deaths there were last summer; neither did they deny published estimates of 655,000.

The Chinese unexpectedly broke their silence in conversations last month with two surprised visiting Mexican scientists, Cinna Lomnitz, a seismologist, and his wife Larissa, an anthropologist. The Lomnitzes were interviewed a few days ago in Tokyo by Andrew H. Malcolm, a reporter for The New York Times.

The Mexican visitors were given graphic details of the disaster at Tangshan, an industrial city about 100 miles southeast of Peking. The city had a population of one million before it was hit by the main shock, which measured between 7.8 and 8.2 on the Richter scale.

Mr. Malcolm said that the Mexican scientists had also been told the following:

“Just before the first tremor at 3:42 A.M. the sky lit up ‘like daylight.’ The multi‐hued lights, mainly white and red, were seen up to 200 miles away. Leaves on many trees were burned to a crisp and growing vegetables were scorched on one side as if by a fireball. The shock itself came with terrific suddenness. One man described it as ‘a huge jolt from below’ that threw many people up against the ceiling. Thousands of sinkholes, shaped like bomb craters, appeared. Trees were snapped off or uprooted. Railroad tracks became tangled wreckage.”

To encourage earthquake prediction research, Communist Party Chairman Hua Kuo Feng has promised Chinese seismologists none will be punished for making an inaccurate tremor forecast."
Now, we have seen this several times in more recent years too where they tried to link bright lights and bangs with "natural" earthquakes. In reality, as most people know, earthquakes have never been associated with lights and bangs, aside from collapsing buildings and power lines that snap. If that was perfectly natural then that's what all of us would have been taught in elementary and high school. None of us have, obviously, or it wouldn't stun and "baffle" experts. As it is regularly claimed in the news media.
The fact that they try to hide and cheat on this topic too shows that the truth is beyond most folks their perception of reality.
The fact that they have gradually come out and made 'geoengineering', referring to climate change only, acceptable to talk about even in mainstream media and press confirms the hijacking even more because there are several more applications that fall into the realm of geoengineering.
But if you can divert the public's attention away from those, by generalizing it into climate and climate change, then as a deep state cult you have bought yourself a few more decades of secrecy for your other geoweapons. At the same time you have conditioned the public into accepting that deliberate (manmade) weather manipulation is real - but only to protect the planet of course, not to make billions of dollars in profits with it. That would be absurd of course. Who would do such a  heinous thing.
With this, I consider it proven that "geo(-)engineering" has been successfully hijacked by a secret cabal that has been steering typhoons and storms for the past decades. On a daily basis.
Therefore, when they can be identified, they can be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. In fact, their acts are war crimes too and terrorism by any definition because their aims are certainly political, not just for profits. The carbon ponzi scheme is political. Wanting to control the weather, the air, carbon, the sunlight and water is political! And when it would be so that a government is actively and willingly involved we can also speak of democide because then this government has provably been killing its own population on purpose with flash floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.

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