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Google Sides with Spanish Government Over Catalan Independence and Sovereignty

September 30, 2017
Google has pulled an app, from its online store, that  directs Catalans to the polling stations for tomorrow's referendum.
Tens of thousands of Catalans are occupying the polling stations to make sure the votes are cast on Sunday. It really looks like it that the Spanish elitists have nothing in place to effectively rig the referendum or they wouldn't go this far.

CONFIRMED: "Geoengineering" (Geo-engineering) Hijacked, Hollywood's Upcoming GEOSTORM Movie is Part of the Global Master Plan of Deception

September 30, 2017


First lets take a look at how 'geo(-)engineering' is currently being defined by, lets say, the Camebridge online dictionary. We're going to have to split the definitions up because there are now two different descriptions, for apparently two 'different' words.
Geoengineering: "the study and activity of finding ways to change the earth's atmosphere in order to reduce global warming (= the gradual increase in world temperatures): One geoengineering project is tree planting."
Geo-engineering: "the use of scientific methods to artificially control the environment, particularly the world’s temperature, in order to deal with the problem of climate change: Many researchers worry that geo-engineering could cause more problems than it solves as it will give politicians an excuse to avoid curbing carbon emissions."
Now lets see what "geoengineering" really means and should stand for also in today's society.
'Geo' is derived from the Greek language, referring to "Earth". To  'engineer' means to create, to build, to design in a scientific way.
Neither geoengineering or geo-engineering refer to the Earth's climate, atmosphere and weather alone because geo(-)engineering is a set of engineering sciences that happens to also include climate, atmosphere and weather related engineering sciences. It is not limited to that but if you would put all your trust on mainstream dictionaries and Google's search results you'd end up believing that geoengineering means to alter the climate. Be it for good or bad. At this point that doesn't even matter anymore.
In reality geoengineering is far broader than that, as can be concluded from this:
From "The Educational Geo-websites is a collection of educational websites that intend to teach/educate students and practitioners on specific subjects of the geoengineering field."
From UC Berkley: "Dr. Lucia is one of the most accomplished and respected consulting geotechnical engineers in California. He is recognized for his practice expertise and experience in several areas including: (i) stability of natural hillside slopes and constructed embankments, dams, and levees; and (ii)  environmental remediation and clean-up of contaminated sites. He has long been a leader in identifying the risk management challenges faced by geotechnical engineers who provide recommendations and designs for underground construction." Clearly this man is not a climate or weather expert yet: "Dr. Lucia has a long history of support for Berkeley CEE. From 1984 to 1986, he served as a Visiting Lecturer to the geoengineering program teaching undergraduate and graduate courses. Since that time, he has been a frequent guest speaker to the geoengineering group"
From GEER: "CHARTER OF THE Geo-Engineering Earthquake Reconnaissance Association (GEER)"
  • About "GEER: The Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance (GEER) Association was formed as an outgrowth of grassroots efforts to investigate and document the geotechnical impacts of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, 1994 Northridge Earthquake, and 1995 Kobe Earthquake. Following these earthquakes, members of the geotechnical earthquake engineering community responded with ad hoc reconnaissance teams that relied on past personal and professional relationships. The National Science Foundation awarded a grant to GEER to help formalize post-disaster geotechnical engineering reconnaissance efforts."
Provably, geoengineering only partially involves the engineering (and study) of climate, weather and atmosphere. Yet that is not what you would conclude from current mainstream publications, in 99% of the cases. Clearly there is a worldwide attempt, a master plan of deception, to fool populations into believing or assuming that geoengineering only refers to changing the climate, or to... (manmade) "climate change".
This is extremely important to point out because here is the point where the new Hollywood movie Geostorm - in addition to hundreds of other productions, broadcasts and publications - its role becomes obvious. It is to enforce this belief in the new geoengineering definitions that only focus on climate change. The carbon trade scam is at the heart of this deception of course and all major corporations, including big oil, are playing ball and going all-in on this fraud that it is.
They are not divided on this matter, you are merely being conned into believing that they are. The billions of dollars and euros in profits, annually, unite them against the common people that aren't aware of the extent of this master plan of deception.
Common folks, the average consumer, actually believes by now that his or her "carbon tax" is to save the planet's climate and environment because Greenpeace and the WWF told them so. In reality it is being funneled through the Green Climate Fund and the carbon trade matrix back into the pockets of big oil, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Donald Trump (the Kochs), the Clintons the BIS and the rest of the corporate mafia out there.
Geostorm is demonstrably a production by this same mafia.


That the climate has been manufactured on a daily basis, globally, during at least the past 4 to 5 decades is not an item of discussion anymore. It hasn't been for a long time, among serious observers and investigators. The information is out there, Geostorm proves this and Weather War 101 has been pointing this out too for several years now. What we do have to deal with and discuss is false opposition, gatekeeping. Coming from fake alternative news sites and movements such as Geoengineering Watch because they too are selling you the FALSE definitions of "geoengineering".
This war that is going on is very refined and that is exactly why I call my website, Intel Sector, "the final frontier of information warfare". Because that's what it exactly and truly is.
That geoengineering includes more than the (re)designing of the climate and the atmosphere is a fact, that it also includes the engineering and study of earthquakes for instance is also a fact. This is one of the reasons why the term "geo(-)engineering" has been hijacked!
We have witnessed this in Miyagi and Fukushima, on March 11, 2011. Then there was a magnitude 7 earthquake in the Miyagi prefecture. The Miyagiken-Oki earthquake of March 11, 2011, was on land. Right in the heart of the Miyagi prefecture. This earthquake could therefore never have triggered a "natural" seaquake and resulting tsunami. The marginalized CRIEPI map proves this all too well. That map is still being buried like hell. Until this very day. In order to hide the truth the Miyagiken-Oki earthquake was in the following days renamed and now is still WRONGFULLY known as "The great Tōhoku earthquake" of March 11, 2011. Probably that is a fraud of the strongest magnitude ever in known history on this planet. The lie is so big and the effects were so devastating that it isn't even funny anymore when you try to joke around about it.
To clearly see and understand what the above refers to and looks like, take note of the following and get your own copies:
That the 2011 tsunami in Japan wasn't the first event, in history, following a deliberately triggered earthquake or sea quake is proven by a New York Times article from June 5, 1977. It took me a while to find it and oddly I was the very first person in the world to archive it with Which is just as strange as the report itself. Here's the report, get your own copy before they pull it: archived version - original NYT version.
But just in case:
"After 10 months of near silence about the earthquakes that struck Tangshan City last July, Chinese officials finally let it be known that the tremors leveled 20 square miles and were the most devastating China has experienced since 1556. In that year, 830,000 people died in an earthquake. Authorities—still somewhat reticent—did not say exactly how many deaths there were last summer; neither did they deny published estimates of 655,000.

The Chinese unexpectedly broke their silence in conversations last month with two surprised visiting Mexican scientists, Cinna Lomnitz, a seismologist, and his wife Larissa, an anthropologist. The Lomnitzes were interviewed a few days ago in Tokyo by Andrew H. Malcolm, a reporter for The New York Times.

The Mexican visitors were given graphic details of the disaster at Tangshan, an industrial city about 100 miles southeast of Peking. The city had a population of one million before it was hit by the main shock, which measured between 7.8 and 8.2 on the Richter scale.

Mr. Malcolm said that the Mexican scientists had also been told the following:

“Just before the first tremor at 3:42 A.M. the sky lit up ‘like daylight.’ The multi‐hued lights, mainly white and red, were seen up to 200 miles away. Leaves on many trees were burned to a crisp and growing vegetables were scorched on one side as if by a fireball. The shock itself came with terrific suddenness. One man described it as ‘a huge jolt from below’ that threw many people up against the ceiling. Thousands of sinkholes, shaped like bomb craters, appeared. Trees were snapped off or uprooted. Railroad tracks became tangled wreckage.”

To encourage earthquake prediction research, Communist Party Chairman Hua Kuo Feng has promised Chinese seismologists none will be punished for making an inaccurate tremor forecast."
Now, we have seen this several times in more recent years too where they tried to link bright lights and bangs with "natural" earthquakes. In reality, as most people know, earthquakes have never been associated with lights and bangs, aside from collapsing buildings and power lines that snap. If that was perfectly natural then that's what all of us would have been taught in elementary and high school. None of us have, obviously, or it wouldn't stun and "baffle" experts. As it is regularly claimed in the news media.
The fact that they try to hide and cheat on this topic too shows that the truth is beyond most folks their perception of reality.
The fact that they have gradually come out and made 'geoengineering', referring to climate change only, acceptable to talk about even in mainstream media and press confirms the hijacking even more because there are several more applications that fall into the realm of geoengineering.
But if you can divert the public's attention away from those, by generalizing it into climate and climate change, then as a deep state cult you have bought yourself a few more decades of secrecy for your other geoweapons. At the same time you have conditioned the public into accepting that deliberate (manmade) weather manipulation is real - but only to protect the planet of course, not to make billions of dollars in profits with it. That would be absurd of course. Who would do such a  heinous thing.
With this, I consider it proven that "geo(-)engineering" has been successfully hijacked by a secret cabal that has been steering typhoons and storms for the past decades. On a daily basis.
Therefore, when they can be identified, they can be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. In fact, their acts are war crimes too and terrorism by any definition because their aims are certainly political, not just for profits. The carbon ponzi scheme is political. Wanting to control the weather, the air, carbon, the sunlight and water is political! And when it would be so that a government is actively and willingly involved we can also speak of democide because then this government has provably been killing its own population on purpose with flash floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Spanish Dictatorship in FULL PANIC Mode

September 29, 2017
The Spanish government is really fearing the outcome of the October 1 referendum. They know that the results will be binding, even though they keep calling the referendum illegal and keep accusing peaceful protesters and referendum participants of sedition.
They do not seem to have the tools in place to rig the Catalan referendum.

Mosab Hassan Yousef (Former Hamas), Israeli ASSET, Subverts for His Shin Bet Masters

September 29, 2017
Mosab Hassan Yousef was filmed during a recent United Nations Human Rights Council session as he went into a Shin Bet/UN Watch-scripted propaganda frenzy, calling out the Palestinian Authority and their alleged self-appointment of the representatives of Palestine.
The problem is that Yousef is a known and admitted spy for the Shin Bet, and likely the Mossad as well of course since he is living in the US now. He claims to have converted to christianity while at the same time stating that he is against all forms of religion: "Yes, I am talking about Christianity as well as Islam," he previously wrote and said. This kind of behaviour, expressions and thinking is perfectly normal for and inherent to mind-controlled assets.
Another problem with the credibility of this entire episode is that it is being treated as a flagship event by UN Watch which is an Israel lobby outfit. Truthful observers know this all too well.
A third problem that I have with this is that the Israeli press is the one that is making sure that it gets out there. They dominate the search results of Google with this at this very moment.
Making it look like: See-we-told-you-so-all-along-and-now-you-have-it-from-the-horse's-mouth-bullshit.
In reality what this staged event really and only is is a deliberate attempt by the Israeli government to keep the Palestinians, and the rest of the world to a certain extent, fighting amongst themselves. It lets the Israeli government wash its hands in (false) innocence.
The whole event is a deception and only a few seem to be aware of it. Most folks have successfully been conned and are now feeding this by actively doing what was anticipated by the instigators. They're literally fighting amongst themselves all over the world now because of this charade. It's a shame that people can be fooled this easily. Most will never learn.

Something is Seriously Wrong with the James Wesley Howell (Court) Case

September 28, 2017

The Alternative/Independent Media Has Dropped the Ball with This One (Too)

James Howell, the alleged suspect who, also allegedly, was on his way to a LA gay pride event, last year, to cause mayhem with an IED and several firearms was supposed to appear in court on September 26, 2017. Once again the court date has been postponed for unknown reasons. The new date is set to October 26, 2017. You can confirm this for yourself here.
This has been going on for more than a year now, at least since August 2016. This case is getting extremely suspicious and I'm willing to bet that they are trying to wear Howell and his representation down to the point where the public has completely forgotten about him and his alleged confessions. That is, IF he is still alive!
The total blackout by the press speaks for itself and supports the strong possibility that he is already dead. That he indeed was a patsy who turned himself in right before he was supposed to do the job in LA. If he is still alive then the government has no idea what to do with Howell at this point. His supposed motives for wanting to kill gays were also never published in any major press outlet. As far as the public is concerned no one knows what really happened that day of his arrest (June 12, 2016). ... And that stinks to high heaven!

Long-Term Storage? Preppers Be Warned, They're Messing with Our Fuels.

September 27, 2017
There was a time when you could easily start up your 50-year-old convertible, after it had been standing still for over 20 years. Those days are about to become permanent history because provably the fuels of today are far less stable than they were before - even compared to the 1980s and mid 1990s. Big Oil knows this all too well and they're playing ball with Al Gore!
When you go to BP's website you can find storage guides pointing out that you shouldn't store gas or diesel for more than a year, in normal conditions (it is considered borderline terrorism apparently to want to be prepared and independent. This was also the case in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in the US when authorities seized firearms from local citizens).
What are normal conditions today? Well, as how most people would store their fuel. In very limited quantities, above ground, in containers, (jerry) cans or small tanks. To use for their lawn mowers or so. Not to be prepared for any serious SHTF events that will eventually come. Be it war or anything else.
More professional approaches, or when you are a well-informed prepper, will have fuels like gas and diesel stored in tanks underground, where temperatures are far more stable than above ground. This too is admitted by BP and they even go as far as extending 'modern' diesel's life to up to 10 to 15 years with proper storage and checks. But then again, in "normal" cases, Joe and Bob don't have underground storage so that leaves them with "modern" gas or diesel that will only run their car engines and backup generators for up to a few years, 5 at best.
Clearly we have been cheated into consuming crappy fuels that only support the green cult, the man-made climate change-friendly biofuels and blends that degrade super fast and that line the pockets of both Al Gore and Big Oil.
Let folks in the following decades of the 21st century know that this was possible in the past, but unheard of in their green 'new world':
Message from 2016: "My dad's old Pontiac sat untouched for 20 years. After 20 years, he removed the stuff that had been piled up on the body and tried to crank the engine. With 20 year old gasoline in the tank, it cranked right up. We took it for a spin around the subdivision, spinning the old tires at every stop sign, using 20 year old gas. The shelf life of this ethanol tainted stuff doesn't sit well with me."

Message from 2010: "Have a friend who had some [diesel] that he paid $.65 a gal for it and it's still good. Probably the old stuff though. ... [reply] ... Wow! If he only paid $0.65 per gallon for diesel fuel up there in Alaska, that fuel must be really old. I haven't seen diesel fuel prices that low around here for at least 10 years or more. Most definitely has to be the old high sulfur fuel, which is much more stable than this ULSD crap the EPA dictates we must burn now."
Obviously they don't want you to have a sizable supply of your own fuel and even if you do buy hundreds of gallons of the crappy substance today it won't even last as long you planned or hoped for. We're pretty much being checkmated.

My Comment on Hanson Robotics its New "SingularityNET"

September 27, 2017
An A.I. "marketplace" was launched by Hanson Robotics, called SingularityNET...
Watch out for Mossad/NSA hacking. They'll rip you off. They'll take your uploaded/available work for free and then deploy it for their own needs, to sabotage potent companies and governments that they don't control or own yet.
By building your marketplace in this fashion you give the deep state factions in the US and Israel a wealth of knowledge that they wouldn't so easily have on their own.
Don't become a Miles Bennett Dyson.

Here's the REAL Reason Why Central Banks Want Their Own "Crypto" Currency

September 27, 2017
Based on a previous Bitpay report, which can be found here, it is safe to claim that the following is, also, exactly why governments and central banks are prepping populations for the introduction of national "cryptos".

More people are spending more of their money through bitcoin:

Already, credit card companies and banks, globally, are registering losses due to the increased number of payments through bitcoin. For Bitpay alone that amounted to US$ 7,991,250 in 2013-2014, based on a 3% credit card transaction fee. "At the beginning of 2015, 100,000 merchants accepted bitcoin. Of those 53% accepted by Bitpay", claims Bitpay.
These millions didn't flow into the accounts and pockets of the credit card companies and banks who normally would have served the involved consumers and credit card holders, nor are these millions - thus - reflected in the central bank accounts of the banks that would have normally been involved in the transactions. These millions too were surely anticipated by the financial corporations but instead never got to exist at all. That must have been a creepy observation for those banksters. In their world you are supposed to create money out of thin air, not erase it from the matrix! This trend is surely to go up.
Bitpay, in 2014, also registered an increase of about 47% in bitcoin value processed through their payment gateway. From US$ 107,575,000 to US$ 158,800,000. The number of transactions more than doubled, while the amount per transaction decreased, showing an increased  bitcoin acceptance by more consumers, relative to bitcoin investor-only transactions.
People also buy more precious metals with bitcoin than they do with fiat money. Based on Amagi Metals/Bitpay claims. This too must be a scary source of frustration for (central) banks and governments since they see an increase in the acquisitions by the public in general of the very commodities - gold and silver - that can undermine the banks their power positions in the current socio-economic pyramid.
These reasons, and the ongoing political urge to work towards a centralized global governance following a BIS-system model, are exactly why the BIS and national central banks are working so hard to get their own so-called cryptos ("pseudocoins") installed ASAP.
They are losing money and their grip on you and your money, when you use bitcoin for instance, and they want it back. All of it!
Creating fake and centralized "cryptos" is for them the perfect way to get back into the driver's seat.
But only if you let them...

#NotSleepingGiants: Alternative News is Dead

September 25, 2017
I was already planning to post a #NotSleepingGiants report for several days and haven't gotten to it yet but today I came across an article on From the Trenches World Report (FTTWR) that could go together well with it in fact. So I'm just going to do this right now. This is the FTTWR article:  "Alternative News is Dead". It points out a few issues that relate to this...


This refers to Sleeping Giants campaigns that make advertisers aware when their ads appear on the Breitbart website. It has seemingly had effect over the past months because mainstream press has reported extensively about them.
I will not alert advertisers about their ads appearing on alternative news websites, because that's what this focuses on, I will alert you about the fact that the ones who were selected - "alternative news" websites - for this report and sampling are not what they appear or declare to be.
You will see that most in the sampling have Google ads served on their so-called alternative news websites that allegedly pose a serious threat to the establishment and their global control grid (at least that's what  they want us and you to believe). Others have ads served from another suspicious ad network that is originally an Israeli company working hand in glove with the Israeli spy agencies. Five or six in the list are so blunt or far away in the twilight zone that they are eligible to take the cake.
The following is merely a sampling, hundreds more (and likely thousands, internationally) so-called alternative or independent news sites fit the profiles below.

Google Ads Served on Website

Often multiple times, multiple ad slots.
Know that as a true threat to the power structure you'd never be served by Google in any way when income generation is involved. With Google Ads that's exactly what you'd want, to earn money in partnership with Google. True dangers and enemies of the control grid are banned, blacklisted, marginalized and destroyed. They're not served profit-sharing ads - EVER again! Google Ads is where all major brands advertise through. All of them!
Being listed below doesn't mean that it concerns false or controlled opposition. It just proves that these are not considered threats to 'the powers that be'. At best they are infotainment outlets that are occasionally slightly informative.
No hardcore information warfare will be seen at these, ever. There's nothing wrong with that but folks should therefore treat them accordingly, instead of assuming that they are seriously informed and part of the underground rebellion simply for following 'the news' through these websites. Clearly they are in many ways pseudo alternative news outlets that basically rehash or repost what the establishment press puts out.
For instance, constantly putting your audience in a state of fear and war is exactly what the control grid wants from news sites. When 75% or more of your content is about war in the Middle East, Africa and so on - even if it is with a critical or anti-war approach - you serve your purpose in the minds of the control grid puppeteers. You get served Google's ads, on demand. No problem. You're beating the war drums, you're considered harmless to the system.

Eligible to Take the Cake

  • Economic Collapse: Not only are they served Google Ads but they have managed - or rather he has managed - to also tap into the alt news niche market to further an already dubious political campaign and career. Because, lets be honest about it, when you are a so-called infowarrior and are aware of the "swamp" that will never be drained by anyone anyway, regardless of personal wealth or fame, you'd refrain from being associated with the very crud you have been "attacking" through the years. Running for office is the last thing you'd do, if at all, when you want to change the system because you can't do that from within the system itself. The only way to change the system is by sabotaging and deconstructing it from the outside, with severe attacks to its core, backbone and head. Not by mingling with the crud you allegedly despise so very much. If you really believe that you can change the system, for the US (and the rest of the world to a large extent), straight from Washington D.C. then you are either a fool or a con artist.
  • Neon Nettle (2): Although the word is spreading faster everyday about this one being a truly fake news website (on par with AWD News and Your News Wire), which makes it 100% fake opposition, it hasn't rendered them unable to trick the Richie Allen Show in working together with them. For someone who works with David Icke, he should know better. More so since Icke has outed (1, 2, 3) another fake opposition outlet, namely Your News Wire.
  • Henry Makow: On the surface it seems that this one is very much aware of the zionist lobby and its tentacles but provably Henry doesn't shy away from accepting the same zionists their advertising money. Taboola, embedded on Makow's site, is an Israeli ad network that literally works with the Israeli spy agencies. Just like ("spot 'em") (3rd-party comment sections) does, which is embedded on for instance. Both Taboola's and's data, along with (hundred)thousands of other websites, is being tapped into by the Israeli government's systems that, among other objectives, identify alleged and so-called "antisemitism" online. Several apps are also part of this vast Israeli government monitoring grid. Apps like Sniper and Jewish Security Application.
  • What Really Happened: Also has Taboola embedded in spite of Michael Rivero allegedly being aware and extremely critical of zionists their deceptions (so he says).
  • Waking Times: What appears to be an alternative news outlet strongly opposed to the mainstream doctrines, that keep the world in darkness, is in reality a direct promoter of establishment propaganda. Waking Times literally serves you propaganda videos from CNN, AP, Time and others on a regular basis. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Nice on cue, every visit you make to their alt news venue.
  • Signs of the Times (SOTT): Here we're not talking about ad slots, per se. What we have here is quite astonishing for a "counter current" outlet that works very hard to give you the impression of being an anti-deception outfit. What they do is attempting to funnel their audiences to Amazon, of all corporations in the world (can it get any more mainstream and control grid-associated than this?), in return for donations to QFG inc. (Quantum Future Group, is the parent company of SOTT) from... Amazon. I mean seriously, doesn't anyone pay attention anymore? Has critical thinking been lost in only one generation?

Final Note

I have to say that also at From the Trenches World Report I have spotted several reposts of content coming straight from Your News Wire, AWD News and Neon Nettle, although that may have been deleted by now because I try to inform FTTWR about it when it occurs. I do give them the benefit of the doubt on this one, that they simple made honest mistakes, due to not being informed properly about the deception practices.

Sponsored New York Times Propaganda for 2 Million Students in All 50 US States

September 24, 2017
Question: Why would anyone pay to have access to New York Times content? Be it online or on print.
It's not that NYT is stunning or indispensable at all. The contrary is true. It's an expendable media outlet.
The fact that better and more valuable content can be accessed completely for free at dozens of other news websites and blogs, alternative and even mainstream, suggests that this NYT promo campaign is about something else.
More than likely the New York Times and its puppeteers are trying to control the minds of the youths more aggressively, since many are finding their way to alternative news sources that give better accounts of events and developments from around the world. True, many of the independent news media outlets struggle to survive financially but that is exactly because of rags like the NYT in the first place.
Still, the NYT their financials aren't too rosy either. Their net profit has dropped from $159.66 million in 2012 to only $31.34 million in 2016 while their sales have pretty much stayed the same in the previous five years ($1.99 billion > $1.56 billion).
The sponsorship campaign that they just completed is worth about 6 million dollars and that came from donations. So, you see, Big Media too isn't that big when they can't even afford the $6 million themselves. I mean seriously, pretty much all alt news sites and bloggers give their content away daily and combined that is worth much more than NYT's 6-million-dollar campaign.
Money isn't everything it seems when it concerns information warfare. Guerrilla tactics keep proving to be as efficient as their mainstream or conventional counterparts. Like it is with Google, it only appears that people need them. In reality it is just huge PR budgets at work.

Spanish Dictatorship in Catalonia: Hardcore Online Oppression by Spanish Government

September 23, 2017
The Spanish government has literally seized several Catalan websites and their domains in an effort to sabotage and fully suppress Catalan grassroots activism and Catalan sovereignty.
The Catalan government is set to hold a referendum on full independence from the Spanish nation on October 1.
In response, the Spanish government has raided Catalan government buildings, seized Catalan assets and arrested Catalan representatives, including the head of the registrar overseeing the .cat TLD.
Part of the raids also included the seizure of Catalan activist and government websites that were/are specifically in support of or created for the October 1 independence referendum, such as and The independence movement in Catalonia is very big and is fully institutionalized, which makes it extremely influential.
This situation involving Catalonia is a window into the anticipated future where (other) governments around the world will engage in similar seizures as a crucial rebellion keeps fighting back against the oppression imposed by dictatorial and corporate regimes and by intergovernmental organizations that seek world governance through a centralized corporative body.
The warning that social platform GAB got from its registrar for allegedly violating policy agreements pales in comparison to what the Spanish government has done with Catalan websites and you can't get around this measure through proxies because the sites are not there anymore.
Provably, Spain is now once again a dictatorship, 42 years after Franco died.

Amazon Bitcoin Payments: Mainstream Cryptocurrencies SCAM, Part 2

September 23, 2017
This is a followup to yesterday's central bank cryptocurrencies report. I want to expand a little bit further on this topic since some folks are now arguing that Amazon is about to announce that it will start to accept bitcoin payments.
Why that too should be a good thing for bitcoin and its loyal followers is not clear to me because the reality of the matter pictures a totally different state of affairs.
Lets be very clear about it, none of the major payment gateways, that offer bitcoin payments, that are currently being used by any major corporation such as PayPal or eBay remain loyal to the core principle of bitcoin being a "crypto" currency because there is literally zero secrecy involved anymore through these payment gateways and related merchant websites, including Amazon.
If this is something that you do not agree with then I ask you to take a look at these images first before continuing.
Signup/registration forms for:
Clearly ALL secrecy ("crypto") and anonymity has been removed once you register at one or more of these payment gateways. You can argue that you don't need them to use bitcoin and that is true but if you want to receive or send (pay with) bitcoins at PayPal, eBay, hundreds of registrars and the thousands of other (online) merchants that accept bitcoin payments you'll - in at least 75% of the cases - have to signup at one of the above listed payment gateways. That is also true.
Therefore, by doing so, all essence of bitcoin or any other "crypto" currency is lost and it becomes completely useless to even consider making such payments at major corporations, of which Amazon is one for sure, or any other company. What is the point of using bitcoin as a cryptocurrency when you can just pay with euros, yen, dollars and so on, which everyone has anyway? Bitcoins are still hard to get if you don't want to buy them at the various exchanges. And there too all anonymity, in most cases, is lost because the registration forms are pretty much identical in most cases.
Sure, bitcoin can be an asset, an investment, and there's nothing wrong with that when you actually know what you are doing but you can forget about bitcoin still being a "people currency". Those days have already long gone.
For a cryptocurrency to be a true decentralized and independent currency for a population of any size it MUST remain detached and it must remain non-mainstream and 100% "CRYPTO" (secret). That is the entire point of it. Once a crypto, or anything else, is suddenly mainstream - or linked to it - it is reduced to being an extension of the global control grid under the BIS and the various secret societies that own it.
In theory a true people's cryptocurrency can exist but it must be totally parallel to the global financial system at all times (never part of it) and it can even become as big as the mainstream society's 'alternatives' or even bigger. For example, if a cryptocurrency would exist that is as big and widely used as the Japanese yen but entirely detached from the mainstream financial system it would considerably reduce the effectiveness of the global control grid and its operators and owners. And that is the exact essence of a decent cryptocurrency. You want to destabilize the power structure and dismantle their web of oppression.
So, for any serious truther or activist out there it should not matter anymore whether or not Amazon will accept bitcoin payments. They likely will though since its competition is ahead on this issue.
Bitcoin has become (too) mainstream and can never be considered a rebel currency, or underground currency anymore. To a certain extent bitcoin is even no longer "crypto" worthy since thousands of people, and likely many more, have already been identified through their transactions via the major payment gateways.
In addition, the payment gateways are being bought by the biggest players, creating a completely mainstream "Big Crypto" establishment or complex that is out to dominate and sabotage. Similar to big pharma, big media, big oil and so forth.
In a dream about liberty, bitcoin still has potential. In reality it is a mainstream-occupied asset that is being stripped of its own reason to exist and it will gradually pave the road for a global 'pseudocoin'. A fake cryptocurrency operated by the BIS or the UN system.

Google Control Grid CAN'T Kill This Website

September 22, 2017
There's a very simple reason why, in terms of traffic, this website isn't feeling anything from the attacks initiated by Google and its internet control grid. And that's because only 0.4% of my traffic comes from Google or any other search engine.
So far, this website is receiving 93.7% from its traffic in direct visits and hits. The stats are clear. Regardless of what the Google grid comes up with to sabotage the hardcore rebellion.
Nothing can beat it when people manually send their browsers straight to your website's address. The only way to sabotage that is by hijacking the server or domain. Who cares whether or not Google removes your site's links from their search results.
This proves that we don't need Google at all. It only appears that we do, simply because they have huge PR budgets.

Central Bank "Cryptocurrencies" Are SCAMS, Here's Why...

September 22, 2017
The point of a cryptocurrency is to have secrecy, that's what the "crypto" in the term means and stands for. Central banks that want to create and launch their own "crypto" currency are, thus, by definition scammers and frauds because there is no way that any central bank will grant more anonymity to the people it prints money for. There is already too much freedom and anonymity - according to these same banks and the BIS, with paper cash money. That is why the limits of cash payments are constantly being lowered by governments to the point where it becomes ridiculous. In many countries you can't make cash payments anymore for amounts above 5.000 euro for instance. Or even less.
For this reason the BIS, Bank for International Settlements, is yet again full of shit with their "working papers" on "cryptos" for central banks.
The only reason why central banks would be allowed to introduce "crypto" currencies is to fool populations into even less freedom and self determination. Only on the surface would it appear that it concerns a crypto currency but in reality all it would be is a full digital alternative to a national currency, which is SUPER EASY to control and manipulate. To a large extent this is already the case for most countries anyway since all bank accounts, including the accounts at central banks, have been digitized worldwide.
This is likely the ONLY reason why bitcoin is being allowed to go mainstream, because it allows for the incremental implementation of national, and therefore centralized, digital currencies that will be advertised as "cryptos" but won't be anything near that. Central bankers know that most folks will simply never understand anything about money creation anyway and for most people bitcoin is already confusing and too technical yet more and more are getting into it nonetheless.
Give it another decade or so and the world will eagerly welcome and call for a set of false cryptocurrencies, voluntarily.
If you're into bitcoin right now, have fun and get your piece of the action but remember that in fact you are helping install yet another extension of the global control grid for the (New) World Order, of which the BIS is the head of the financial snake.
The truth is that bitcoin can never become a "people currency" anymore since it is already linked to the US dollar and it is already being regulated by governments and the BIS directives. when you see asset managers buying and selling bitcoin-related financial products then you already know the entire essence of the bitcoin has been lost. That bitcoin is already dead in the water.

Former Belgian MP Ordered to Repent in Auschwitz and Birkenau Camps

September 22, 2017
If you're not sure how powerful the jewish lobby is in Belgium, and the rest of Europe, then I suggest you take a look at this case involving a former member of the Belgian federal parliament. He was just recently convicted for holocaust revisionism and "antisemitism".
In a trade-off he was put on probation for a few years but he literally has to repent once a year in a former nazi concentration camp and write about it on his public Facebook page. The Belgian jewish lobby controlled the entire process, from filing the complaint to the judge's decision.. they pretty much admit to that too.
There's a somewhat good side to this story as well, though. The same MP, Laurent Louis, was cleared from charges for calling the former Belgian prime minister, Elio di Rupo, a pedophile during a parliament session. He was cleared from those charges because there exists a lot of evidence that the man IS a pedophile, only there will never be a court case about this since he can still make any (future) Belgian government fall with a single nod - because too many Belgian and foreign politicians are involved in this child sex ring.

End of the World, Again: September 23

September 22, 2017
Provably the world is not going to end tomorrow. Nor will hell be raised on Earth by demons and fallen angels or anything else that has been dreamed up lately.
If the world was bound for a major global disaster that was foreseen centuries ago surely the world population would be looting like crazy in every country on this planet right now. You simply can't silence this size of "secret" for very long. 9/11 and Fukushima 3/11 were exposed practically instantly and those conspiracies WERE, and still are, true.
Don't let them get you caught up in this kind of ruses, you're wasting precious time with it. Remember who has been feeding you this BS over and over again. First it was the year 2000, then it was 2012 now it's  2017. Next one will be around 2025, when the US military is supposed to "own the weather". Let me tell you, though, they already do! For several decades. Just look at the weather out there for the past 2 decades. Does that look natural to you?

Latest Anti-North Korea Propaganda Exposed. Female Defector is a MAN!? The Western Press Really Thinks We Are Headless Chickens.

September 21, 2017
Don't let them get away with this one, rub it in their faces as soon as you possibly can. Flood the news media their inboxes with this update.

The Lie

The latest propaganda about North Korea involves, supposedly, a 26-year old North Korean female defector, "code" named Hee Yeon Lim or just Hee Yeon. The story goes that she escaped from the North's dictatorial regime that publicly executes people for fun and then runs them over with tanks. A whole bunch of other obvious fabrications come with this story. You can read the fantasy series here and here for instance.
Allegedly this is what Hee Yeon - the young woman - looks like: photo 1, photo 2.
But according to the UK's Express newspaper, and several others, this is the person at the center of the latest story. A supposed male defector... who was seemingly already interviewed by CNN earlier this month. There is no doubt about it that this is a male person in that video.
There is also no doubt about it that the latest main character, Hee Yeon, is supposed to be a young lady aged 26 because all the other gossip publications and 'respectable' news outlets have here blurred photos featured in their articles that are meant to demonize Kim Jong Un before his country gets invaded by the NATO block.
The Express article is dated September 20, 2017, and clearly features the male Korean! While the blurred, or any other, photos of the 26-year old woman have not been used in that article, at all. For obvious reasons, it now seems. Because they simply couldn't find or fabricate any in time for their publication's deadline!
Clearly the entire story about North Korean defector "Hee Yeon" and what "she" witnessed is fake as can possibly be. You don't have to be a scientist to understand this, hopefully.
They seriously messed this one up but they seem to be of the impression that most folks out there are headless chickens anyway that will not even notice this screwup.
The entire farce is of such a laughable quality that it immediately reminded me of a previous bust I did, involving "Abu Sayyaf" in Syria. Also that propaganda disaster was of epic proportions. For those who have been following my work long enough you will surely remember that one. I received loads of emails from you for that and even a generous PayPal donation from "R" from the US, for which I'm still very thankful.
I just want to add one more thing to this update, although it is not immediately related to this specific topic. I read, yesterday, about the launch of the "Committee to Investigate Russia". A Hollywood propaganda stunt that features Morgan Freeman, aimed at the US citizens. To further prepare them for a hot war wherein Russia is involved as a communist enemy. It is the Cold War all over again it seems.
They simply won't let go of this and are determined to have their war at any cost. I have looked into the Committee to Investigate Russia and at first sight it already appears to be a zionist ploy. Simply look at the advisory board of the "Committee", more than half are zionist jews. How Morgan Freeman let these guys fool him into joining this is beyond me. Maybe he got paid well enough and simply sees it as another acting gig but I'm afraid it is not like that at all. This whole thing has Hillary Clinton and Media Matters written all over it. That makes it a direct propaganda campaign of the US its purple revolution.
Something BIG is just around the corner, the recent propaganda shows it!

A Frankenstorm in 2017 is Still Possible

September 20, 2017

This is just a heads up:

The way hurricane Maria and, currently, tropical storm Jose are behaving, they can still have them form a frankenstorm that is similar to 2012's Sandy.
This option is still on the table and it wouldn't surprise me if they actually went for this. Surely they CAN if they want to: ref. 1, ref. 2.
Lets see how they "spin" it in the coming days...

Internet War: Here's What Happens When You Go After Your Website's Attackers

September 20, 2017
When this website got attacked recently it became clear very fast that a certain entity whose location is known was behind the hack attack, that that location is Israel without any doubt.
In addition, it has been revealed through an extensive investigation, during the past days since the attack, that at least in two instances during the attack the Tor network was used to try and hide the attackers their true location but a cross check of who arrived on the site and who got in reveals that indeed the attack was launched from, or at least via, Israeli IP addresses. I have all the stats, data and details to back up these claims and at the appropriate time I may even publish that data on this website. It will then reveal the exact IP addresses that folks who run websites must pay attention to and always look for when their website came under attack.
There are several other methods that I also used to determine from where the attack came but I can not write about that here and now since that would render the methods useless when they are known by the attackers. It is far more interesting and amusing to let them guess how they were caught and exposed. The attackers weren't very professional, that I can say, because real pros would have covered their tracks far better or even entirely.
However, as this investigation was finalized just minutes ago, since this writing, for some reason Google went in complete lockdown from where I'm trying to access it. Claiming that "our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network." Simply for running this query, q=ip+address+israel, ONCE only.
Clearly, in such case, there is more going on in the background than tapping into one's browser history.

Russian "Zapad" Ka-52 Helicopter Exercise Was Not a Strike on Journalists

September 19, 2017
The western press and even RT are trying to make it appear as if the Russian war games, Zapad, have flopped in that there allegedly was an incident involving journalists falling victim to a Ka-52 Helicopter airstrike that went wrong. In reality the war games are a great success that has NATO's undies in a bundle.
And in reality the missile strike was more than likely intended, only wrongly timed as a military bystander can be seen in one of the original videos that the news media apparently doesn't like to use in their reports - because there are two videos actually.
One shows only half of what happened and leaves the impression of a crowd on the right hand side, in the back being hit by the missile strike. Which is clearly not the case at all.
The other video, the crucial one, shows that the strike was clearly aimed at a military vehicle, a camouflaged truck. Only, I think, the strike was either executed too early or the communication with the crew on the ground was badly handled since one guy can be seen nearby the impact. The Russian military says it was a malfunctioning of the homing system.

The "Bitcoin & North Korea" Psyop

September 19, 2017
There was a big report about this on this website before it got hacked, I'm not going to rewrite that because I simply haven't got the time for it at this moment and the copy I used to have was stored on a USB stick that has been seriously infected.
The point is that last week or so it was in the press that North Korea was hacking like maniacs to get a hold on bitcoins. Of course this is an absurd narrative that doesn't hold water.
First of all, folks have to understand that this narrative is on par with a similar psyop from last year or 2015, if I remember correctly, where Yahoo news pushed a story of Assad allegedly giving in to the notion that his country was up for partitioning. That Russia and the US had come to an agreement to divide Syria into smaller sectors. During the whole process, apparently, the Syrian government was never part of these supposed negotiations. Soon the narrative was rightfully exposed as a Pentagon psyop.
The same thing is happening here with the news media claiming that unnamed North Korean hackers have been attacking South Korean and other foreign bitcoin exchanges in order to hijack stored bitcoins. All that is given as evidence with these claims is an alleged list of North Korean IP addresses. That of course by itself doesn't prove anything. Anyone can pull up a list of North Korean IP addresses and claim these have been attacking infrastructure. You don't even have to be an expert hacker to fool someone in believing that you are someone else.
In any event, what you should remember about all of this is that with this kind of campaigns the news media and their deep state overlords are simply trying to associate "crime", "terror" and "dictatorship" with bitcoin, to make you feel guilty for trying to get a piece of the action.
Whether or not the North Korean government is holding bitcoins is pretty much of no importance. Or let me put it differently, it is as important as the FBI and the CIA sitting on stacks of undeclared bitcoins themselves.
Or, if you still are unsure about it:
"According to Recorded Future, an intelligence research firm backed by Google Venture and In-Q-Tel (a venture capital firm funded by the CIA), reported that North Korea began “mining” bitcoin on May 17 and could be using the digital currency to generate income for the regime"

New "Wikitribune" Trashed by Own Base

September 19, 2017
UPDATE: Here's what you can expect from the new mainstream Wikitribune:

This is actually a great development and good news. Yesterday the first Wikitribune article was published in an attempt to set the scene for what is to become yet another mainstream rag that pushes the same old biased political correct "news".
Wikitribune is the newspaper of Wikipedia.
They actually did such a good job at achieving their initial goal that its own base trashed the very first article that was published.
You can read the poorly written article here but the best part of it is the comments all the way down the page. You should read them all because 75% of them are saying that Wikitribune is totally biased and that their article is a promo stunt for the UN and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It pleases me a lot actually to read this from their own base. Some are even saying they're going to cancel their monthly subscription for Wikitribune due to the lack of neutrality expressed in their "journalism".

Youtube Effectively Scaring Independent Voices into Submission

September 18, 2017
When you witness Youtube channels gving into Youtube's "strike" policy then you simply know that the "fake news" war campaign that was launched by Hillary Clinton after the US elections is in full swing. Media Matters DID after all point out that they were going to cause exactly this too in the 2017-2020 time frame.
Such is the case at Morris' Youtube channel. You have it straight from the horse's mouth.

GAB Given 5-Day Notice

September 18, 2017
Social media platform GAB was allegedly put on a 5-day notice by its own registrar (Asia Registry) to have their domain transferred to another registrar, based on violations of the Abuse Policy.
Freedom of speech is not protected on privately owned terrain such as company servers.
This development comes within weeks of the Daily Stormer and several others having been purged from the internet. Unfortunately this can happen to anyone that opposes political correctness. Whether in a respectful or distasteful fashion.
You may not, and shouldn't necessarily, agree with GABers and the Daily Stormer but silencing them into the realms of the memory holes of the internet is a slippery slope we shouldn't be on to begin with. After all, mainstream press is constantly calling for a hot war with North Korea and Assad for instance yet none of the news media websites are getting purged for it.
Provably, the Black block (antifa) is openly calling for violence against specific groups of people, and they document their own criminal behavior, yet none of their sites get purged by Google or GoDaddy etc.

APX Website Hacked and Down, Same "New Organization" MO

September 18, 2017
The website has apparently been attacked in an identical way as this website. Very cute. Idiots!

Today You Learned: Belgian Uranium Used for US WW2 Nukes was Also Sold to the Nazi Regime

September 18, 2017
Not only did the then Belgian government, through the Belgian company Union Minière (now Umicore), supply the US with Congolese uranium that would be used to build and use its first atomic bombs, it also derailed the Belgian parliament at the time that would oppose such transactions altogether. Quite literally the Belgian government resorted to outright forgery in order to keep selling more uranium to the US government.
Still, the scope of the uranium crisis in the 1930s and 1940s, that would eventually lead to the Cold War long before that officially started after the second world war, was only exposed when the Russians discovered stocks of Belgian/Congolese uranium, 200 tons, in Berlin in 1945.
The above information and references (and much more) supporting the claims was provided in a book written by Jean-Pierre van Rossem: "Belgian Uranium for the First American and Russian Atomic Bombs"
While we are at it, see this too, at Wikipedia:
Operation Plumbat is believed to have been an Israeli covert operation in 1968 to obtain yellowcake (processed uranium ore) to support the Israeli nuclear weapons effort.[1]

France stopped supplying Israel with uranium fuel for the Dimona nuclear reactor after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. Numerous sources believe that in 1968 Israel managed to obtain 200 tonnes of yellowcake from the Belgian mining company Union Minière shipped out of Antwerp to Genoa for a European front company by transferring the ore to another vessel at sea. This Mossad covert operation violated Euratom controls of nuclear materials.[1][2]

It's SIX Eyes, Not  Five

September 18, 2017
For the record, the news media and talking heads deliberately keep you in a sterile loop of intel BS. This can easily be proven by the fact that they continue to refer to the "Five Eyes": Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.
In reality there is the Sixth Eye that sees all what the 5 see, intercept and store. Surely that is the Israeli intelligence complex. I bet most of the activists today dare not speak of it - that is, if they are even aware of this reality.

North Korea and Recent US Storms

September 18, 2017

North Korea

Except for the governments and establishments of the US and the EU no one is under direct threat of North Korea. The country is simply responding to decades of cornering, embargos and joint military drills by foreign powers right at its border. By any means, the North MUST have nukes at its disposal. It's what has kept the NATO block out of its territory and the US "pivoting" like crazy from one point to an other in Asia. Strongly to the disliking of the folks over at the Pentagon.

US Storms

All of the storms in the past decades that are worth bragging about have been manufactured by a deep state-like collective that controls the Doppler radar network in the US. It is not any different in Europe. Stay up-to-date about this via Weather War 101.

Parsons Green "Bomb" Never Meant to Be a Bomb

September 18, 2017
If this was the "bomb" then it is easy to see that all it needed to do was to cause a stampede there, which it did. That is why people got injured in the first place.
And NO, "ISIS" didn't claim this alleged attack on freedoms. Simply ask Rita Katz off camera...

FACT: Influenza Vaccination DIRECTLY Linked to / Causes Miscarriages

September 18, 2017
Since I'm in the middle of fixing this website anyway, after a major attack on it occurred, I might as well frontpage the above title so to not mislead anyone about the path that this website is still destined to travel.
The title refers to this piece of MAINSTREAM research that is carried by Elsevier (The Netherlands), it doesn't get anymore mainstream than this, believe me.
The language of the research is quite straight forward, as the excerpt below shows. Furthermore, as you will see, compared to women who didn't receive pH1N1-containing vaccines in the previous season, those who DID have conservatively 6 times more chance of having a miscarriage:



Inactivated influenza vaccine is recommended in any stage of pregnancy, but evidence of safety in early pregnancy is limited, including for vaccines containing A/H1N1pdm2009 (pH1N1) antigen. We sought to determine if receipt of vaccine containing pH1N1 was associated with spontaneous abortion (SAB).


We conducted a case-control study over two influenza seasons (2010–11, 2011–12) in the Vaccine Safety Datalink. Cases had SAB and controls had live births or stillbirths and were matched on site, date of last menstrual period, and age. Of 919 potential cases identified using diagnosis codes, 485 were eligible and confirmed by medical record review. Exposure was defined as vaccination with inactivated influenza vaccine before the SAB date; the primary exposure window was the 1–28 days before the SAB.


The overall adjusted odds ratio (aOR) was 2.0 (95% CI, 1.1–3.6) for vaccine receipt in the 28-day exposure window; there was no association in other exposure windows. In season-specific analyses, the aOR in the 1–28 days was 3.7 (95% CI 1.4–9.4) in 2010–11 and 1.4 (95% CI 0.6–3.3) in 2011–12. The association was modified by influenza vaccination in the prior season (post hoc analysis). Among women who received pH1N1-containing vaccine in the previous influenza season, the aOR in the 1–28 days was 7.7 (95% CI 2.2–27.3); the aOR was 1.3 (95% CI 0.7–2.7) among women not vaccinated in the previous season. This effect modification was observed in each season.


SAB [spontaneous abortion = miscarriage] was associated with influenza vaccination in the preceding 28 days. The association was significant only among women vaccinated in the previous influenza season with pH1N1-containing vaccine. This study does not and cannot establish a causal relationship between repeated influenza vaccination and SAB, but further research is warranted.

This Website Got HACKED Today by the "New Organization"

September 18, 2017


For some reason the recent updates at this website hit a nerve and got someone in a spastic funk because when I tried to login today to the admin panel all I got was my browsers going into loops.
Apparently the hacker(s) had access to the database and managed to lock down the website as it existed. Fortunately I was able to get in early enough to reset the passwords and flush out the installed apps that were running on the site, through which an initial access was likely  established by the "New Organization".
They left a cute message that somehow made me think of Media Matters their 2020 Stategic Plan for Action, regardless of what name is being slapped on this latest hack frenzy.
I've looked up the signature that was placed on the defacing: "NotFancyBear" and " ארגון חדש". The latter translates from Hebrew to English into "new organization" but when you compare it with this it becomes clear that what is likely being meant is "New Irgun", referring to the brutal terrorist organization out of which the Israeli Likud party was born. No wonder it is that the same Likud party today is the "tip of the spear" in the so-called war "on" terror...


As a result of this latest hack this website will from now on be run as lightweight as possible and without any 3rd party apps. No more embeds for videos, images and iframes of any sort too because clearly any such element can become a portal into the admin panel. That much is now obvious.
Furthermore, as more and more folks go online only, or mainly, via their mobile phone the pages here must be loaded instantly because the crucial  time frame for new visitors is about 7 seconds so if the pages would not load completely in that time many visitors will simply abort their visit. In addition I want to have a significant portion of the audience for this website to be as young as possible as well. Most teens get their internet via their GSMs and "smart" phones. Surely the CIA, the Mossad, Media Matters and associated groups target these folks too and far more aggressively then I am doing by simply putting verified information online.

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