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Directed Energy Geoweapons Also Created Hurricane Nate (2017)

October 9, 2017
UPDATE: Folks are asking what these "directed energy geoweapons" look like and where they are. Well, you'd most probably have to go all the way up and investigate the satellites that are out there, orbiting Earth. I suppose that, in the Nate graphic for instance that I linked below, each plume (circled in red) can or may represent one satellite unit or geoweapon unit. These can then be bundled, as can be seen in the same graphic to generate dozens of water vapor columns simultaneously, which is required to have a cyclone forming. That cyclone can then still be further pumped up by adding more water vapor plumes/columns.

Like most modern age hurricanes (1960s-2017) also Nate was created on purpose using highly advanced geoweaponry that mainstream and even alternative media dare not touch.
We are talking about manmade weather and climate change but not the kind that the UN or your government wants to discuss or even mention.
In the following graphics I have explained in the simplest possible way how this weather generation and manipulation works. We will focus here on Nate (2017) and Cuba.

Hurricane Nate

This one is actually very easy to document, when you use the right tools and sources. I have extracted the following captures from Weather War 101 his video about Nate. I recommend that you watch all his other videos too.
Use this graphic to see how Nate was manufactured by (a) directed energy geoweapon(s).


Next is Cuba. In this linked graphic you will see how the doppler weather radar system literally created a cloud system as I was observing the .gif in real time. Just now. This is interesting because it proves that I didn't forge an older stock image. Here's your reference for this.
I was tipped off by a poster on Facebook who linked to this video wherein also, suspiciously, geoweaponry was at work over Cuba during the manufacturing of Nate. This specific geoweapon attack on Cuba resulted in flash floods in the western part of Cuba.

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