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California Wildfires: The Mexican Drug Cartels Are NOT the Ones Who Operate or OWN Geoweapons

October 15, 2017
Therefore, the entire premise of "the Mexican drug cartels" having "started the wildfires in California", because weed (marijuana) is extensively being grown there by their competitors - "the Americans", is false.
Although you have to give the ones who come up with such kind of spin the proper credit for being extremely resourceful and creative, it doesn't change the fact that the ones who operate and own the geoweapons are the ones who have actually started the Cali wildfires AGAIN and in the darkest of night.
There is literally nothing in the entire history of this planet that would or could suggest that the Mexican drug cartels own or operate the directed energy weapons, including dozens of in-orbit satellites and the nexrad and OPERA radar networks, that are at the basis of this arson, which is quite frankly an underestimation of the actual crimes.
I, for one, am not going to buy into this narrative for the same reason that I don't buy into anything of the official story line concerning the Las Vegas shooting.
Once again you are being presented with an illusion, "the Mexican" terrorists attacking on U.S. turf. The next thing will be that it was ISIS or Al Qaeda who started the fires because that too has already been put out there by rags like the Daily Mail. As early as 2012.
I've said it many times already, the entire "news" spectrum is a simulation. You have to understand that the news media and their secretive corporate owners and military/government puppeteers have fine tuned the craft of mass deception. They have had at least 7 decades to find out how the mind can be programmed via the news. Be it TV, radio or printed.
This latest is merely another product of their craftsmanship.  

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