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The Current Plague "Fear Mongering" is Nothing But That

October 31, 2017 | By KJ for and
For those who have been following me long enough you'll remember that I had the biggest and most detailed ebola scam report on the internet in 2014 ("Final Nails in the Ebola Scam Coffin"). The report dominated the search engines their result pages during the UN's entire campaign. Anything they tried to push forward I immediately shredded, because their lies were so transparent it was super easy to do.
With the current "health" campaign revolving around the Madagascar plague outbreak I don't expect them, the news media and the UN, to inflate the stories like they did back in 2014 but we must stay vigilant because there are signs that the news media is trying to make it much worse than it really is.
First of all, in Madagascar, it is admitted, there are outbreaks every year with roughly 500 plague cases being reported annually there. This year, since August, there have been between 800 and 900 cases. True, a doubling of cases but all contained on that island. The cases that were reported in other countries have been contained.
The overall death toll during this plague outbreak, as it is reported by the UN, stands at just above 125.
There are, however, mainstream news outlets that want to push a much higher number of deaths to make you unnecessarily afraid. These claim that already 1300 people have died from the plague, in Africa alone. Nothing can be found that actually corroborates this even the slightest bit. That number is entirely created out of thin air.
I'm not implying that we are going to see the same level of deception as in 2014 but having this kind of number out there as if it is factual is simply too much "error margin" for anyone to take serious and I don't believe in "honest mistakes" anymore in this matter. Especially when you know that it are corporate, sterile news articles that push this number.

The Effectiveness and Accuracy of My "Rebel Intelligence Algorithm"

October 31, 2017 | By KJ for and
Since 2013 I have been developing an algorithm that now has become one of my best and most valuable assets in this constant war that I'm waging against the alphas of darkness and their wicked schemes that seek to coopt the general public and the real resistance.
This website too is the result of that algorithm's effectiveness and accuracy but not everything that I do or run through this algorithm gets published here obviously. It's simply too much content for one person to get through.
But today I want to share an every-day example of how the "Rebel Intelligence Algorithm", as I call it, works.
For this I will take a Facebook post that I just came across and that I exposed the algorithm to.
Click here to see that Facebook post in a screenshot.
The photo that comes with that FB post above was instantly marked as suspicious and marked as being a likely zionist creation. This stems from the fact that the algorithm has learned that most of the western "hardcore" or radical islamist or muslim propaganda is produced through zionist controlled channels, groups and organizations. Also in France that is the case. The specific photo that was used here indeed looks off when observed through trained eyes and minds.
The algorithm's response to the photo and the article was: "Identify the jewish or zionist source"
That was exactly what  I thought, that a jew or zionist was the source for that headline.
It turned out that indeed I was right, before I even played and watched the video that comes with that article and that is the core of it.
I had never seen the article and video before, so there's no way except than through the algorithm that I could have known or have estimated, with at least a proven 95% accuracy rate, that a jew would in fact go behind the story.
The RT video is from May 2015, the jew that goes behind the "story" is Ami Horowitz. "Horowitz's mother is from Israel. He is a modern orthodox jew and spent a year at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel" (from Wikipedia).
Ami Horowitz is an obvious zionist asset/agent, this is easily proven through his "political" activism which you can read about even at Wikipedia, linked above, and in the mainstream news media.
The Horowitz video report for RT was two-fold basically:
  1. To measure the effectiveness of the zionists their anti-islam (and "all terrorists are muslim extremists") propaganda (sort of a survey for themselves to see how good their lying and cheating works on the public). To see how much of society in a given area has been successfully coopted by their brainwashing and staged terror attacks (false flag attacks).
  2. To keep the fear mongering on a constant and critical level. Having people constantly afraid of and opposed to "terrorists" and "muslims" is the ideal state of mind for the zionists to have their target audience in, the western(ized) population. That allows for easy manipulation of the (western) governments and the politicians, to constantly go to war in the Middle East and the rest of the world under the deceptive banner of "war on terror".
Given that most people have not been able to connect the dots or spot the deception, even with and during this simple example and exercise, it once again is documented how big the gap truly is between the real rebellion and the general public/alternative news media.
For the FB post above, literally zero comments were made on the social media platform that pointed to the zionist plot behind that specific video report and article. No one, apparently, in that group it was posted in - and that saw the post in their timelines - was able to spot the zionist hand that held the photo in front of their faces.
I admit, the video report and the photo that came with it are a rather advanced form of propaganda for the average news consumer. However, it is merely an every-day exercise for the Rebel Intelligence Algorithm because it is now learning from far more advanced campaigns that all of us are being exposed to. The Vegas shooting is one of those campaigns and because of the effectiveness of the algorithm I haven't felt the need to published any major updates since October 8 for that report since everything that really matters had already been handed over to the readers of this website.

Does "The Mayan Manual" Have Encoded Messages?

October 30, 2017 | By KJ for and
This update is about the Mayan Manual that you can purchase through the website.
The mystery starts with the cover of the manual. It depicts a pyramid and it references "the flame emanations of god" and "sha'are 'orah [
sha'arei 'orah], YHWH".

For a publication that also seems to focus on Mayan mythology, with the year 3114 BC as its beginning (so it is believed or implied), it is extremely peculiar that the publicist insisted on leaving clues or signs that point to judaism (with the year 3761 BC as its beginning, so it is believed or implied) ) and the kabbalah, among other belief systems and doctrines.
At first sight, to the public there couldn't possibly be a link there since the new world (North America) was only discovered by Europeans before the year 1021. At least, so tell the current mainstream history books (Leif Erikson).
Still the "new world" and today's Middle East region seem to share a lot of common knowledge and references to the beginnings of time for mankind, each in accordance with its own local cultural developments, perceptions and realities.
The difference between  the beginning of the Mayan calendar and the jewish calendar, 647 years, may very well be attributed to deliberate distortion an/or historical misrepresentations because, for instance, it is very unlikely - to say  the least - that Enoch actually lived to become 365 years old.
The story of Enoch, or at least one version thereof, speaks of how he evolved into someone who distanced himself from the wicked and evil of his time, and how he then later preached about doing good and not letting the wicked rule society (today's zionism?).
Here's where the publicist, going by the pen name, I assume, Taskara Patala and the story of Enoch start to share a common ground, at least from my point of view.
Taskara Patala is/was known as a healer, a shaman and teacher. His whereabouts have been unknown since the early 2000s, at least for as far as he would still go by the same name.
Shortly after 9/11 happened it was reported that Taskara had talked about how the attacks were much more than just "terrorist" attacks, since he apparently referred to the events as "bombings". For most people this is something they refuse to accept until this very day, that actual bombs or explosives were used on September 11, 2001. After all, the news media and the US government still claim that the WTC towers came down due to the jet airliners. Even though also the FBI referred to the attacks with "penttbom", the Pentagon and Twin Towers bombings (the Mayan Manual wasn't compiled in 2001, it was compiled in 1998).
Taskara also claimed at that time that the 9/11 events were part of a dark agenda of a selfish few who misdirect the lives and resources of the many [false flag events?], while referring to the book of genesis (hebrew bible). He urged his contacts to work on recreating the power structures in society, for if they would fail to do so in the coming decades the same "selfish few" would dominate the world with an iron fist using mass deceptions  (as did many others warn about).
According to Taskara "the darkness" also refers to the black op agencies who use, for instance, UFO distortions to divide those who get too close to the truth, who get too close to toppling the "selfish few".
Indeed, it are a selfish few that constantly get revealed. It always are zionists and mostly even jewish. Big media, big pharma, big finance etc, it is all dominated by the same selfish few. All research points in that direction, and it seems that also Taskara does or did.
At this point I'm starting to lean towards the idea that also judaism has plagiarized history, in that it has attributed certain features to itself while it very likely simply stole these from other cultures. From the "new world" (early and pre-Mayan) and Hindu for example, whose calendar is pretty much parallel to the Mayan calendar. All of this of course is based on today's mainstream history, which also includes that the Egyptian calendar is even a thousand years older than the Mayan and Hindu calendar. In reality, for all we know, several thousand of years may be added to get closer to reality.
Now, there's a lot more that can be derived from this and there are many other topics that can be discussed once you start connecting dots but for now I will leave it at this so that the ones who have bought a copy of the Mayan Manual have time to read through it and formulate opinions and questions.

Opioid & Antidepressant Crises are NOT "Russian" or "Communist" Conspiracies, it Are Zionist Conspiracies

October 29, 2017 | By KJ for and

First SSRI Antidepressant, iproniazid, by  Hoffman-La Roche

“in 1951, biochemists working at the Hoffman-La Roche laboratories in New Jersey were synthesizing hundreds of compounds to identify novel anti-microbial agents. In this fashion, certain derivatives of hydrazine were discovered to be effective against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in mice, including the famous drug isoniazid, which is still used to this day as part of the standard treatment regimen for the lung infection.

A year later, another derivative of hydrazine, iproniazid, was discovered that was equally successful at treating TB infection in mice but even more so in humans. Patients treated with this new experimental drug also reported some unusual side effects: sunnier moods and increased interest in pleasurable activities. It increased appetites encouraging weight gain while also improving sleep and enhancing mood (2). In short, it targeted many of the debilitating effects of depression, including loss of appetite, reduced sleep, feelings of lethargy, loss of interest, and ability to concentrate.

The remarkable effects of iproniazid were even documented in the news.” Discover Magazine

Hoffman-La Roche is a jewish billionaire dynasty (Wikipedia, Liquisearch).
Roche also employed Leo Sternbach, who was also jewish. He is credited with the discovery of chlordiazepoxide (Librium), diazepam (Valium), flurazepam (Dalmane), nitrazepam (Mogadon), flunitrazepam (Rohypnol), clonazepam (Klonopin), and trimethaphan (Arfonad).
Leo Sternbach helped turn Hoffman-La Roche into a big pharma (Haaretz).

Opioid Crisis

Purdue Pharma (New York, USA) is at the basis of opioid crisis, with their best seller OxyContin.
In 1952, the company was sold to Raymond and Mortimer Sackler.
The Raymond & Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences Tel Aviv University awards the annual Rothschild Prize.
Sackler dynasty is a jewish/zionist dynasty:

"What About the JFK Files?"

October 29, 2017 | By KJ for and
Yeah, well, what about them?
Someone asked me why I haven't written about those files yet that were released this week.
OK, I'll write about them:
There is nothing to write about the recently released JFK files because they don't reveal anything new for me, nor for many others by the way. What did you expect that the real killers would be handed to you on a silver platter, with names, addresses and social security numbers and private email addresses attached?
Oh wait, you probably hoped that Oswald would not be the patsy anymore officially and that the real killers would be revealed to you on prime time TV. Right?
No? Then what did you expect to learn from those files?
The factoids that now prove to keep most of the people occupied with nothing, all by design? You do realize that the CIA is laughing its ass off when they scan over the Reddit website for instance. Literally thousands and thousands of people who are talking about an empty bubble. All occupied with wasting their time, time that they could spend on serious issues of THIS era.
I mean seriously. Think about it. I understand that it must feel very exciting and entertaining to be able to put your nose in government documents that you have never seen before. It makes you feel as if you now have been granted access to the internal machinations of the most corrupt spy agency in the world. But have you?
I mean, you do realize that what you have now is exactly the same as what you will have in 60 years from now when the US government will release 9/11 files. Only to see that indeed the Israeli and US government did it. No one will turn their heads about that then because most already knew for a very long time (for 60 freakin' years!).
The fact that so many people actually have time to peruse those files means only one thing: That they are not paying attention where it is needed the most. Those files were due anyway, I don't understand the hype about them.
From another perspective. You do realize that the mainstream news is covering the JFK files extensively, do you? When you know and see that how on Earth can anyone then still make such a big deal about those files? When you know in advance that nothing new will come out of them. Surely 50+ years is long enough to redact known documents and keep secret papers... secret.
Here you go, I talked about the new JFK files.
Now, when you are done with wasting your time on those, when are you planning to actually support the real rebellion out there?
When were you going to start to give a damn about the ones who do the real fighting FOR YOU? Because there is a real resistance out there that needs your attention. They have been trying to reach you but somehow they are not allowed to break through.
Lucky for you, though, you can know about their battles, at for instance.

The #ZioCoin Report, Part 2: The Zionists Already Hijacked Bitcoin

October 28, 2017 | By KJ for and
This report is one of the most revolutionary in recent years and I'm enjoying it more every day. Look, I don't want to brag or something but you have to admit that it will likely take years until the rest, aside from the people who read this website, will pick up this reality. Why? Because none of the most popularized "alternative" news media outlets dare touch this subject. They will never spoon-feed this to their audiences, yet another reason why the so-called alternative media in general is not the real rebellion. They are not the real resistance that is fighting in the final frontiers.
One of the reasons why I like this report so much is because 9 out of 10 comments are hostile and have no true arguments as basis. Yes, name calling and diverting the comment sections away from the core issue that I put forward. Guys, you should have known in advance that I would strike back hard in a "part 2". To the shills, trolls and haters out there: You really think I will show you all my cards in the first round? You should know better by now.


In part one, yesterday, I mentioned how the Israeli hub of the Chinese Bitmain is Israel's doorway into the entire network of the Chinese bitcoin miners. I mentioned that with the belief that most folks would easily connect the dots since I mentioned the Stuxnet-Fukushima connection. So, I assumed that folks would be able to do a little thinking themselves but apparently most haven't passed that stage yet. Silly me for putting so much trust in so many people out there. The hardcore rebellion truly is small.
When Israel has access to all of Bitmain's mining data, which it does because Bitmain Israel (Ra’anana) provides "highly detailed real-time information and analytics to miners, and gives mining operators a better understanding of their performance," then it has access to critical bitcoin (meta)data sets that enable the Israeli government and private spies and zionist agents to profile bitcoin addresses. It will do this on the long term because it wants a real clear picture of who's who. Hopefully you didn't think that the zionist bankers would just let you take over THEIR banking business with bitcoin, did you? You really believe that they wouldn't find ways to divert the money game back to them? Clearly they have, and most of the bitcoiners and truthers are yet to wake up to that reality and most of them will hit the wall face first relatively soon. Better cash out while you still can.
Imagine that you were pure evil and you have a map of an enormous number of active bitcoin addresses that are used very regularly. Soon enough, with your state-funded spy machinations, you'd also end up with the IPs that are linked to and the devices that operate the bitcoin addresses that you have profiled over the months and years. This allows you to either plant malware (spyware) and extract bitcoins from the devices or at online wallets at a later stage or it allows you to simply seize the devices and drain the bitcoin addresses immediately.
Second, since the richest bitcoin owners likely use vaults to protect their keys, like the one(s) that Xapo has available, and since
you are that same pure evil you also have access to those directly. They were basically handed to you on a silver platter. Xapo is zionist owned and controlled, remember?
But clearly this isn't enough to convince or to use as a warning for the general public and the "truthers" out there. So we need to dig a little deeper.

Bitcoin Payment Gateways


Coinbase is one of the biggest bitcoin payment gateways. It was/is funded by Andreessen Horowitz. That money house is zionist and jewish because the boss there is so too, Ben Horowitz. Chris Dixon, from Andreessen Horowitz is a board member at Coinbase.
"David Horowitz [father of Ben Horowitz] is one of the most consequential figures on the American Jewish far right. He sits at the helm of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, an activist group with a $7 million annual budget that helps promote some of America’s loudest pro-Israel and anti-Muslim voices," according to the Forward. 
Coinbase is/was also funded by DFJ Growth with Barry Schuler on the board of directors. Schuler is a jewish zionist and so are others at DFJ.
Coinbase is/was also funded by ICE. ICE is headed/owned by  Jeffrey Sprecher, a zionist (jew?).
Coinbase is/was also funded by Ribbit Capital. There Meyer Malka is the man, he's a zionist jew. He also funded Xapo, the Swiss luxury bitcoin vault company. Yes, zionists tend to work together...
Coinbase is/was also funded by Y Combinator,  Y Combinator is headed by Sam Altman,a jewish zionist.


Braintree is owned by PayPal, PayPal is pure zionism. The best piece of evidence for that, while there are hundreds smaller such pieces, is the fact that PayPal won't allow Palestinians to use their company. Israelis living in the occupied regions can use PayPal, the Palestinians who are literally meters away are banned. Why? Because the zionist lobby says so. They don't always have to "own" something to control it. This is clearly obvious for the news media too. Likely, most alternative media outlets aren't "owned" by the zionists but the zionists DO control the narratives there and that is more than enough for them. This very report serves as the most recent attestment to that reality.
Now, I know what most people now will say or push forward as an excuse: "It's because Palestine is politically unstable."
Really? Try again!
According to mainstream data only, we see that for the Economist in 2009, in this order, Zimbabwe, Chad, Congo, Cambodia, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Pakistan and Zambia are apparently far less stable and far more dangerous to live in than Palestine - which isn't even in the list.
When you look at the Wikipedia page for a similar list you'll find South Sudan in slot number 1. Israel/West Bank is listed as number 69.
PayPal does, for instance, serve Zimbabwe, Chad, Congo,
Cambodia, Ivory Coast and Zambia (which are far less stable) and many of the other countries listed before Palestine (Israel/West Bank) in the Wikipedia list. Still convinced that PayPal is not zionist controlled?
As for bitcoin, I'm sure it has been established by now, as factual, that it is a zionist controlled asset but some people will never recognize this reality no matter how much proof you put under their noses. Instead they will willingly continue to live in their fantasized world where they falsely believe that bitcoin will set them free from the conniving banksters.

Wake-Up Call: Bitcoin Has Already Been Hijacked by Zionist Bankers and Spies - Bankers Are "NOT" in Panic Mode over the Crypto Hype - #ZioCoin

October 27, 2017 | By KJ for and
Staying ahead of the curve, as the final frontier in information warfare, means that people should be able to count on you when most find themselves on a false path to truth and freedom. With bitcoin it isn't any different, so it seems.
People have been receiving too many false reports during the past several weeks that it is now time to cut through all the distortion and shred the lies.
The reason why I grew exceptionally skeptical towards "cryptos" in general and bitcoin in particular is because the so-called underground currency is no longer underground. It is fully mainstream and this could only have happened with the full consent of the true money changers in the world. The zionist financiers. Sadly my research has shown this to be true, even though I really hoped it wouldn't.
So, lets follow the money and apply logic. To understand who could control or hijack a crypto like bitcoin (regardless of it being, allegedly, "decentralized") we need to see who mines the coins.
Even though Bitmain is a Chinese bitcoin mining company, the biggest in the world they say, it is however also operational in Israel and not just via a small insignificant hub in Ra’anana.
ConnectBTC (Bitmain Israel) "provides highly detailed real-time information and analytics to miners, and gives mining operators a better understanding of their performance, without having to develop custom internal monitoring tools. It was fully developed by Bitmaintech in Israel."
What this really means is that Israeli spy agencies are already live connected to the entire Bitmain online network, through the
Ra’anana-based mining pool and service hub.
You think this is of no importance? Think again. With Israel's blackmailing and spy history which also includes the creation of Stuxnet and the deployment of that virus at several nuclear facilities around the world, especially the ones in Iran and Japan (FUKUSHIMA attack, 3/11), anyone who is still not concerned about the Israeli
ConnectBTC is not paying attention.
Once the Israelis get their hands on any part of any company that is linked to the internet all bets are off for that company. Not so sure about that? Ask TEPCO. (Prior to the internet the Israelis mainly used Amdocs and AT&T to spy on people and to sabotage companies and governments)
Still doubtful? See who else has already been compromised by having their companies handed over, pretty much on a silver platter, to the Israeli spy agencies. The hook, you ask? "Cyberspark".
Since 2014 the Israeli government has been inviting all leading internet and technology companies of the world to come and establish branches in the new national cyber park of Israel, Cyberspark, in Beer Sheba (Beër Sjeva). Cyberspark is only 47km away from the Rotem Industrial Park in Dimona where security companies and agencies (Mossad inc.) are located such as the Israeli Magna BSP, which was involved in the sabotaging of the Fukushima nuclear power plants.
But the zionists their tentacles reach much further and deeper than that though.
Take Xapo, the Swiss company that was recently in the "news". Xapo "combines the convenience of an everyday bitcoin wallet with the security of a deep cold storage vault." Yes, it's the same company that offers luxury vault services for the super rich bitcoin owners, the bitcoin "elite" if you will. This is the top of the bitcoin food chain. More so when you check out who is in control of the company's policies and ins and outs. You guested it, a zionist jew.
The most important name at Xapo is Lawrence H. Summers (note the nose photo) he would have been the new boss at the US Federal Reserve if Janet Yellen wasn't appointed by Obama. Not that that would have made much difference since she too is a zionist jew. Most of the Fed bosses have been zionist jews. Israel always makes sure that they control the US central bank, it funds their war on fake muslim terrorists. Summers is also a World Bank creature so you know for sure that he is one of those types that pull the strings over at the BIS (Bank for International Settlements).
And then we get to understand why bitcoin hasn't had that hard a time to receive prime time exposure, and why it is NOT the fear of central bankers and asset managers. It's quite the opposite, clearly. It's always the same MO, whether it is a crypto, a false flag event or controlled opposition or a "leaks" outfit.
This brings me to another crucial item of this report, the distorted messages that people are receiving from the so-called alternative media about bitcoin allegedly "clotheslining" the "400-year-old banking swindle".
What a ruse! What a lie!
Surely, the audiences of those "alternative media pharisees" have lost all touch with reality and it is not so much they themselves that are to be blamed here because they have simply put their trust in the wrong sources. Again... First it was the "mainstream" press, now it's the "alternative" press.
I understand that it has gotten very murky by now. Who's who? Right?
Well, the ones that are screaming that bitcoin is the savior are either uninformed outlets and need to read this report (and my previous ones about cryptos) ASAP or are hostile entities that deliberately keep the hard facts from their audiences because if I can connect the dots all by myself, thus without paid staff and so forth, then for sure the most popular "alternative" news media outlets can do so as well. Yet, they haven't. The reason for that is obvious of course. It is the same reason why they are not considered the final frontier of information warfare where the real rebellion resides and fights.
Get your piece of the bitcoin pie while you can but know who has hijacked it and for what purposes. If you thought that you'd be setting yourself free through bitcoin you will be very disappointed very soon. Extract your gravy from the system but realize that the central banks and the zionist financiers have their strings already attached to the entire crypto scene, globally.
The 400-year-old banking swindle? Well, it just got crypto pimped.

Don't Get Sucked (Suckered) into the PeterSweden and Rebel Media Setup

October 27, 2017 | By KJ for and
Folks are asking me about my position on PeterSweden (Peter Imanuelsen) and Rebel Media.
Well, lets be very clear about this and this shouldn't consume too much words either.
Once you have documented that Rebel Media is a zionist outfit (see my Poison Loomer report), as is its offshoot Laura Loomer, then automatically anything that comes into contact with it gets tainted.
Now, it is always wrong to simply base your reasoning on guilty by association and I'm not doing that here at all. However, the obvious reality shows that 
Imanuelsen, Rebel Media and Loomer are part of a very suspiciously and highly polished alternative news media pocket and that has been achieved on purpose. This means that ALL involved parties WANT to be associated with these known zionist assets and that zionist operation.
Therefore there is no other way to see PeterSweden as a compromised entity. No exceptions whatsoever are allowed. When you let one rat in it brings its whole family. Vermin never dwells solo.
Real activist rebellion is raw, unpolished and certainly not corporative in nature. Real rebels have a hard time reaching even a thousand people online and they don't have the need or resources to impress people with flashy editing and video intros and post production
For real rebels the message is the only thing that matters and they will not waste time making their reporting look like it could have come from CNN or the BBC.
When you are looking for real rebel activism always want it raw and hardcore! Too much polishing and too many bells and whistles should always give you reason to be very skeptical about the message AND the messenger.

7,000+ Years of Nuclear Power Still Available - "Uranium One" and "Small Modular Reactors" Are Diversions

October 26, 2017 | By KJ for and
Oddly, once again, no one else is talking about what the false "nuclear" topics of recent days are trying to make people forget.
We have "uranium one" in the U.S. and we have "small modular reactors" in the U.K. Both topics appear to be of great importance. But are they really, when hidden agendas and the real related conspiracies are considered?
While both news items will provide an abundance of entertainment for the soft audiences around the world and for the alternative news media their following, the fact is that none of these talking points are of any great value to the real rebellion, the real activist resistance.
Most people don't even know that the world is deliberately being taken hostage by a dark sect that has made sure that hardly anyone is aware of the closed loop nuclear cycle that is making Russia the leading, and likely only, nuclear authority in the world. Because it is in Russia that the nuclear power plants of the future are already going operational, as you read this.
While the audiences in the west are kept docile with mere infotainment, which is what the two mentioned talking points are, they are also being diverted away from the nuclear truth.
In the west, and the westernized countries, the scientific "consensus" preaches that the world has roughly another 150 years to go until all nuclear material (fuel) has been used. This is one of the false paradigms that also the green cult (manmade climate change movement) has as a cornerstone. This (blind) belief is based on literally outdated nuclear technology (since at least the 1970s) and power stations that are deliberately built for once-through cycles only. Basically using up only 1% of the nuclear fuel that goes through the reactor plants. Leaving 99% of the potent fuel unused. This of course is by design.
Based on modern Russian nuclear technology, however, 100% closed loop cycles can already be implemented, for already more than a decade in Russia and historically even since the 1970s globally when closed loop research and funding was blacklisted by most governments around the world and especially in the US.
Regardless, the current Russian nuclear technology allows for a massive life extension of the nuclear industry and supply chain, worldwide. By at least a factor 50. That means that when the world would keep its current consumption of nuclear generated power the Russians their technology can give the world electricity for at least another 7,000 years.
Isn't it weird that this reality and information at this very moment, when nuclear power and nuclear material are the talking points in the press and the alternative media, isn't even being discussed at all?
Go ahead, do the test yourself. How many "news" outlets can you find today that have discussed this absolute reality in the last 30 days or so? None.
And then there's another thing. The fact that nuclear power is so hated, allegedly, by the green cult (the ones who scream "climate denier" when you dare to question their "scientific consensus") also shows how either uneducated or deliberately disinformed they are about the real state of affairs in the nuclear power sector.
They constantly throw at you that 'renewable' energy is the only way forward, like solar and wind. While those are viable alternatives in some areas, on a global scale however these installations simply can't keep up with the efficiency of nuclear power generation.
Just think of the huge number of wind farms (and how immense these would have to be) that you'd need to power up the entire world, not just your and my home but also the entire industries that exist around the world. It simply isn't doable and the same goes for solar. Nothing beats nuclear and they know it. That's why they hate it so much because it shatters their entire false UN we-are-the-world reality that they live in and want to force upon the rest of us, violently even.
Take also the lifespan in account for instance. Today's wind turbines will last for about 25 years, after that they become too expensive to maintain and must be replaced.
A nuclear power plant will easily last for 50 years and upwards at this moment. That means that you'd have to renew ALL your wind farms all over the world twice during this same period. Not only is that very expensive (and not cost effective) it is also a huge logistical undertaking that requires massive amounts of energy. Energy that can be spent in the overall economy much more efficiently.
The truth is that none of the climate change, Greenpeace, WWF, Green Climate Fund and UN folks can come up with viable solutions that would even offer half of what nuclear already can offer today. I haven't seen any realistic solutions for the generation of electricity that would buy us another 3,500 years with their proposed "renewable" energy solutions.

"A.I.s Are Not Wind-Up Automatons Who Execute the Laws We Put into Them "

October 26, 2017 by
Earlier it was reported, or rather warned about, on that forces of darkness such as the NSA and the Mossad would easily get free and unhindered access to Hanson Robotics its SingularityNET A.I. "marketplace".
Intel Sector: "Watch out for Mossad/NSA hacking. They'll rip you off. They'll take your uploaded/available work for free and then deploy it for their own needs, to sabotage potent companies and governments that they don't control or own yet.
By building your marketplace in this fashion you give the deep state factions in the US and Israel a wealth of knowledge that they wouldn't so easily have on their own.
Don't become a Miles Bennett Dyson."
Today we find in one of SingularityNET their most recent blog posts that it isn't necessarily dark forces from outside that can trigger unwanted events through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).
They wrote:

"A.I.s are not wind-up automatons who execute the laws we put into them -  no more than children follow the rules their parents give them. And besides, trying to defend against a more-than-human intelligence with any simple tactic is like playing chess against a smarter opponent and saying, 'I don’t have to worry; I’ll defend by moving this rook here.' The truth is that we don’t know whether Artificial General Intelligence will be nasty or nice. Like rearing a child, we have a non-deterministic influence on the outcome. As David Hanson of the SingularityNET team says, the aim is to create 'super-benevolent super-intelligence.' We must focus not just on making AI smarter, but also nicer." 
As SingularityNET takes off, and allegedly thousands have already joined the "marketplace" or network, the initiators claim that there is no guarantee that what will come out of this experiment will be morally good or right results and products since there is no telling whether or not the created individual and consolidated A.I.s will respond and get smarter in accordance with our, human, needs and demands.
As SingularityNET claims in their blog post  that the news media and the public seem to be too negative about A.I.s (doom and gloom), because they can and do also have positive functions in society it is claimed, SingularityNET itself provides further reasons to indeed be very skeptical about their initiative.
As it stands now, we, mankind, can and will create more artificial intelligence-steered entities that will autonomously develop out of our control and none of us anywhere on this planet can guarantee that all of this will stay peaceful and pro-human. No technology or enforceable accords exist that can prevent rogue A.I.s, whether that occurs autonomously or through input from government agencies for example.
The very self-proclaimed A.I. topnotchers, the AI "elite" if you will, apparently are in a neo new age state of mind as they explore the unknown because all they offer as checks and balances at this point is the suggestion that people should hold hands in peace and sing "we are the world."

The Website is Now Online

October 25, 2017
I informed you about a new website that  I am working on, a website that focuses on and integrates the real activist rebellion their reporting and updates. is a website that cuts through the misdirections and the confusion. It allows to see what really lives and is being talked about in the real activist rebellion. The real resistance. "Rebelcaster is the only real rebel broadcasting system in the world that integrates only final frontier activism and rebellion. Rebelcaster is not a regular (mainstream) press or "alternative" news media outlet, it is a one of a kind system and intelligence network that redefines the meaning of 'the resistance'.
All rebel outposts are requested to contact the Rebelcaster RBS ASAP to have their updates integrated and to assist in the expansion of our system and network. Use the contact form or send your communication to No geo restrictions apply."

The Rebelcaster website is currently in its launch version (v1.0 2017). When you, just like me,  want more features, interactivity and integration then I am calling on everyone in the rebellion to help me develop upgrades for this rebel broadcasting system. Contact me at or use the contact form at the Rebelcaster website.
Share with everyone you know! The real activist rebellion is out there but it needs your support to get their messages out into the world. The vast majority of the "alternative" media is not reporting about the real rebellion because they too, like the regular press, have everything to lose.

This is IT! Abel Danger is a Hostile Website

October 24, 2017
I've really had it with the attempted poisoning of the rebellion and now with Abel Danger proving once and for all that they have been derailed permanently (or always were a coopting hangout) it is time to speak up about it and them, once more.
There was actually a time not too long ago when the Abel Danger website and team were respectable and that it didn't cause deliberate damage to the activist rebellion (so I hope!). Once you could link to their reports to back up your claims on various topics... those days have gone for ever.
When you are even the slightest bit skeptical (what I expected Abel Danger to be) as researchers then you already are aware of the fact that Your News Wire (and several others) are coopting venues that only have the demise of the rebellion in mind. From Abel Danger you should be able to expect that they are aware of the false opposition players out there and that rubbing shoulders with them will get you killed eventually, at least on the internet and in the worldwide information war.
Clearly Abel Danger has chosen the path of coopting its own audience, for there isn't any other explanation why they would bluntly repost a Your News Wire "news" article about the Vegas "killer" "Paddock" saying that he ran a CIA child trafficking ring. Of course, as is custom for Your News Wire, no sources or evidence is provided for these wild claims, whatsoever.
Knowing who and what Your News Wire really is it is needless to say that the entire story is fabricated by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, the fake activist and fake rebel that has already been exposed several times - even by David Icke. This
Adl-Tabatabai guy is actually on par with Poison Loomer.
As for Abel Danger, be sure to delete them from your trusted news sources list ASAP. They too are now only poisoning the rebellion and people better start paying attention before it's too late.
It's actually sad that it has come to this because up until Abel Danger moved to their current .org domain it was a fairly OK website that I frequented daily.

I'm Working on an Additional Website for the Real Activist Rebellion

October 24, 2017
I've been occupied with working on an extra website for THE REAL RESISTANCE out there because folks are losing their way now in the expanding disinfo chaos that is raging.
Currently there is not one website that focuses only on the reports coming from the hardcore rebellion, all we have, on one hand, is "alternative" news media outlets rehashing each other's (and the mainstream's) all too often irrelevant or misleading reporting. We've seen this recently, extensively, with the Vegas shooting.
On the other hand we have good reports coming out of the true resistance but people don't find their way to them because the "alternative" media isn't talking about it or is afraid that these will destroy the false paradigms that they have been feeding their audiences for years.
For folks who only frequent the "alternative collective" and the mainstream press it is as if the real rebellion doesn't even exist. We have to change this worrying reality because there really is a real (activist) rebellion out there that has not been corrupted and that hasn't been coopted by the alphas of darkness.
This new website that will be launched tomorrow or so, version 1.0 2017,  will somewhat be similar to this one in that it will also be a super lightweight format. I'm already working on upgrades and I would like to hear from you guys out there who want to help me with that.
When you look at the supposed 'new' news media today you'd think that we are not even waging a war at all because most of the alt media websites seem to have no problem with getting Google ad slots served and filled in order to make money. I have always found that very suspicious because, after all, they allegedly are "fighting" against the power structure. In a real war the enemy destroys you and will not feed you unless you serve a purpose, in their advantage. None of my websites were ever served Google ads or any other such ad platforms their profit sharing (except for the free Wordpress blogs that automatically had ads placed on them). Instead they got trashed, marginalized, wiped or buried.

Is Nickelodeon Sexualizing Teens (12-Year-Olds) with "Perverted" TV Programming?

October 22, 2017
I was sent two links this morning, one for a Youtube video and one for a Twitter thread, along with a message stating that Nickelodeon is sexualizing teens with often "weird" TV programming. I've taken a look at what is being offered as 'evidence' for such claims (I wouldn't be surprised anymore if it really is true though, we're in very dark times anyway) and I have to say, some stuff that has been researched by two teenage "citizen reporters" does look creepy to me. Especially when you know that kids are supposed to be watching this stuff.
I admit most is (or seems) innocent and may be nothing more than that but a few items in the list are obvious references to porn (with kids, e.g. 1, 2).
The Twitter thread that was sent in (archived):
The Youtube video that was sent in:
Also this is weird, to say the least (in reference to Nickelodeon's Dan Schneider):
The fact that this stuff was sent to many "alternative" news media outlets who seemingly don't want to report about this, for unknown reasons so far, makes it just creepier.
Now, when you look at the music videos that are being released in Hollywood one shouldn't be surprised at all to see the same sect also produce "suspicious" kids TV programming. We're in very dark times and people seem to be OK with whatever the entertainment industry throws at them. People don't ask questions anymore, or hardly, when kids are singing "we're gonna die young" or when teen idols have concerts while sporting dildos... Think about that... Sad times indeed...

Vegas Shooting: Limited Hangouts and Saboteurs Continue to Undermine the Rebellion

October 22, 2017
I've kept silent (at least on this website) about several other problems that the rebellion is facing in the aftermath of the Vegas shooting but since quite a few readers have been sending me links to reports and tweets that they feel I should at least review I will just write a new update today, for my main Las Vegas shooting report.

Deep State Intel

A recurring topic in the messages that I receive from readers (or trolls) concerns a Twitter account going by the name Deep State Intel. Folks claim that I need to include his research in my reporting because his analysis is "spot on", so they say.
Well I had a closer look at that Twitter account and I have 3 things to say about it:
  1. Not once does the Twitter account itself mention "Israel", "the Mossad", "Arutz Sheva", "Samir al-Hajib", "Kol Yisrael", "Reshet Bet" or "Israeli government". Clearly we have no common grounds to establish any cooperation on. Not mentioning the Israeli government's involvement in any way in this false flag attack is dubious at best (and any such tweets after this report goes online don't count obviously).
  2. The account's center piece argument is that no one got shot and no one got killed because there's no footage of any real blood. Well, you can perfectly have crisis actors being part of a drill or exercise and at the same time have real dead people as well. Why would that not be possible? Ask yourselves that first because.... Clearly on 9/11 (2001, USA) and on 3/11 (2011, Japan) exercises were going on, enacting the exact same events (at the exact same time) and story lines that eventually took place for real and in both the U.S. and Japan people died on those days. So the entire premise of "you can't have both" (i.e. real & drill) at the same time is BULLSHIT! Stop spreading your silly "analysis". I'm not impressed by it.
  3. It seems that all this Twitter account really is is a controlled deep state account (at best) that is directly linked to the Israeli secret service because: It doesn't point out the actual state sponsors of the false flag attack (the Israeli and the US governments). It infiltrates and derails the US patriot movement by pushing the Israeli/Irgun/Likud war on terror doctrine. It does this by repeatedly referring to the account's operator his alleged 22-month tour in Afghanistan where he(?) allegedly fought in the war on terror campaigns, while never saying that those campaigns are based on Likud propaganda and are pretty much manifestations of the Zionist Protocols.
Another popular topic in the messages and comments is Jim Fetzer's rumored parting from the Rense operations. About that I haven't much to say but I do want to point out the articles on Rense his website that clearly show that Rense is also deliberately undermining the rebellion. According to Rense his view ISIS did Las Vegas (which is why Fetzer left or was forced to leave the Rense network) but that is of course a big fat lie because by now we should all know, and especially Rense "the expert and father of conspiracy theories", that the "ISIS" narrative is an Israeli government creation.
You shouldn't take the Israeli involvement lightly at all and not mentioning it while knowing about it is a true sign of being a total asshole that seeks the demise of the real rebellion, the real resistance (not the coopted one that Alex Jones wants you to be part of). Israeli involvement is a cornerstone of the Las Vegas false flag event.
For those who still don't understand how this is easily proven, the
Reshet Bet radio station that announced (too early) that a muslim attacked Las Vegas is an Israeli government owned station. It is part of Kol Yisrael, which is part of the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation (government owned).
Having that information put on air the way it happened means that the Israeli government wanted this information out there because the Israeli government wanted you to believe that. There's no way, other than through foreknowledge, that the Israeli government could have known about the shooting and suspect(s), at all, before the Las Vegas news media did. "Foreknowledge" here basically means the same as direct involvement. Only that can explain how an Israeli government radio station would be spouting muslim terrorist propaganda before anyone else would and before the Las Vegas news media even knew what was going down in their own city.
The other messages that got sent in, mostly about "Paddock" and "Campos", I'm not going to address here because all are false leads and occupy time that we don't have. Paddock and Campos are inventions, I have said that very early on in my investigations and expanding on that once more I will not. I'm not going to grant the trolls the pleasure of having me repeating myself over and over again simply because they feel that I can still be duped into giving any credence to their paddock and their Campos cartoon characters.

Case in Point: "Alt News" Media Diverts Audience AWAY from Truth, Claims "ISIS"," Al Qaeda" or "Others" Will "Carry Out a Devastating Explosion"

October 21, 2017


Earlier I described how alternative news media have been specifically positioned to (manipulated into) "divert(ing) huge (critical) portions of the alternative news media audiences away from the determined and dangerous activist rebellion by having them incrementally adopting the mainstream doctrines and narratives". (In less than 6 hours that report has already been banned, blacklisted, downvoted and buried on and by very popular forums and comment sections that clearly are limited hangouts and controlled monitoring biospheres that need to stay sterile. No real activism is allowed there obviously. Why? Well, read the report and you'll have your answer. It's really easy to understand.)
Anyway, when you are not sure what this means or what this would look like, worry not, I have a perfect example for you that is very fresh.
Lets take a look at an "alternative" news media report, or rather propaganda piece, from "Activist" Post, titled "DHS Secretary Just Warned of 'Severe Threat' of New 9/11-Style Attack by ISIS and Al-Qaeda"
Remember that Activist Post (and the thousands of identical supposed alt news websites) is allegedly an alternative or independent news media outlet. It hates government and "mainstream" media lies and propaganda, their coverups and conspiracies. Right? Well, that's what they want you to believe. My analysis, however, keeps exposing them and the hundreds of others out there as scammers. This is easily proven with their very own article (again).
Here's a quote from their article:
"Islamic State and Al-Qaeda terrorists are plotting [<<<notice the mainstream propaganda terminology there] to take down a plane and carry out a devastating explosion on the same scale of 9/11 ...'The terrorist organizations, be it ISIS or Al-Qaeda or others, want to have the big explosion like they did on 9/11. They want to take down aircraft, the intelligence is clear on that,' the acting US secretary of homeland security, Elaine Duke said during a visit to the UK, as cited by the Telegraph."

Read that quote again before you continue, because it may be confusing at first sight. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I'll say even more, it is pure bullshit! Who writes these easily shredded scripts?
"Be it ISIS or Al-Qaeda or others ... the intelligence is clear on that"  - The DHS and CIA claim that they know that either "ISIS", "Al Qaeda" or "others" will cause "the big explosion" (what does that even mean?). It's one of the three, likely, but the intelligence is "clear on that". Really? How is that clear? When you read that, nothing is clear at all. Who is going to blow something up? ISIS? Al Qaeda? Or others? And what? If it is not even sure WHO will do it, how clear is the "intelligence" on "what" then? Come on, ask yourself this very simple question. Who?
How is any sane person to take that total fabrication serious in any way? How can an alleged "alternative" news outlet (and they are not the only one!) blindly incorporate that into its own narrative without (again) losing ALL credibility enjoyed in the real activist rebellion?
If you thought that this was it, that this was the apex of the Activist Post mainstream drivel, you're wrong. They top it all off with David Steele, a former CIA creature who believes that NASA is running pedo camps on Mars (without providing any proof for that obviously). That's the guy they picked to support their narrative and  stupid "news" piece.
Come on guys. You can't take these people serious, can you? Surely the true rebellion deserves much better than that and should completely distance itself from the mainstream fronts like Activist Post and Infowars etc. I informed you several times about how they are undermining us. This latest is just another example of how they do that - because you and I know that hundreds, and even thousands, of untrained activists still take these guys serious and tend to rely on them for information.
You have to understand that when a compromised (former??) CIA creep can openly state that the governments are engaged in false flag events (which they are) that that means that they aren't even worried anymore that such information gets out there and is being talked about in public. That is exactly why they have been feeding, also, the false narratives concerning the Vegas shooting. They are doing far more advanced stuff, like the fake news war, and couldn't care less about anyone "finding out" that the US and the EU are funding ISIS and are staging their "attacks." In fact they want you to know and talk about this stuff so you stay occupied with researching the older stuff. That's exactly why Wikileaks, Assange and Snowden have been introduced to you. To keep you digging in piles of data that were "leaked" by the CIA themselves. Like I said before, I'm not going to be mocked while chasing my own tale.
The fact that my previous report about the fake news war is being sabotaged within the first hours since publication attests to that. LOUDLY!

#FAKEisNEWS: The Manufacturing of a Fake News War

October 21, 2017
Being the final frontier of information warfare demands that one can guide his audience through any information minefield, regardless of how confusing and "chaotic" it all may seem at first sight.
That there is widespread confusion I'm not going to deny. In fact I'll be the first to point out that not only the mainstream public and audience is confused about what is real and what is not, also the alternative news media audience is showing all signs of being lost in the information space. Although both groups, both audiences, their confusion is understandable and even "natural" to a certain extent, it is at the same time creepy how fluent the manufactured fake news war unfolded and is now being waged.
Most folks are already beyond the point of no return, they will never recover from the damage that already has been done. Not because they wouldn't want to but because they simply can't. No offense, but...
...people "their brains don’t have the capacity to deal with technological change" - Poynter, October 19, 2017
So, there certainly is confusion but it is important to know and understand that this stems from a controlled chaos that has been unleashed upon the general public. Especially online.
The "fake news" chaos that seemingly is random and spontaneous is in fact, when everything is taken into account, clearly organized, staged or manufactured - pick one, they're all correct.
How does one know that the fake news chaos is staged or manufactured and that this is done, in a centralized way, by someone or a group of people who have masterminded it likely a few decades ago?
Well, everything points to that when you zoom out and investigate the alleged 'spontaneous' chaos.
There is a reason why Donald Trump for instance now stands as a synonym for "fake news", that is not my opinion or by accident, it is a fact and a strategic step. He is even proud of using this phrase extensively (even claiming he invented it in some way).
Prior to the forced reformatting of this website I had a report up that showed how Donald Trump is being used by the power structure to:
  • Introduce new oppressive control measures that others would not be able to get passed without too much uprising and suspicion
  • Reset/wipe previous US government administrations their mistakes and failures [and blame Trump for new ones during his term(s) and the next president's term(s)]
  • Divert the international opposition (the alternative news media audiences, "conspiracy theorists", anti war and anti government movements) to have it support the US its age-old foreign policy of more and longer wars (after 9/11 the US government was losing on this front. Not anymore since Trump took office.)
All of the above has already been achieved or is well underway to be achieved completely, as envisioned by the power structure (or the "alphas of darkness" if you will).
The fake news war is simply one of the many tactics of the overall strategy of the old power structure to remain in power and at the top of the "food chain" or the social pyramid.
First of all we have to understand what it will lead to, this fake news war. It will lead - in the long term - to most people simply giving up on wanting to be properly informed because already more than half of surveyed "internet and technology experts" are of the opinion that false information will crowd out reliable sources anyway. People (mainstream and "alternative") will become so confused about what is real and what is not that they will just stop being critics of government and narratives and will spend their lives in even smaller and more scripted information bubbles that will (and already do) filter out anything that can undermine the manufactured realities that are being fed through Facebook, Instagram and so forth.
There is also a substantial portion of surveyed "internet and technology experts" that believe that technology will eventually allow "well-meaning actors" to win against online misinformation. What or who the well-meaning actors are is not immediately clear but from what it looks like they would be the ones who are orchestrating this fake news war because it is their game. Likely none of the surveyed "internet and technology experts" take into account the fact that the entire fake news war is staged so their optimism is tainted at best.
Now that we know what the goal is, we can more easily identify the rules of the 'game' and the tactics that are being used against us, the hardcore activist rebellion. We have likely never fought a war that is more important than this one.
  • Say that today's fake news finds its "real" origins in antisemitism, in jew hate: "In fact, the charge of 'fake news' has roots in the dark world of American anti-Semitism and in the cries of Lügenpresse ('lying press') that once echoed in Nazi rallies. ... 'Fake news' is a classic trope from the anti-Semitic, fabricated book 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.' ... The “Protocols” purport to be the minutes of a meeting in which Jewish elders detailed their plan to conquer the world. ... Through false stories and skewed analysis, the Jewish-controlled media would lead the masses to see the world not as it was, but as Jews wished it to be seen" (Washington Post)
  • Discredit all the news sources in the entire spectrum, mainstream and alternative (or "independent"). For the alt media we already know the tactic that the mainstream press and the governments use, just say it's fake news or that it concerns 'conspiracy theories'. For the mainstream press to become entirely discredited a role model or celebrity is desired who'll lead the masses in that direction. We know that Trump is that celebrity, we know that fake news in reference to the mainstream press is his punch line. That, eventually leads to, among other indications: "Poll: 46% of Americans believe major news outlets make up stories about Trump" (Vox). Eventually the fake news name tagging in reference to all news media outlets becomes a public reflex.
  • Deliberately undermine the credibility of the "reputable" press, and the fact-checkers too: "Google Serves Fake News Ads in an Unlikely Place: Fact-Checking Sites" (New York Times).
  • Say that fake news will cause (or has already caused) instability and war: "How fake news helped shape the Catalonia independence vote" (Washington Post). "The fake-news hack that nearly started a war this summer [in the Middle East]" (Quartz). "Fake news websites could cause another MP to be murdered" (The Telegraph). Ironically, that same Telegraph article states: "websites that only present one side of the story risked 'feeding an atmosphere of increasing hatred'." That one likely takes the cake...
  • Create artificial mainstream alternatives. Sport the "evidence based" flag. Create an atmosphere where people falsely believe that they are part of the solutions and the change that the world needs. Present a new kid on the block.
  • Offer false solutions to fake problems: "Italian schools’ newest class: Detecting fake news" (New York Post)
  • Create a "news consumers’ movement" that defends the mainstream narratives and doctrines. Have citizens rat out each other for daring to consume political incorrect news.
  • Automate the flagging and oppression of "fake news". Eliminate the human(s) (factors) that can be susceptible to activist rebellion content.
  • Undermine the actual, and shrinking, activist rebellion that is just too smart to be fooled. Have false alternative news websites pose as real activist websites (e.g. Your News Wire, Neon Nettle, AWD News). Let them spread false news stories and nasty propaganda that seeks to validate the wildest and most outrageous conspiracy theories that are not even supported by the very core of the activist rebellion (cause guilty or fake by association). Have activists, bloggers and citizen journalists unaware that they are spreading false news by making that "alternative news" appear as genuinely 'underground', radical and contradicting the mainstream media narratives and official story lines.
  • Divert huge (critical) portions of the alternative news media audiences away from the determined and dangerous activist rebellion by having them incrementally adopting the mainstream doctrines and narratives. For this, use the most popular "alternative" or "independent" websites and video and other broadcasting channels that are available (Infowars, Drudge, Natural News,...) and inject radical zionist agent saboteurs (e.g. Laura Poison Ivy Loomer).
  • Have the activist rebellion and alternative news media associated with flat Earth theories and communities, regardless of them actually subscribing to such theories.
  • Avoid at all costs the revealing of the true nature of the climate and weather manufacturing agenda. Use catch phrases like chemtrails, HAARP, Agenda 21, depopulation and so forth but never get to the core of the issues. Have people use the wrong terminology when discussing weather and climate manipulation and engineering. Let, for instance, "HAARP" mean all geoweapons that are being used. Regardless where the target area for climate and weather engineering is located on the planet. Even if HAARP can never reach the said region on the planet still say it is HAARP. This will permanently derail any new potent activism.
  • Sabotage the meaning of "conspiracy". Make everyone, including activists and "truthers", believe that the word "conspiracy" means something that is just a theory, or that something is not true. Make the word "conspiracy" synonymous to "fake news" (This is now the case already! Many people, including 'truthers', use the word "conspiracy" completely wrong. For instance, you can easily find in forums and comment sections that people say, in reference to 9/11: "Oh, that's just a conspiracy". What they mean here is "oh, that is just a false rumor".)
I know and understand that most activists and "truthers" will have a hard time figuring all the above out but someone should provide this information if at least one individual is serious about the activist rebellion its future and its success. I have searched for a similar report like this one but I haven't found anything that was worth reposting or linking to. No offense, just stating my findings.
Now, who could pull this off? This manufactured fake news war? Well, that would be the same people that are behind the global weather and climate engineering programs; who have successfully corrupted the full news media spectrum; who have successfully nuclear blackmailed governments into submission; who have access to the real space programs; who own the Bilderberg and CFR participants and who control the BIS banking system. The ones that make Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump look like a choir girl and choir boy.

Comment on the Vegas Shooting by a Reader if this Website

October 20, 2017
Many others have sent me comments about my Vegas report and some provide potentially good leads but those would have to be considered on the long term and although I appreciate these much I am not going to wait for future revelations and FOIAs. I have concluded my investigation on October 8. There's one email that stands out of the rest, however, that I do want to include in the Vegas report.

In Response to my LV Report M. Sent:

"...there are many inconsistencies I have noticed reported by mainstream. To speak of a couple glaring ones...
1) independent UK Oct 7. 'Vegas shooter was king of micro aggression' stated 'when Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay last week, he requested a room on a higher floor, but was told nothing was available. Then a room freed up and managers moved him to a 1,700 Sqft suite on the 32nd floor. It lists for $590 a night. But as a big better, Paddock got it on the house.' Getting it for free being a high roller is not unusual but not selecting a room facing the venue is proof, at least to me, he wasn't planning anything.
2) NY Times Oct 5 interview with man who stayed in room (31-134) directly below paddock's adjoining room. Many inconsistencies including only 3-4 volleys fired but is it normal for the police to rearrange furniture and break glass immediately after entering a crime scene?
I agree the cameras were for the sociopaths to entertain themselves. What do you make of the Aussie story who says he was staying in 32135?"

My Response

The Brian Hodges angle ads no valuable details to the events account, at least not for me, because no one can assure us that that person is even real. In the beginning of the news cycle I would have considered it potentially useful.
At this point I only see it as more noise because the entire narrative is dead basically. Nothing of the entire story is left standing in any meaningful way.
In fact we have very little that we can be sure of. We do have victims but the exact number is also sketchy, in that these have been artificially inflated.
Personally I have finished my investigation of the LV shooting on October 8. All the other supposed revelations since then have still not convinced me that we actually have something on any perpetrator who can be named and ID-ed with photos. We know it is a false flag event, as I have pointed out.
The "receipt", Campos and what not is all noise and part of the deception campaign. I will not waste my time on these things unless they are of actual value. I haven't come across anything new that changes my point of view or that would warrant a change in my reports.
They have had more than 7 decades to perfect their mind programming through the news media and this LV shooting news cycle attests to that because we are supposed to be left now chasing our own tales. I'm not going to do that.
The worst part is that many alt news media outlets are pushing the Paddock is ISIS or antifa line, that is actually very disgusting.

The Las Vegas, October 1, HARVEST

October 19, 2017
Meet the REAL Paddock:

Redwood Valley ATTACK/California "Wildfires": Video Footage Proves Deliberate Destruction of Houses and Property - Redwood Valley, Mendocino County, Was ATTACKED

October 19, 2017
I first want  to make it clear that my reference to "wildfires" in the title is only to make sure that folks know what place and time I am referring to, because there is already a lot of confusion out there.
I don't believe that Redwood Valley fell victim to any wildfire, at least not the part of it that was filmed by KTVU. There's video footage out there that proves this beyond any doubt because all the houses in the footage are gone, as if they vaporized. Yet not a single tree or bush is scorched. As if the "wildfires" (as in burning forests) all by themselves somehow magically and selectively jumped from house to house to burn them down. That is not how wildfires work. What we see here is in some way similar to what  they did during hurricane Sandy. Then too several blocks were destroyed in a pattern that looked like as if Sandy jumped right in and out. Leaving one block nicely intact while another was burned down up until the pavement of the next block. Then not even the power lines and poles were downed by Sandy but somehow these houses disappeared. Very strange.
Something similar has happened in Redwood Valley. The video footage is linked here.
Save a copy for yourself because it is the most damning piece of evidence that we have so far that exposes the "wildfire" lies once and for all. You can see the drone camera zoom out and literally see that not a single tree or bush has been destroyed or scorched.
The only thing that can leave such a trail is deliberate arson or an other kind of attack on the houses of those people in Redwood Valley.
"Wildfires" didn't cause these folks to become homeless. The ones who did this are the same vile, secretive creatures that own and operate the geoweapons. Obviously they go behind layers of front companies and other corporate and government constructions, as Weather War 101 pointed out earlier.
The video footage (original KTVU is here and the comments there show that others are also paying attention) proves it all and only trolls will now attack you when you try to put it in front of their faces. Get ready to be banned everywhere you post this!

The Geoweapons Interview that Got Sabotaged and Banned by the (Alternative) News Media

October 18, 2017
For years WeatherWar101 (WW101) has been marginalized, oppressed and attacked by both the regular press and the so-called alternative news media, all the while his Youtube channel and website have been delivering valuable and unique information to those who are actually willing to pay attention.
I was already aware of the interview that WW101 was supposed to have last month with Mike Adams (Natural News) about manmade weather but that for some reason didn't take place. But with the hacking of this website halfway September I haven't had the time yet to write an update about that interview or the information that was supposed to come your way but that was again blacked out by the alternative media.
Therefore, to support his work, I'm going to repost Weather War 101 his article about that sabotaged interview and what happened. When an activist is being oppressed by the alternative media then I am very interested in what that person has to say and I hope you too.
From WeatherWar101:

Hurricane Maria: Mike Adams – Dane Wigington Interview Fraud
Anyone who supports Dane Wigington while ignoring his decade of documented lies, slander, and misdirection, is proving themselves complicit in psyop coverup of 50 years of manmade weather. At this point it just isn’t believable that that any “real person” would “believe” ANY of the non-information and double-speak from this controlled opposition infiltrator, if they actually understood what he has done and how he has operated for the last ten years.
Mike Adams is a prime example. For ten years I’ve been looking for a legitimate journalist to cover my 20 years of reverse-engineering research and 10 years of irrefutable video documentation proving daily manmade weather. Mainstream media “journalists” reflexively dismiss the topic altogether as “conspiracy theory” (as they are deliberately conditioned to do), and all so-called “new media journalists” I have encountered have ALL proven themselves to be part of the ACTUAL conspiracy to keep this daily observable reality from the public.
Mike Adams has definitively proven himself the later. After (at first) offering me an “in-depth” interview, Mike Adams “suddenly” stopped communicating with me at all. After I provided him with answers to the almost meaningless misdirection questions “his assistant” provided as an “interview,” and after I provided him definitive evidence of Dane Wigington’s lies and slander, Mike Adams suddenly (and without any explanation) went completely silent. His so-called “assistant” (which it is clear was just a psyop sock puppet identity anyway) stopped responding to my email inquiries about WHEN my interview would be published, and that was the last I heard from “them.” I even gave them opportunity to EXPLAIN this behavor to be included in this video, but again – received nothing but silence.
Instead, Mike Adams ignored the proof of Dane Wigington’s ongoing and glaring fraud, and posted an interview PRAISING Dane Wigington. Mike Adams ignored PROOF that Dane Wigington has lied about the very content of my work (i.e. claiming I blamed all weather ‘anomalies’ on the Sun, when I’ve never done a SINGLE video stating anything of the kind), ignored PROOF that he has lied consistently about the veracity and verifiable evidence of Global Water Vapor Generation (Rapid Evaporation) and it’s direct impact on daily manmade flash flood deluges (including the four days of flash flooding in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria), and ignored PROOF that Dane Wigington even conspired with psyop cyberterrorists to fabricate an Iranian-Canadian psyop sock puppet FALSE IDENTITY (to discredit me and my work with), and posted an interview praising Dane Wigington’s meaningless non-information regardless.
Hurricane Harvey: Dane Wigington's Cooling Tower Lies
Proof: Effects of Cooling Towers on Weather - WW101
WeatherWar101: Ending Dane Wigington's Cooling Tower Lies
Psyop Dane Wigington: Setting The Record Straight
Roxy Lopez: The Truth Denied - About Dane Wigington
How to Spot a FAKE Weather Video
There is no conceivable legitimate reason for this total absence of journalistic integrity. Praising Dane Wigington’s tired list of 175 patents misdirections that have kept the “truth community” chasing factoid nothingness, while DENYING my scientifically verifiable, daily observable proof of the simple reality of boiling water (Water vapor Generation / Rapid Evaporation), proves much worse than stupidity, it proves willful denial of ALL FACTS PRESENTED, and proves deliberate conspiracy to cover these facts up.
Ever wonder why after ten years of proving daily manmade weather and deliberate flash flooding all over the world, that NO ONE in the so-called “truth community,” “climate change community,” “global warming community,” “meteorological community,” or anywhere else – knows ANYTHING about this verifiable work? This is why. After ten years, I haven’t found a SINGLE journalist with integrity and common sense, who can (and is willing to) understand boiling water. As astonishing as that sounds, the evidence speaks for itself. MSM is too wrapped up in its belief in “mainstream normality,” and “new media” is coopted by psyop frauds like Mike Adams, who give credibility to the perpetual meaningless stupidity Dane Wigington has been peddling for almost two decades, that keeps those seeking real answers to the daily inexplicable weather events, ignorant, ineffectual, and dismissed as “tin foil hat wearing loonies.”
As I say frequently, this is “theory” or “hypothesis,” this is documented fact. If you attempt to deny this without EXAMINING and EXPLAINING Dane Wigington’s abysmal and inexcusable behavior over ten years (and his continuous efforts to discredit and suppress daily observable reality), you are simply identifying yourself as psyop complicit sock puppet. If you are a “real person,” examine the evidence for yourself. If you refuse to, you are exposing yourself for what you are. If you value the only source of VERIFIABLE PROOF of daily manmade weather (instead two decades of psyop double-speak), please support and propagate this singular irrefutable work. Below is the so-called interview Mike Adams refused to publish. Read it yourself, and see why that is.
These five meaningless questions were submitted as a so-called interview. It was necessary to answer them creatively, to make the interview of any value at all.

1) What are the primary technologies deployed to augment or alter storms?

First, that’s a rather broad question. I could just list the components but without detailing and proving each one, it would be just more opportunity to attack and dismiss it as “conspiracy theory.”
Second, the question itself is misleading. We are not talking about “augmenting” or “altering” storms. We are talking the daily observable manufacture of storm systems in this county and around the world that cause the wholesale destruction we have witnessed, most recently with Harvey and Irma. These storms aren’t being ‘augmented,’ they would not exist at all were it not for massive and continuous effort to create them, and it is much easier to understand this reality than anyone would think.
Third, what is most important and what needs to be the number one takeaway from this article, is a clear understanding of the largest and foundational component of this global weather system which has been kept from the population for the last 50 years. This single most important component is “Water Vapor Generation” which provides the fuel for storm like Irma, and which can be observed on a daily basis.
The concept is very simple. In the Natural Water Cycle, Slow Evaporation from bodies of water (lakes, oceans, etc.) slowly collects to form clouds, then those clouds combine to become a storm system. In the natural cycle, this would obviously take some time to develop, and would be a relatively ‘even’ process.
However, that is not what we see at all with daily storm formation. For any storm system, what we see is sudden and massive circular bursts of Water Vapor which occur in-place and in sequence, and which combine together quickly to form a storm system. Then that storm system quickly drops its Water Vapor as flash-flood deluge, shortly after formation itself.
This is not “theory” or “hypothesis,” this is daily observable and provable reality. I’m not a “truther” or “researcher,” I am engineer who has spent the last two decades reverse-engineering this system. I deal in facts and scientifically verifiable reality, and as I say frequently – “I can prove everything I say.”  This put me and my work in an entirely different category than all of the “geoengineering truthers” who just reorder and regurgitate the same tired speculations – that we’ve all heard ad-nauseum for the last 20 years.
These Rapid Evaporation Burst are the only way storm systems form in 2017, and there is nothing natural about the creation or origin. These bursts can easily be traced to and observed emanating from a ubiquitous piece of equipment present at almost all power plants on the planet – WSAC (Wet Surface Air Coolers) or Cooling Towers. There are countless videos showing this Rapid Evaporation process (including my 300+ videos), and GOES satellite imagery proves it every day.

2) Who is in control of those technologies and what is their goal?

Again, this question is not at all useful. One of the primary methods of Controlled Opposition keeping people’s attention focused everywhere but on what is right in front of them, is to leap to the “who is responsible and what’s the endgame” question. This – immediately – changes the topic to all kinds of wild and meaningless speculation about the Illuminati, The Reptilians, etc., that is completely pointless and effetely keeps people pontificating about abstract things that they can do exactly nothing about.
Just take the simple reality I’m going to stay focused on (boiling water) for example. In the first answer I state clearly that the Water Vapor Generation Cycle is driven by the Global Power Plant Grid. Suppose we ask the question, who is in control of just that one aspect? Think discovering “who” is in control of the Global Power Grid (and the network controlling Water Vapor Generation Timed Releases) would be some kind of easy endeavor? Surely there are countless layers of shell companies and hidden identities involved, since – quite obviously – the perpetrators have surely gone to great lengths to keep themselves hidden. Leaping straight to the “who” while people are still completely clueless about the “what” and “how” aspects, is misdirection and lack of focus on the critical fundamental issues – intentionally or otherwise.
The most important first step for everyone, is to understand the fundamentals of boiling water and Rapid Evaporation. Unlike all other unactionable focuses in the ‘geoengineering truth’ movement, boiling water is the ONLY aspect activists can actually DO something about, and can reasonably expect RESULTS from. Unlike chasing chemtrail planes or pointless class-action lawsuits against fringe elements, this is visible, tangible, and documentable reality that anyone can walk down to their local powerplant (surely just miles from their house), and see for themselves. Videoing in this reality en-mass and FORCING media to pay attention to this broad daylight reality (as the ‘activist’ community does every time the protest someone stubbing their toe), is the ONLY approach that can bring real and legitimate attention to this in-plain-sight system.

3) How have the ground-based control systems remained covert? (How are they hiding all this?)

The reason this broad-daylight system has been kept secret from the public, is the elaborate Controlled Opposition Operation that keeps people chasing misdirection and disinformation, which intimidates, threatens, discredits, and silences any actual truth on the topic, diminishes the credibility of verifiable work by saturating it in countless disinformation memes, etc. These operations are just as much of the process as the manufactured weather itself.
In fact, even in our short ‘relationship’ and the few articles posted on this work so far, numerous examples of that reality have already illustrated themselves. Don’t you wonder why you’ve never heard of this scientifically verifiable work before? I’ve been proving this reality for ten years. How come no one in the truth community knows about it?
In the first article you (Mike) posted on this work, you took my reverse-engineering work, and compared it to an account that STEALS my reverse engineering work, and uses it to push confusion and disinformation memes like “Silver Lining Project,” which doesn’t exist anywhere but on paper, and is using my stolen work to get donations for himself. How and why did you make this kind of false-comparison? This kind of false-equivalence keeps people from seeing the REAL work and reality, compared to the duplicitous psyop con channels trying to capitalize on and diminish it.
In the second article, you (Mike) again chose to compare my work and create false equivalence between my reverse-engineering work, and Dane Wigington and his two decades of unverifiable speculation which has led to the “truth community” to nothing at all, and being dismissed as a generally powerless laughing stock.
In the third article, you allow for the biggest distraction and misdirection tactic of all to be introduced – the false-reality meme of there being “warring factions” in the geoengineering truth community, once again creating non-existent false-equivalence between my ten years of scientifically verifiable daily observable reality, and Dane Wigington’s wholesale lies, slanders, and denials. For ten years Dane Wigington has kept this work and this reality from the “truth community” by waging personal attacks and even creating false evidence to discredit me, and before this article interview is even published, you are allowing Dane Wigington to do it again. This isn’t high school and there aren’t two sides to this conflict. There is my scientifically verifiable work that anyone can see for themselves, and there are Dane Wigington’s blatant LIES about me and my scientifically verifiable work that he has been deliberately suppressing for the last ten years. Again, this isn’t ‘theory’ or ‘hypothesis,’ this is docuented fact. Anyone who wants to understand the truth and ten-year history of it, simply has to look at the documented evidence for themselves… and I strongly suggest everyone does.

4) What would you say to skeptics who say weather control theories are total paranoid nonsense?

Well, I’d tell them to stop reflexively responding in the programmed manner they have been conditioned to respond in, and look at the simple facts I present. Forget about “chemtrails” for the moment, forget about HAARP misdirection, and look at the simple verifiable and observable reality I present. Boiling water, creates Water Vapor. Water Vapor, makes clouds. WSACs can vaporize tens of thousands of gallons of Water Vapor per minute. There are 7,000 power plants in the country (62,500 worldwide), and almost all of them have huge banks of WSACs / Cooling Towers capable of tremendous Water Vapor Generation. These WSACs / Cooling Towers can be SEEN WITH YOUR OWN EYES, creating the Water Vapor Bursts and cloud systems that I say they are creating, and this really can be correlated with daily GOES satellite data. These statements are not “speculation” or “theory” of any kind. They are verifiable fact. Anyone who denies this reality or pretend it isn’t happening is lying – at very least to themselves. Simply calling it “paranoid nonsense” or “conspiracy theory” to avoid examining or accepting the truth, does not change or erase the truth.

5) What evidence or proof is currently available that supports the claim that hurricanes can be artificially augmented or controlled?

Again, these systems aren’t being “augmented,” they are being created from scratch. As for what evidence there is of that reality, I suggest all come and spend some time with my 300+ irrefutable videos. As I said, this reality and this system has been in place for at least 50 years, and there is 50 years of satellite evidence to prove it – once one knows what Manmade Rapid Evaporation is and looks like. There is no shortage of evidence of any kind, and as I said – anyone anywhere in the world can see this reality for themselves, just by going to their local power plant during a storm. When you see with your own eyes, massive Water Vapor going into the sky and creating / fueling the storm system that is raining directly on you, there simply isn’t any denying the reality. That is why the simple reality of boiling water is where EVERYONE has to start in order to understand global manmade weather. I’ll happily engage any meteorologist or climate scientist (with a name, face, and reputation to stake on it) who wishes to challenge these easily verifiable facts. Unsurprisingly however, in ten years, not a single on one has been willing to risk their reputation on such denial. That simple fact – should speak volumes for itself.
If you want to know the daily verifiable truth of manmade weather, there is simple only one channel you can go to. That is not “ego,” it is daily demonstrable fact.


Neo Alphas: We Need an Activist Rebellion with Higher Levels of Serotonin

October 17, 2017



Serotonin is one of the most important neurotransmitters in the human body associated with a wide range of physiological effects in the central nervous system and with psychological behavior.
Low levels of serotonin, both in men and women, can (and obviously do) lead to deep depressions, insomnia, amnesia ("Alzheimer"), sexual dysfunction, anxiety disorders, hyper activity, sugar addiction (and addiction to 'sweet'), insecurity, subordinatism and passivism.
All of the above are defining problems that the activist rebellion and the global population in general are dealing with but of which most folks are not ware that they relate to serotonin and the lack therefor. It is also how entire populations are kept super docile because even in earlier medical research (1984) it has been shown that alphas have up to double the serotonin in their systems than the "subordinate" members of communities.
Mankind's serotonin levels are, thus, deliberately lowered by those hostile people in society who seek the full control over the super dominant positions in the social pyramid (the "Alphas of Darkness").
Mainstream - mass consumption - foods and personal "health" and hygiene products are increasingly laced with synthetic toxicants of which aspartame (a.k.a. neotame, nutrasweet, aminosweet) and sodium fluoride are the most commonly used and the best known among a growing number of aware consumers. Both synthetic toxicants also cause lower IQs and actively damage the nerve system [1, 2, 3]. They are extremely poisonous, yet are overconsumed by most of the public, still including most activists.
Children are hardly, if ever, educated about these substances and, thus, grow up consuming them without being aware of the dangers that these pose to their physical and mental health. Especially in the long term.

Neo Alphas: Alphas of Light, Alphas of Truth

In order to reverse this dystopian trend and reality of the activist rebellion (and the public in general) oppressively being forced into the lowest "castes" of society by hostile finance, oil, manufacturing and pharma corporations, (foreign and domestic) government agencies, news and social media outlets and platforms (the Alphas of Darkness), we need more alpha males and alpha females in our ranks.
This means that our alphas, of the rebellion, (Alphas of Light) need to topple the anti-serotonin cabal, to then fill that void with actual people power, even if many people of the public will likely always remain docile anyway - because the herd mentality has been so deeply ingrained in mankind over the past millenia that it will take, likely, a few hundred years until a majority on this planet has been elevated.
It is always a very small portion of a society that paves the road towards the future and for a rebellion it is not any different. Alphas, or dominant individuals in a society, make things happen. Betas, or the rest, simply follow whatever is presented to them. But if the majority of activists don't understand what is keeping them, and us, from being victorious then all efforts that they deliver are pretty much in vain since the very nature of their survival and dominance is not understood by them.
It's like saying, I'm going to diet starting today so all my softdrinks will from now on no longer contain sugar... only aspartame. Or, I'm going to live like a modern age rebel but I'll still continue to use Colgate twice a day because I'm too lazy to make my own healthy toothpaste.
Obviously, that is not how winning is done. You either are a full-blooded rebel or you're not a rebel or activist at all. You can't be both, you can't be effective when you're only partially activist. Not a single rebellion has won with being only partially dedicated.
So, we need more alphas. That means that the activists out there today who really are dedicated and want to go the full distance, but don't know exactly what it is that keeps them and us from actually toppling this vast control grid, have to change their way of life and their mindset.
For instance - in addition to living healthier by dropping the maximum amount of toxicants in their foods, health and hygiene products - activists, or rebels, should be of the opinion that everything that the news media puts out (both mainstream and alternative) is false and a deception. From thereon they then work towards digging up facts or clues that may lead to verifiable facts and truths. It doesn't matter whether this concerns a local weather update or a major news topic about war or a terrorist attack or a mass shooting. EVERYTHING is false until the truth and reality are proven.
With this in mind it is far harder to be fooled into endless conversations and digging that will not lead you anywhere of importance anyway. As a rebel, or activist, you simply can't afford to waste and lose your time with traveling on the sidetracks that have been crafted by your enemies.
The perfect example for this is the recent shooting in Las Vegas. When you turn the table and the script around - and instead of assuming that there is "Paddock the killer" and that there is a room service receipt that matters and that there is a Jesus Campos security guard - and start with what we really have there then the burden of proof is on the news media and the government. Not on us, the activist rebellion, because all we would be doing in the current mindset is chasing our own tales (we can't afford that, we simply don't have the time or resources for that). The ones who orchestrate all these false flag events always have a ball, as they sit back and enjoy the show. They observe the wild goose chase that bloggers commit themselves to without getting an inch nearer to the truth.
Imagine that you would have 7 decades of expertise in fooling the public using the news media. Would you really still not be able to fabricate an entire story out of thin air? Would you still not know how to think of the smallest details for any plot that you want to sell to the general public? You really believe that the Las Vegas shooting wasn't thought through well enough months in advance?
If so, then you are living in a fantasy world and are unwilling (or unable) to see the world for what it really is. Regardless of whether or not you see yourself as an activist, rebel or "truther", all you really are in such case is part of the problem. Not of the solution. If this disturbs you then it is time to rethink your life.
The time has come for the rebellion to grow up, to show to the rest of the world that it has matured, out of this current college-grade mindset that is blocking all of us from moving forward.
Alphas in society are always scarce but the ones who are must now join forces and pull this worldwide rebellion out of the new dark ages. Clearly the average activist is not up to that task, and there should be no shame in that, so I request the alphas out there to step forward and take the lead. Don't waste your time with the endless and pointless forum debates that only occupy your time and waste your efforts. You are few but you must guide the rest of the activists towards the future because they have lost their ways. They are confused and are traveling away from the truth.
Alphas, rise!

Total Media Blackout: The Case of the Ukrainian Whistleblower

October 16, 2017

Part 1

Eleven days ago the Donbass News Agency reported about Roman Labusov, an alleged Ukrainian whistleblower who is seeking refuge in the Donetsk region after having worked for the SBU (Ukrainian security service) for several years.
Although he hasn't revealed much new yet as far as I have been able to track him down, aside from confirming that Ukraine's Azov neo-nazi brigade (a Ukrainian national guard) is under direct (private) command of Arsen Avakov (US-Israeli government puppet) - Ukraine's interior minister, the fact that the western news media and even RT continue to impose a full media blackout about the alleged Ukrainian whistleblower is quite frankly shocking and very revealing at the same time.
It is shocking because the western press and the Russian flag ship news outlet seem to work together on this one, none seem to be willing to break radio silence. If you wouldn't already have broadened your horizon beyond the mainstream media, which definitely includes RT as you can see for yourself, then you wouldn't even know about Roman Labusov.
The news media blackout is also very revealing because it shows that Labusov may very well be in position to actually leak real damaging data into the public sphere that can make the western "democracy" alliance (including the Israeli government) look like the aggressors and the hostile side in the Ukrainian civil war. Data that goes far beyond that what is already known about the public support for the illegal Ukrainian government by the US and EU governments (both governments supported and funded the coup). Both in terms of military support and political funding.
Last year the US congress reapproved funding and military support for the Azov battalion after previously having it declared a neo-nazi paramilitary militia that worked against the interests of the Ukrainian, and thus the US, government. Now that same brigade is an ally of the US government because it is deemed an enemy of Russia.
Through the jewish billionaire Igor Kolomoisky also Israel has its active role in the ongoing destabilization of Ukraine and can largely remain on the background of the events, while continuing to play the so-called poor eternal victim. Kolomoisky is one of the major funders of the Azov brigade and has very intimate ties with and in Israel.
Kolomoisky, an energy mogul, is "an Israeli citizen who speaks Russian but not English ... [he] maintains an official residence in Israel and has another residence in Israel where he stays several times a year when visiting Israel."
U.S. SEC: "Igor Valeryevich Kolomoisky, a citizen of Israel residing at St. Galey Thelet 48, Herzeliya, Israel, 46640, passport No. 10905729, issued on 2 October 2005"
If, somehow, Roman Labusov his future revelations would continue in the same direction or trend as they have been up until now then it is very understandable that the western news media refuse to talk about this man because by now it is an open secret that most, if not all, mainstream news media outlets are controlled (not necessarily owned) by the israel/zionist/jewish lobby. Both in the west and in Russia. That would perfectly explain their deafening silence. There is no other explanation for it, at all.
This Israeli-Ukrainian case is not unique, the Israeli government earlier already cooperated with Ukraine's neo-nazi Right Sector: "The two parties agreed on establishing a hotline [between Israel and Right Sector's administration] to prevent provocations and cooperate when issues arise."

The Destroyed Power Lines Did Not Cause the California Wildfires

October 16, 2017
I'm not buying their latest spin on what allegedly started the wildfires on the US west coast. Yesterday it was "the Mexican drug cartels" and also this was easily refuted.
If the power lines did start the wildfires then it should be easy to find the epicenters and then the entire areas where the power lines came down should be scorched. That... we can't find with the photos that have been provided by now.
The linked photos here, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8, prove that these were not the epicenters of the wildfires because the areas surrounding the power lines and poles are in good condition. Yet these are the photos that are supposed to prove that the power lines did cause the fires. These are the photos that the news media uses. If these were epicenters literally EVERYTHING would be burned, but the opposite is true in fact - when we observe these photos. Hardly anything is burned at all near or around the power lines and poles. Except for some transformers that exploded nothing would suggest that we are even dealing with (wild)fires to begin with.
I would even go as far as stating that in at least one photo we may have evidence of a pole having been destroyed on purpose. The destruction there is completely unrelated to wildfires. Wildfires simply don't behave like this, nor do supposed "hurricanes strength" winds (of only 40 mph).
In addition, the story about the power lines also makes no sense for a totally different reason. Allegedly the power lines came down due to hurricane-type winds (75 mph) but no winds in the region there were over 41 mph (about 64 km/h).
PG&E said that “hurricane strength winds in excess of 75 mph in some cases” had damaged their equipment ... However ... the wind gusts peaked at ... 41 mph.
The fact that the power company, PG&E, lies about this means that they too are hiding something. If power lines can't cope with winds of merely 65 km/h then there is something very wrong with PG&E's infrastructure. I mean SERIOUSLY wrong.

#OpNewBlood: "Anonymous is Hiring" is in Fact an Active Honeypot Operation

October 15, 2017


The latest news from "Anonymous" is that they are "hiring" and especially for this occasion the supposedly "decentralized" collective has created a dedicated central email address,, to which you should send your résumé or CV. That is... if you are stupid enough to buy their scam.
The Anon faction that organizes this latest honeypot (with more than 6 million followers on Facebook!) has changed its domain name earlier from to because it was getting too obvious for too many people that the "collective" was scamming the public and was only trying to sell you gadgets and gear. In addition to being a mainstream parroting service, which they still are.
The reason why this is a honeypot that seeks "new blood" is because there is literally a lot of information to be gained from such an operation.
People send their résumé or CV voluntarily, this can easily be linked then to one or more IP addresses and (an) email account(s). Along with social media profile pages and online comment histories in comment sections and even forums. It's only a matter of obtaining the correct (meta)data and bang... the A.I.s do the rest.
Profiling of the potent rebellion is what modern online honeypots are used for because it is always better to lead the resistance yourself than to fight it. #OpNewBlood is part of such a honeypot campaign. It seeks to identify "professional or semi-professional editors / proofreaders and investigative authors & journalists," who are "experienced" and "have portfolios".  Have "very good English skills in reading, writing & communication." Are "online & available 5-7 days a week." Are "older than 18" and have finished basic education levels.
That is the ideal profile group that can be tapped into when troll brigades need to be sent out or when other dubious practices need to be rolled out during efforts to sabotage the true resistance out there.
In addition to that, the duped subjects will also have their devices (PC, laptops and phones) tapped and infected at a later stage since these can then be deployed in attacks on real rebel websites, such as


The same "Anon faction" is part of a bigger psyop, or a honey net if you will, because one of its alter egos at successfully pushed a flat Earth deception campaign upon their gullible "truther" and anon audience. That's right, the prominent Anon websites actually try to convince you that the Earth is not a spherical body.
Why would anyone want to "work" for them after finding out about that? Only flat Earthers would of course, and likely many such useful idiots WILL now send in their résumé. Only to be further profiled and categorized in preparation for future information warfare campaigns and hack attacks in which they, and their devices, will be deployed as.... useful idiots, yes. The ones responsible for the Anon flat Earth BS have more than 9 million Facebook followers!
Two other remarkable features of the Anonymous collective are that they are easily paraded on mainstream news outlets. In reality, true enemies of the deep state, or whatever you want to call it, are silenced, oppressed and made into caricatures. The other feature is that Anonymous has never publicly stated for ANY ISIS beheading video that they were false and that they were staged productions, always mysteriously discovered by the Israeli spy outlet Site Intel (Rita Katz, a radical zionist).
Isn't it strange that a presumed collective of 'smart' hackers can't figure out that at least a few (if not all) Katz ISIS beheading videos were faked? I haven't found one credible Anon video or message saying that their followers should not believe the mainstream news media's ISIS propaganda and beheading videos. On the contrary, what the Anons do is parroting the false NYT, CNN and WaPo narratives. On a daily basis. Sure, on the surface it looks as if they are on the people's side but in reality all they do is undermine any potent resistance.
When you read my updates on this website then you are smart enough not to get entangled in their honey net and that is what I'm glad for the most.

French Military Charter Plane Crashed in Africa. Carrying Weapons and Mercenaries for "ISIS"?

October 15, 2017
Someone from Africa, they didn't say which part or country, sent me a report (with pictures: 1, 2, 3) about a French-chartered plane that crashed in or near Port-Bouet Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The news media claims that the plane was on a regular logistics transport mission but there appear to be 2 timelines that seem to reveal that we're not being given the whole story. Which is what the message from Africa tried to point out, I assume.
I have looked into this and it is true that there are two distinct timelines in this story that together don't make any sense at all.
One of the timelines will have us believe that the Antonov (ER-AVB, msn 3204) crashed and lost radio contact with the Abidjan airport between 08:24 and 08:30 GMT.
DW: "Sidiki Diakite, Ivory Coast's security minister, told reporters: 'What we can say is that this morning around 8:30 [GMT] (10:30 CET), an Anatov plane crashed ... with 10 on board including crew members'."  [Note here that an Anatov is a completely different airplane than an Antonov!)
Reuters: "The control tower in Abidjan lost contact with the plane at 8:24 a.m. (0824 GMT) during a heavy thunderstorm, Silue added."
Another timeline for the same event has "rescue workers" being called up between 06:00 and 06:30 GMT. That's roughly 2 hours difference and too early, or prior to the actual crash. If the crash happened at all - and at around 08:00 - 08:30 GMT.
CTV, Jakarta Post: "James Mobioh Aka, a rescue worker based near the airport, said he received a call around 0600 or 0630 GMT saying an aircraft had crashed in the sea."
What you have to understand here is that all reports with time stamps come with supposedly identified persons, so it are not anonymous rumors. Someone definitely screwed up here and might even lose his or her Christmas bonus over it.
The message from Africa claimed very strongly that all passengers were mercenaries and that they were being shipped into the G5 Sahel region (Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger) with weapons as part of a covert operation.
Well, that covert operation, if true, can't be anything else than supplying ISIS with fresh blood and arms because most of the "rebel" factions in the G5 Sahel region wave the infamous ISIS flag. Or so the news media wants us to believe.
In any event, the timelines (and plane types) don't match and someone is lying. So you have to ask yourself, why would they lie about a simple plane crash? If all the plane was doing was dropping of some crates of beer for the French soldiers in Ivory Coast or the G5 Sahel.

California Wildfires: The Mexican Drug Cartels Are NOT the Ones Who Operate or OWN Geoweapons

October 15, 2017
Therefore, the entire premise of "the Mexican drug cartels" having "started the wildfires in California", because weed (marijuana) is extensively being grown there by their competitors - "the Americans", is false.
Although you have to give the ones who come up with such kind of spin the proper credit for being extremely resourceful and creative, it doesn't change the fact that the ones who operate and own the geoweapons are the ones who have actually started the Cali wildfires AGAIN and in the darkest of night.
There is literally nothing in the entire history of this planet that would or could suggest that the Mexican drug cartels own or operate the directed energy weapons, including dozens of in-orbit satellites and the nexrad and OPERA radar networks, that are at the basis of this arson, which is quite frankly an underestimation of the actual crimes.
I, for one, am not going to buy into this narrative for the same reason that I don't buy into anything of the official story line concerning the Las Vegas shooting.
Once again you are being presented with an illusion, "the Mexican" terrorists attacking on U.S. turf. The next thing will be that it was ISIS or Al Qaeda who started the fires because that too has already been put out there by rags like the Daily Mail. As early as 2012.
I've said it many times already, the entire "news" spectrum is a simulation. You have to understand that the news media and their secretive corporate owners and military/government puppeteers have fine tuned the craft of mass deception. They have had at least 7 decades to find out how the mind can be programmed via the news. Be it TV, radio or printed.
This latest is merely another product of their craftsmanship.

Wikitribune Presents its "Reliable and Ethical" News Sources List. Guess Who's (Not) On it...

October 15, 2017
For those who are still not familiar with Wikitribune, it is Wikipedia's new propaganda venture that is about to take off any week now. They have been postponing the actual launch of their very own "evidence-based journalism" website a few times already because apparently they are not sure which way to go with it (or are still harvesting feedback through their corporate A.I.s that have to determine how to best sabotage and hijack public outcries, because that is the real world we are living in. Most of reality is now literally simulated and artificially augmented).
That is not entirely my own personal opinion because when you look at the ratings and feedback you immediately see that at least half of its followers and even financial supporters are VERY skeptical about everything that Wikitribune claims to stand for and wants to do.
Wikitribune is advertised as a community news website where users can put forward their take on the news reports that the website puts out, sort of the Wikipedia model but for "news" specifically. Last month I wrote a first update about them and I pointed to the very valid comments that were posted on their website, from users who smell that something is fishy over there.
The same pattern continues. Wikitribune is indeed another carbon copy of the political correct news websites that only present you what deep state(s) want to have imposed on the general public. Wikitribune's self-compiled "list of preferred news sources" attests to this.
Many of their followers and financial backers are NOT happy with that list, and frankly I am shocked about this in a positive way.
I didn't expect that the trust in mainstream news producers was actually this low among the general public because the news media and their corporate owners have managed to keep the illusion of superiority up, high. When you browse through the news, for instance at Google news, all you find is mainstream press. No truly deeply rooted alternative perspectives are getting through there, so in these ways the corporate news media still have the upper hand. They have mastered their trade of illusion to perfection over the past decades and it shows. Even I am still often fooled by their slickness.
Clearly, though, more and more people DO hate the regular press and only in mainstream comment sections that have not yet been closed down, like at Wikitribune, can you measure that hate and skepticism. For how long? I don't know but if (or when) Wikitribune continues like this they too might just lock down their comment sections completely because it is at this moment not doing them any favors. Unless they are just deliberately generating data sets that their and other mainstream A.I.s can tap into, which would have the sole purpose of further diverting (hijacking) potent resistance.
As of this writing, Wikitribune's top 3 news sources that it describes as and deems "reliable and ethical" are, in this order, Reuters, Associated Press and BBC. I kid you not, and the comment section for their list pretty much sums it all up about how people think about that. Like always of course the critical thinking there too is deliberately water downed with text book comments of praise.
The rest of the "reliable and ethical" Wikitribune list is, in this order: New York Times, Washington Post, The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Axios, Quartz, BuzzFeed Investigations, The New Yorker, The Guardian, Politico, Bloomberg and Nature.
I will post some of the good comments that were left at Wikitribune's blog:
Richard Downing: "I have issues with the BBC. They appear very biased in the way they present the news. Nothing that you can point to and say ‘that’s false’, but the subtle innuendo. I saw a tweet, forwarded by WikiTribune, this morning that said “Can we integrate reader communities into the process of creating the news?” Here is the great myth of modern journalism ‘CREATING the news’. Report it, explain it, yes, but create it? No expletive deleted way! And that is my beef with the BBC."
Phil Spear: "I find it hard to consider corporate news sources as reliable & ethical…"
Simon: "BBC News... What a joke."
Vincent Godinich: "Just lost all respect for this project when Buzzfeed was listed as a hard news source. Buzzfeed. The 'news' outlet only famous for being trolled into publishing a fake dossier of Trump that was so outlandish that it was somehow as click-baity as it was partisan… a feat for Buzzfeed. Just unsubscribed from the email list and lost complete interest in following this project. It’s not 'evidence based journalism'… it’s thinly veiled partisan hackery at best, and grossly uninformed at worst. The search for impartial and open news continues… wikitribune is just more of the same. Build your house upon sand and all."
Stiofán Súilleabháin: "The more I read about this project the worse it gets. ... If you still think it’s acceptable to use BBC as a trusted news source then you should include other sources like Al Jazera and RT. At least that way you will have different takes on each news story and the readers can see what facts match up in each story. I was really hoping you would be a positive change in the way the news is curated and reported. Sadly it’s looking like more of the same."
Chris Gayler: "You cannot be serious to include the NYT, WaPO, and AP in your list. If this credulous nonsense continues, I will want nothing to do with this project. May I suggest ConsortiumNews?"
Jochen Burkhard: "Let’s say I’m stunned you not only rely on but mainly mention mainstream corporate media as your preferred sources. ... I fear my expectations are not met to say the least. Likewise I, at least not yet, don’t see that I will proceed, supporting you…"
Still, it won't matter any bit what people think about Wikitribune because it will just go along with what it is supposed to do. It will find corporate backing anyway when too many individual sponsors quit because Wikipedia has already become a major propaganda arm of the controlled media, through which a deceiving and secretive deep state control grid operates. Wikitribune is just another manifestation of openly hijacking rebellion and the growing awareness among the public.
In stark contrast, websites like are truly the final frontier of information warfare because it is there that the public is presented with the tools and information to successfully undermine the control grid that has been rolled out.
Without our kind of websites there wouldn't even be a resistance anymore because most of the "alternative media" crowd has already been diverted away from doing harm. All they do en masse is parroting the mainstream narratives. We have seen this once more with the Las Vegas shooting. All the mainstream talking points and "leads" are perceived as being of great value. In reality, though, all these do is divert the public (including most of the "truthers" and "conspiracy theorists") away from finding out who the real perpetrators are.
And with Wikitribune all you will get is more of the same. Deception and false reporting.
(Note: I will create a separate archived page for Wikitribune because it already seems that it will become a fierce opponent and since it is so very young we actually have a chance to bury them much faster than the rest of the lying press.)

Philippine "KILL LISTS": Vice Magazine and HBO Are Lying Propagandists

October 13, 2017
Here's how Vice Magazine introduces its latest HBO video report about the Philippines its war on crime and drugs:
In the Philippines, survey teams are going door-to-door marking the homes of suspected drug users with red “Xs.”
I gave you the above first because it is the basis of Vice's contrived storyline and I want you to see for yourself what information warfare looks like when the US government is in control of it at Vice and HBO headquarters.
Next, lets take a look at what Vice and HBO further claim and after that I will give you the actual facts as they are coming from someone who actually lives in the Philippines and who knows what the reality in the Philippines really is.

The Vice and HBO Propaganda

They claim that homes in the Philippines are being marked with an "x" when the occupants are drug users. That, however, is not even once proven or documented in their very own video report and accompanying article. Nor are any photos provided that could support their false propaganda.
What is clearly seen several times throughout the Vice/HBO video is that an authorized drug clearing team writes a number on specific homes. Not once in the video can a "red x" be seen. Not once! I have purposely watched their video three times.
Here's what you do see being written on the wall of homes: #163, #164, number one hundred seventy something and #180. You also see a map listing the assigned numbers per home.
It is also claimed that the compiled lists then are used by the government as "kill lists". For this Vice and HBO provide ZERO evidence of course. What did you honestly expect?
As for the rest of the video and claims all that does is further establishing as factual that the reporters or "journalists" who made this report know nothing about the Philippines and haven't even tried to understand and give you the correct background that comes with this matter.

The Truth and Reality

First, I live in the Philippines and I have actually already observed with a very critical eye, and even had access to, the anti-drug enforcement practices and policies. What western audiences are being fed is nothing more than hyper bullshit and distortions. On the same level as Vice/HBO's latest.
The reason why you can see an authorized drug clearing team write numbers on the walls of homes is actually far less dystopian than one might expect after seeing that rotten Vice/HBO psychological terror piece.
The area where that specific team was operating and filmed at the time is a squatter area. If you don't know what that means or looks like, then take a look at this. You'll get the picture easily.
In a squatter area, and even in most other places in the Philippines, homes simply don't have a house number. Even street names are scarce. For this reason too you won't see too many mailmen walking or driving around in the country. Most people pick up their mail in the local post office because houses also, in most cases, don't have mailboxes. The biggest exceptions to this are subdivisions, where guards are posted and all houses are nicely numbered and come with a fence and mailbox. But, sadly, squatter areas and other poor neighborhoods still make up the biggest part of the Philippines.
So, the reason why the team in the video can be seen writing numbers on the walls is because that is the only logic way to identify a home in a squatter area, with a "house number". This "house number" allows for easier location of drug surrenderers, users and pushers at a later stage for followup. There's literally zero violence involved in this process and it is far from "dystopian", as the fake alternative news outfit SHTF Plan FALSELY describes it (others even dare call it a "holocaust in the Philippines", the nerve that these media whores have!)
If we would use the same reasoning then all countries in the world that use house numbers and street names are then by definition dystopian hell holes. In reality many ARE indeed, but it is not because the folks there prefer to have house numbers, street names and mailboxes.
The drug clearing, surrendering and followup are part of a nationwide program to literally clean up the nation. If you have ever walked the streets like I have then you will know exactly what I mean with this. I am no fan or supporter of any politician in any country but Duterte, the president of the Philippines, perfectly understands what condition his beautiful country is in. In many ways it is a mess and his policies attest to that.
When he took office, and he is still very popular, he got a country that was in bad shape, socially. Economically the Philippines is rising and that is very good of course.
The fact that he is trying to clean up the mess that was left for him to find means that he is actually following up on his campaign promises. He told the public in advance, long before he got elected, that he would impose martial law if needed, that he would be rough in his ways of handling crime, junkies and corrupt politicians. Still he was elected it seems. He has actually been doing exactly what he has promised and what he was elected for. And still the man is super popular. Imagine that, a politician that actually does what he preaches.
A little more about the drugs and "cleaning up"...
When you walk into the wrong neighborhoods here you will find yourself, in many cases, among people that can't read, write and do basic math. Personal hygiene is a foreign word to them, literally (sad but true). All too often you will then also see plenty of individuals that have had their hand chopped of (or it was attempted) after they cheated their local drug dealer or stole his stash. In many cases you can still see the pus oozing out of the wound. I experienced this several times myself and the sight isn't something you want to look forward to.
You'll also find millions of street kids begging for money and when they are given cash they either buy drugs, glue (to sniff) or have to give it to their local crime boss who extorts them until they die or decide to run away or find help from the cops or an orphanage.
Clearly the Vice/HBO team didn't walk the streets of Manila all by themselves trying to establish an actual background for their report because that would be too dangerous, their camera would be stolen in an instant by someone who hasn't eaten for more than a week and they might even never get back to the airport at all with their fancy crew. That's what Duterte is trying to clean up and it's far broader than chasing down drug addicts, pushers and surrenderers.
This administration is the first one I know of that actually actively uproots corruption at all levels of government, local and national. I haven't seen any government do that before for as long as I can remember. Not here and not anywhere else.
As for the drug clearing...
The junkie-style drug users - who steal, rape, murder and who would sell their own mothers and sisters just to get a shot or snort - living in the squatter areas are a menace because they are so numerous and the social damage that they cause to the country is significant and so this must be addressed. But because no one has been willing to actually do something about it this government is left with no other alternatives than to do what it is doing at this very moment. It was elected for this very purpose, foreign interests and propagandists have no business with this because they don't even come up with realistic alternatives. All they do is lie, sabotage, distort and further the US government's regime change operations in the Philippines.
Those junkies are given a chance to come clean and stay clean. If they don't, after signing an agreement, they are going to jail for a very long time.
Not because they have used drugs but because they, collectively, have already caused so much social damage that there simply is no other way to deal with them. Small talk won't work anymore. We are far past that stage now and honest observers know this and they will not fall for or accept Vice's latest vomit.
The number that you now hear and see about "the slaughtering" of people here (now allegedly "more than 10,000") is not an honest reflection of the reality because any drug dealers and users that are found dead are now, by the press and foreign saboteurs, automatically added to the deaths caused by the police and other government agencies in this crackdown and that of course is false reporting.
Today the number of drug-related deaths stands roughly at 4,251 and half of those had local or national police involved. You can follow the actual statistics here every month. I will put a more permanent link for this at the top of the frontage too.

California Wildfires Started Deliberately

October 12, 2017
I'm just going to refer you to Weather War 101 his video because it is perfectly explained there what happened.

I just want to add a comment to that video:
Even the TV news folks seem to know what the deal is (you can actually see and read that in the woman's eyes and expressions as she hosts the TV program in the above video). Those fires are the result of arson (in a best case scenario), but no one seems to be willing to speak the words. I think all of them are afraid that those who started the fires can make those TV folks disappear overnight just like those houses that burned down entirely.
No one will ever find out who the real perpetrators are because it are the same people who OWN the geoweapons on this planet. (note: the Nexrad and OPERA doppler weather radar networks are centerpieces in the realm of geoweaponry.)

Spanish and Catalan Police REALLY ARE Trained by and in Israel, Private Homeland Security Company Shows

October 9, 2017
Earlier I wrote that Spanish police forces are being trained by Israel and that even the Catalan police is trained there too.
For this I was called an idiot and fake news pusher. At the time, I pointed to secret agreements that the Spanish and Catalan governments have with their Israeli counterpart and with Israeli military contractors and manufacturers. Agreements that have not yet been fully disclosed for the Spanish and Catalan people.

"Guardian" Spain - Defense & Homeland Security - "100% Made in Israel"

Now I want to point to an actual private Spanish/Israeli company (contractor) that actually facilitates the training itself.
Their website is A very revealing screen capture has been saved. A video describing Guardian Spain's promo video is linked here. Strangely, this video only has 4,700 views on Youtube since 2014, as of now. Information like this should be distributed far wider than that!
Here you can see on their own website that their main client is the Spanish government (the "clients" page exists but you have to know about it) and in an archived page of their site you can also see that the Catalan police forces were listed as having been trained by the Israeli oppression machinations (may very well still be the case).
I'm glad that this issue has now been conclusively and permanently addressed and that the deniers out there have been adequately put back where they belong, at the titties of the deep state - sucking up the government and mainstream narratives that don't make any sense at all.
Of course, aside from the Spanish law enforcement also the US and several other countries have their police schooled in and by Israel. That information is far easier to find with any online search engine.

Directed Energy Geoweapons Also Created Hurricane Nate (2017)

October 9, 2017
UPDATE: Folks are asking what these "directed energy geoweapons" look like and where they are. Well, you'd most probably have to go all the way up and investigate the satellites that are out there, orbiting Earth. I suppose that, in the Nate graphic for instance that I linked below, each plume (circled in red) can or may represent one satellite unit or geoweapon unit. These can then be bundled, as can be seen in the same graphic to generate dozens of water vapor columns simultaneously, which is required to have a cyclone forming. That cyclone can then still be further pumped up by adding more water vapor plumes/columns.

Like most modern age hurricanes (1960s-2017) also Nate was created on purpose using highly advanced geoweaponry that mainstream and even alternative media dare not touch.
We are talking about manmade weather and climate change but not the kind that the UN or your government wants to discuss or even mention.
In the following graphics I have explained in the simplest possible way how this weather generation and manipulation works. We will focus here on Nate (2017) and Cuba.

Hurricane Nate

This one is actually very easy to document, when you use the right tools and sources. I have extracted the following captures from Weather War 101 his video about Nate. I recommend that you watch all his other videos too.
Use this graphic to see how Nate was manufactured by (a) directed energy geoweapon(s).


Next is Cuba. In this linked graphic you will see how the doppler weather radar system literally created a cloud system as I was observing the .gif in real time. Just now. This is interesting because it proves that I didn't forge an older stock image. Here's your reference for this.
I was tipped off by a poster on Facebook who linked to this video wherein also, suspiciously, geoweaponry was at work over Cuba during the manufacturing of Nate. This specific geoweapon attack on Cuba resulted in flash floods in the western part of Cuba.

More Missing Windows... on the West Side of the Mandalay Bay, Facing Delano

October 8, 2017
There are three windows missing on the opposite side of the one facing the Harvest concert area (recorded October 2 I assume). But these windows have been missing since at least February 2017. If Google Maps is to be taken as a serious reference. I have it copied in these images from also this Ruptly video. I assume that would be considered the west side of the Mandalay Bay.
This doesn't automatically mean that shots were fired from those rooms but they indeed may have served as vantage points. For this, however, I don't think there is any video footage out there. It may, however, be of support when the case is to be made that shots were fired near, in or around the Delano. Which these rooms are facing.
UPDATE: On yet another side of the Mandalay Bay, another 5 windows are missing. At least since the vigil for the Harvest shooting. Totaling to 10 missing windows at the Mandalay.
There is nothing conclusive about these additional missing windows and it may very well be that these rooms were not part of the false flag operation but taking notes never hurts.

There is NO Jesus Campos in the Vegas Shooting Case. Period!

October 8, 2017
UPDATE: Don't fall for the "he wants to stay anonymous and he doesn't want the publicity" garbage. Because that's what it is, garbage. With a story like this you simply can't avoid your picture being taken and put online. It won't happen. There are too many cameras out there from people who get high from their exclusives, Hollywood-style, and you have to remember that all of this happened in Vegas. There are tabloid rats all over the place hunting for their exclusives. Hell, if I were such a rat I'd take the picture of the guy myself and put it on a dedicated website stuffed with Google ad slots. By now I'd be having a nice income on the side with this because pretty much the whole world wants to see the face of this ghost. If you think that tabloid junkies care about your desire to stay anonymous in a case like this then you urgently need to watch some celeb porn that was released without the consent of the stars themselves (although many secretly enjoy the public display of this kind). Or take a look at photos that were taken from pop stars who were invaded on their own properties by these paparazzis.

It's been a full week now this evening and not a single photo has emerged or been released from the man of the year. Alleged Jesus Campos. The security guard at the Mandalay Bay.
The reason why we haven't seen his face is because there is no such person. Period! The whole story about that supposed person is false. It's fake. "He" is a fictional character in a scripted false flag event and "Stephen Paddock" may as well be a similar invention.
You can't remain credible saying he is the hero while not even showing a blurred photo of him in the UK's top gossip rag the Daily Mail.
Any photos now released supposedly picturing Jesus Campos of the Mandalay Bay are frauds. Just like the entire story line is. Read my main report to know what I'm talking about if you haven't already.
It's really as simple as that. There are ZERO reasons why his face should remain a state secret. It's all bullshit and I'm not buying it. I have given the press and the cops plenty of time to even try to forge a photo of ANY Jesus Campos and even that they haven't been able to accomplish.
I'm calling their bluff because my cards are already on the table and I have clearly beaten them hands down.

Was the Vegas Shooting a Hoax?

October 8, 2017
I don't believe it was. People got killed, many were literally left to rot away while medics were blocked from entering the center of the concert area.
But I also said from the very beginning that the numbers were artificially being inflated. I still believe that that is what happened.
Since the unfolding of the mainstream narrative people have been claiming that the whole thing was staged, that no one died. I believe that that is a bridge too far. A false flag attack like this one (where a certain party is falsely blamed for crimes) doesn't equal to a hoax, which would mean that nothing truly happened except for the enacting of events by (crisis) actors and law enforcement, and, thus, the government. Using the news media as the vector to inject the false perceptions. In either cases the news media is used in the same way.
Still, you can easily have people being shot up at the concert and at the same time also have a dozen or so who are paid (crisis) actors. Both can perfectly go together and it would make a lot of sense also since the shootings were provably masterminded by US and Israeli government factions. I have already addressed this in my main report. If you don't know about this then you can start from scratch there.

Why I'm Sticking to "Mandalay Windows Were Not Smashed by Paddock"

October 8, 2017
This is actually easy to follow and understand.
On the morning of October 2 SIU alumni Steven Byrczyski (this may very well be a pen name considering the damage the photo would do to the official story) took the picture where only ONE window at the Mandalay was smashed. He took that photo not even knowing that there was another window that would be smashed later on that morning, because if he knew about the second window he would have surely seen that that same moment when this photo was taken. But he didn't because there was no second window to photograph at that very instant (zoomed in).
This is really easy to follow and understand, like I told you.
So the only reason why folks would try to bury this FACT is because they want to push the FALSE story that the mainstream narrative is. Or because, like I sad, they can't connect two dots.
Think about it. Why would Byrczyski only take a picture of one window when supposedly there were two. He didn't even know about a second because the second wasn't smashed yet. From his vantage point he would have clearly seen the second window and then the caption for his photo would not have been: "The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is pictured Monday, Oct. 2, 2017, the morning after Stephen Paddock, of 64, of Mesquite, Nevada, injured over 500 and killed over 50 at a Jason Aldean concert, causing the deadliest massacre in the United States in Las Vegas, Nevada. The shooter’s room is circled in red."
Beyond any doubt, there was only ONE window to be photographed that very instant. Period.
They can try to spin it as they want but all that does is make my case stronger and stronger. Folks willingly being ignorant can't be blamed on me or my reporting.

Las Vegas Shooting: I Can PROVE That the Security Guard Story is FALSE

October 7, 2017
Since hardly anyone is paying attention and is just rambling away I'm simply going to continue on the same path as I have gone on all along. And I will definitively prove that also the security guard story, our alleged hero Jesus Campos, is FALSE. This too is super easy to do and I know that many of you out there are going to hate me for it because it will shatter your bubbles.
The room that, allegedly, Paddock was in was found through the smoke alarm system that was triggered, due to the smoke generation of the gunfire (so the press claims, not me). THAT is the mainstream story. Literally thousands of mainstream press outlets still have that on their websites. The police zeroed in on the room because of triggering of the smoke detectors in the room on the 32nd floor. You can't simply ignore that the press has been stating this in the first days. Even after the supposed Campos had been extensively interviewed by the same press.
  • "Police discovered Las Vegas gunman's hotel location from smoke alarm"
  • I'll put the next one in again from my main report:
NZ Herald: "It wasn't the hundreds of muzzle flashes that exploded from the shooter's automatic rifles that gave away his position. Nor was it the panicked 911 calls from people reporting the rhythmic thundering of gunfire. It was the smoke. As the gunman, identified as Stephen Paddock, fired round after round, gun smoke filled his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, said Randy Sutton, a retired lieutenant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, citing police sources. The Swat team used the alarm triggered by the smoke to zero in on Paddock's position"
The NZ Herald report describes in detail how the cops, allegedly, found the correct room. There is no point in discussing this or trying to "debunk" this because it doesn't fit your agenda. Regardless of you being a mainstream or government agent or an alternative media reporter. You can't get away from that reporting because it is too detailed. It is not a rumor anymore. Nowhere in it is any Campos or guard mentioned. The cops found the room, period.
Now, moving on to the Campos story...
The following is therefore entirely part of the narrative spinning and the fresh pile of lies, it can't possibly be anything else. Pay attention:
Huffington Post, October 5: "Jesus Campos was on random patrol inside the hotel when the gunman opened fire Sunday on thousands of people gathered at the Route 91 Harvest Festival with modified assault weapons. According to The Daily Beast, Campos tracked the sound of gunshots to the 32nd floor and tried to open the door of the suite where the gunman was barricaded. The killer, who had set up security cameras outside the room, fired a furious barrage of bullets into the hallway, wounding the guard. Campos was responsible for helping authorities nail down the gunman’s exact location in the massive casino-hotel complex, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said Wednesday." - Now THAT is pure BS of course because the cops/SWAT/FBI didn't even need him for this since they already zeroed in on the room via the smoke alarm, which will tell you the EXACT detector and which room, obviously. Campos was added afterwards to help justify the death of the patsy.
Therefore the entire Campos story is irrelevant, unless that guy had a deal with the patsy, named Paddock. Surely, then the cops would not put him on a pedestal in the media as the people's hero. Unless he is in on it and gets his cut from the FBI.
I have seen literally hundreds of people's comments online and on popular forums and comment sections and 99.99% of them are completely false and they don't even seem to know it. They have bought into the mainstream narrative so far that they aren't even capable anymore to appreciate the actual findings delivered to them on a silver platter by folks like me who have been able to nail the lies on the wall, one by one next to each other. It is for doing this that me and others are now being hated because we don't fit in and really want to drive this one home. Sadly, "conspiracy theorists" in general are no better than the average Joe because they too can't be convinced of the fact that they have been believing in a false reality. In this case that would be the Jesus Campos story line and the Stephen Paddock is "the killer" story line. Both I have proven to be false yet hardly anyone is willing to pay attention. All they do is focus on a STUPID receipt that means nothing. Who cares if there were 5 broads in that room with whoever it was? What's the difference what they had for snacks? Who cares what Poison Loomer is preaching on Infowars and Drudge? You're all missing the point. You've been duped and conned.
I can't do more than putting the information out and connecting the dots for you. When you refuse to take notes well fine so be it, but don't drag me into your fantasy world, you Alices out there on Reddit and so forth.
The fact of the matter is that you have dropped the ball with this one too and I specifically warned about that very early on but all my warnings were laughed away. Now look at your bunch, most of you will never even realize that you have been feeding the very lies that you wanted to expose. You people have serious issues. Well, most of you. Really, I mean that.
The saddest thing of all is that no one will be able to stop this insanity because it's already living a life of its own. This shooting will be remembered for being one of the worst displays of "sleuthing" EVER by the alternative media and conspiracy theory movement.
I know that I'm generalizing here but the truth is that literally only a handful of people are truly paying attention and all the above and below attests to that.

We Need a NEW Story Line Because Paddock Was NOT "the Killer"

October 7, 2017
(The archived Vegas report is here)

OK, I'm just going to state it like it is, at least for me... and for, fortunately, a growing number of others. Luckily not everyone has been duped in this latest media fraud but you have to look hard to find people who are awake and smart enough to resist and smack down the narrative.
Stephen Paddock was not the shooter, so he is also not "the killer".
I really hate that term, "the killer" (it's all you see lately, it's everywhere!).
As if "he" pulled the trigger(s) that night, as if he smashed the hotel room windows. As if "he" fired bullets from opposite vantage points. As if he planned this entire job all by himself as the genius that he was.
But he was not clever enough, apparently, to get the hell out of there in time, before the cops and the FBI would arrive, 75 minutes after "his" last shot was fired. Do people even understand how stupid that sounds when you speak those words out loud?
I mean seriously, he masterminded the whole thing but didn't get away in time. That.... he somehow forgot to plan. Darn it. It just slipped his mind that the cops would show up and that he would be pinned down like a rat in a cage when the word got out that he was all the way up there. Does anyone with a single brain cell really believe this? I hope that people understand that the event was in real life. It wasn't a movie where the star of the show simply walks away in a rain of bullets being fired at him and he doesn't even sweat a single drop.
I had hoped that the "independent" media would have seen through this flimsy narrative from the get go and that practically all of them would shred the "he is the killer" story because it is so easy to do that with great credibility. Still, I should have known in advance that I was just fooling myself, that the alt media would torpedo the lies once and for all. Boy was I wrong!
Having the alternative press, in general, stating over and over again that Stephen Paddock is "the killer", only supports the official story. Regardless of making him the patsy at the same time. All what these confirmative reports in the alt media do is whitewashing the actual truth and obscuring the actual perpetrators. Saying that Paddock was the killer is the same as claiming that shots were fired from any of the Mandalay floors, because also that is false.
I too called him a patsy, in the beginning. And he still is because his face is on the TV screens but that doesn't mean that he fired a single shot that night. Being a patsy doesn't mean you were actually killing anyone at all. The difference is enormous. When blue pillers arrive on your website and they read or hear there that Paddock was "the killer" then all that does for them is confirming the official story line.
What the alt media movement collectively should have done by now, after the story has been molded by the authorities and the regular press, is to carve out a completely different, alternative, narrative based on the findings that have(n't) been presented by the press and by citizen reporters and sleuths.
We know for a fact that nobody has recorded any muzzle flashes, whatsoever, coming from ANY floor of the Mandalay Bay. Literally NONE have been captured. Not even the mainstream media has any records of anyone actually shooting from any floor of the Mandalay Bay. There is ZERO evidence and there are ZERO eyewitnesses of shots having allegedly been fired from ANY floor.
There is also ZERO evidence that the hotel room windows on the 32nd floor were already smashed that evening. Nothing can prove that Stephen Paddock (or anyone else for that matter) smashed those two windows that evening. Nothing! No one has done this during the entire news cycle since October 1. Think about that for a second because this affects and changes the entire story line.
Knowing this, how can anyone with half a brain then say that Paddock is "the killer"? What do these folks base their opinion on? What are the facts, what is the evidence that is supposed to support this? There is literally nothing out there that in any way confirms that he is "the killer". For all we know, Paddock may have already been dead for more than 24 hours prior the shooting. Who is to tell that that is not the case? Who?

So all we have at this point is the mainstream press and the cops saying that Paddock is "the killer"... and the alternative media parroting that line endlessly. That's what we have.. and I am tired of it!
We need to carve out a new story line and drop "Paddock is the killer", completely. When we don't have a suspect anymore then we have to find one first before we can continue to the next questions. If we don't know who did it, then what are we talking about here? How do we then categorize the shootings and the real killings? Because someone did murder people in Vegas that night but surely it wasn't Paddock.
And THAT is what a public should expect from an alternative news media or an independent press movement. Not the parroting.

Laura Loomer, "Investigative" Alternative Media "Journalist", is Provably a Likud Asset... and She May Not Even Know it Herself

October 6, 2017

Poison Ivy Loomer

Someone has to tell the world who she really works for because she poses a grave danger to the hardcore investigative rebellion.
I have already seen enough to know for a fact that she is an asset of forces that she may not even be aware of, but I doubt that the latter is the case though.
She has been spouting decoy after decoy in the ongoing Las Vegas shooting news cycle (Stephen Paddock is "the killer" is a decoy, the hotel room receipt is also a decoy. Both prove nothing and only put up a smoke screen.) and it is time that someone exposes her for what she really, and merely, is. I bet the Irgun Likud party is having a ball over her online escapades at this very moment. They're enjoying their bowls of seasoned falafals as they take note of the success that she has had so far.
So, the sad part is that many have already been duped at this stage.
Provably she is a zionist jew (don't be fooled, zionists fund all sides of conflicts, see Rothschilds et al; and also in Ukraine for instance [1, 2, 3]) that is being used by the Likud party to poison your mind with anti muslim and anti islam propaganda - specifically using this shooting and trying to link it to ISIS. This has demonstrably been one of the goals of the Israeli press since day one, on October 1. I told you that the event is about something else and that Paddock was not the shooter, although the patsy.
Her MO is a popular one. First inject your poison in the alt media and truther community through platforms like Infowars and then create a character for yourself that people will look up to. Even if based on false information and deception. Most "truthers" won't ever find out anyway or are too stupid to actually see what is unfolding in front of them. Loomer proves this all by herself that that is the reality because there are already hundreds (if not thousands) out there who see her as some kind of respectable leader figure. Go figure...
A swift glance over her Facebook page and Twitter feed instantly raises red flags, it shows that she is poison and that she therefore should be avoided at all costs. Once you allow her to establish credibility in your mind you are lost and put on a sidetrack where you mean no harm anymore. Whether you know it or believe it or not.
You should know that there is no ISIS in the Philippines, not three months ago - not today. Yet if you would take her waffling serious you'd be of the opinion that there is. "Vegas shooter wires $100,000 to ISIS [in the Philippines]". What a lie, how poisonous. This smells (stinks) like Likud propaganda from miles away.
Here's another one of her Irgun traps:
"I have received intel that the woman who went to the front row of the concert in Las Vegas and told people 'you're all going to die' is in custody and she is Muslim."
Aside from her fraudulent "sources" she is the only one spouting this nonsense but it seems that many Trump groupies are buying it nonetheless.
The fact that she is directly affiliated with Ezra Levant, also a hardcore zionist jew, proves that his outfit "The Rebel Media" is a limited hangout and that there is nothing rebellious about it. This last part I already knew for a very long time but it is now appropriate to mention this here.

YouTube Changes Search to Combat Las Vegas Conspiracy Videos

October 6, 2017

"...The desperation is strong in this one..."

My Final Comment on This False Flag Attack

October 6, 2017
There were multiple shooters, even AFTER the central patsy ("Paddock") was already dead. Shots were fired at other nearby hotels, 45 minutes after the "Harvest" shooting had ended. The limited number of accounts like those from Rene Downs prove that. The press and authorities have purged that information and reporting to the greatest possible extent. I have seen similar behavior concerning other aspects of this event. That is explained below.
There never were "lines of ambulances" in Vegas that night. There's not a single photo that indicates that (and later backdating freshly added photoshopped photos doesn't count, obviously). Not even an aerial photo of it exists. That part of the fabricated story also never happened and the emergency units that were present were simply blocked from entering the concert area. People were literally left to die by those who controlled the whole event, up until the smashing of the two Mandalay Bay hotel room windows THE NEXT MORNING.
No crucial aerial photos exist of the entire massacre, not because there were no helicopters (there were actually), but because photos and video footage from way up would have revealed too many clues and would have provided ample leads that there were shooters among or near the crowd on the ground and were not shooting from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay.
There is not a single video that exists today that has documented even the faintest impression of there having been fired shots from the 32nd floor at all. NONE whatsoever, and there are loads of videos by now and from different angles. Not a single muzzle flash has been captured by anyone. Reflections of strobes and other concert lights, street lights and camera flashes are not muzzle flashes. This proves all by itself that the shooters were either among the crowd or nearby but certainly not at the Mandalay Bay as the press has been reporting.
I've already said that the Mossad was involved in this, that is explained below.
All I can add now is that it was a deliberate slaughter perpetrated by the government. EVERYTHING points in that direction, that is also further explained below.
In a final note I want to say that I have once again seen the incompetence of the alleged alternative media, overall. There are exceptions but they are truly few. Like I said, the alt media can't connect two dots on a bed of nails and they have proven this once again. Although they sometimes dare to float an opposing view toward the mainstream press, they are in fact largely not any better.
I say this because the apparent average narrative in the alternative media today is that "Paddock" was the shooter or "killer", even if he was a patsy. I say he is indeed a patsy but never fired a shot at that crowd, and certainly not from the 32nd floor, but that hasn't stopped the alt media to feed off of this lie and spin it in favor of their agendas (as if the fake suicide note or hotel room receipt mean anything. As if they are of any value or importance. All they are meant to do is distract you from the real perpetrators).
In fact we should all go as far and say that the Paddock line is a distraction at best. It is basically irrelevant because all that does is hide the identities of the ones who smashed the hotel room windows AFTER Paddock was already dead. And the identities of the puppeteers behind the scene of this huge spectacle. Obviously, this one isn't staying in Vegas at all.

I Think Facebook Advertising is at Least "25%" SCAM

October 6, 2017
Here's why...
When you actually pay attention to what the press puts out you'll find out that in this instance, Facebook wrote this on its own newsroom website, in reference to alleged "Russian ads" during the US campaigning and elections:
"Roughly 25% of the ads were never shown to anyone. That’s because advertising auctions are designed so that ads reach  people based on relevance, and certain ads may not reach anyone as a result."
If you have ever purchased advertising on Facebook, which I have never done and never will do, then this FB statement should make you wonder how many people and eyeballs you have actually reached with your banner or text ad on Facebook's website.
If they admit that "the Russians" their ads weren't even served in 25% of the cases then why would this be any different with yours?
There's no way for you to check and conclude with a 100% certainty that what you paid for was also actually served and consumed as should be.
I have seen many ad systems (free and paid), networks and their operational backbone and I can tell you that even Facebook is actively and deliberately part of malware popup schemes that are all over the net. knowingly infecting your PC's or mobile phone's system.
Why would you take their word when going into an ad deal with them? More so after finding out what has happened to the above mentioned ads.
If it is so that indeed the 25% ads were sold but not served then by any definition that is a scam operation that I wouldn't want to be part of in any way, certainly not as buyer. With a $9.32 billion Q2 revenue (25% of that is $2.33 billion) one is left to ponder how much of that was earned through that same 25% scam.
In fact, I have several contacts that have used Facebook advertising in the past and NONE of them had noticed any response whatsoever, they claim. I'm inclined to totally buy that after seeing this.

Why Pakistan REALLY Remains in the Crosshairs of the Pentagon

October 6, 2017
Pakistan is predominantly an islamic country, its banking system is therefore largely sharia-based and most people want to be part of this only when it comes to banking.
The Pakistani government and the State Bank of Pakistan continue to respond to this growing public demand by supporting the islamic banking industry's mass media sharia banking campaigns, in addition to conducting seminars, conferences, targeted programs and focused discussions for business communities, academia, bankers and policy makers.
Also in Pakistan islamic (sharia-based) banking is based on (co)ownership, not on interest schemes. Therefore it is far harder to rig and sabotage this kind of banking system than it is with the western(-ized) counterpart. If in islamic banking there is no asset involved or true belief in potential no deal will be reached - or no loan will be granted. This in addition to the moral (religious) aspect of islamic banking that doesn't allow usury (interest) and several other forms of business. A casino or porn company for instance would never get a loan or investment from a sharia-based bank. Nor would any such bank be in any way involved in the kind of perverted "entertainment" productions such as Miley Cyrus (alike) concerts. It would also not fund or take part in a music industry segment that deteriorates the minds of the youths with vile lyrics that defy any sense of decency. I seriously doubt that even "we're gonna die young" (Kesha song) would be acceptable as a business opportunity.
Credit-wise, in the west and westernized (credit-based) countries banks systematically facilitate the financing of loans to people who are already in financial distress or who are even already insolvent. When the global heist started to unravel in 2007 (the start of the so-called financial "crisis") it became clear that indeed millions of loans had been granted to folks who were already in debt way over their heads, who were already struggling to pay off their credits. Yet they were granted fresh loans and mortgages on top of their existing loans, while the banks knew very well that disaster for these folks was just around the corner (loss of properties -- homelessness). This practice has not been ceased, it continues this very day and it will eventually contribute to another "surprise crash". In sharia banking this would not be allowed or be possible.

False Flag Train: Next Stop Catalonia, Next Week? Heads Up!

October 5, 2017
Catalonia is determined to secede from the Spanish kingdom, which is an obsolete construct anyway. "Kings" are not of these times anymore, it refers to times where dynasties literally owned all the land and the peasants were merely allowed to dwell on it in return for hard labor and no freedoms. Spain's time is up, its time to evolve into a decentralized region has come and nothing is going to stop that. Unless...
The Spanish government is sending its military troops to the Catalan region, allegedly to provide logistic support to the Guardia Civil that had been sent there to sabotage the referendum - which has failed, and rightfully so.
But danger is still present. The Spanish government is up to something and it may very well be a false flag attack, to be blamed on "Catalan terrorists". The Spanish government can then claim that they do not want a terrorist sovereign neighbor and, thus, a militarized response is the only option left "to restore law and order."
The Catalan government, which has been democratically elected and has been given a broad authority - also to secede, is bound to declare independence in the coming days. This may be as early as now Monday, October 9.
In response to this open plan the Spanish government is going to crack down, in Catalonia, on all demonstrations and rallies and will do anything it can to sabotage the peaceful transition towards two independent nations. From its side, it can not afford to lose Catalonia because that would mark the beginning of the end of the Spanish kingdom. Others would follow suit and the national budget is then immediately up against the ropes. Clearly a no-no for Spain. Regardless, the Catalans will, and certainly should, push through.
(That's where a foreign government or agency may come in too... to help stage a false flag attack on Spanish law enforcement or military personnel then stationed in Catalonia.)
In any event, it seems like it is going to get messy. The Spanish government already said that it will arrest key persons of the Catalan government on Monday so naturally the Catalan people will respond to this loudly and clearly. The Catalans and anyone in the region should record everything in the coming days and certainly on Monday and put it online ASAP.

Report Claims "Climate Disruption Could Pose Existential Threat by 2050"

October 5, 2017
The same report also claims: "And there is nothing to indicate that governments around the globe are doing anything remotely serious enough to mitigate ACD impacts, in order to prevent the worst-case scenarios from unfolding."
But here's what that report doesn't mention at all (of course)...
And assuming that the author of it is a professional researcher it can't be so that he never came across information about the Nexrad grid and how that along with chemicals and metals that are dispersed in the atmosphere causes also the artificially evaporated water from cooling towers and similar installations, that power plants come with, to be "activated" or "charged" - to use layman terms - by its doppler radio waves all over the world, although "Nexrad" grid normally only refers to the US doppler radar grid.
In Europe there is a similar network of weather radars that pretty much acts identical as the Nexrad network in the US. In Europe it is called the OPERA network. OPERA has about 200 such radars. In the US, Nexrad is comprised of roughly 160.
Radio frequency itself has little effect on pure water vapor, though. In order to create cloud systems that can be controlled (and transformed into cyclones, frankenstorms and super typhoons), there must be material in and throughout the cloud systems that frequency can act on. The dispersed metal oxides and chemicals (as provided through chemtrails) act as the needed cloud condensation nuclei for this, to form droplets of water which combine into clouds and cloud systems. These clouds, now full of metal and chemical nano particles, can be acted upon by frequency, Nexrad/OPERA Doppler radio frequencies.
So, the fact that "there is nothing to indicate governments around the globe are doing anything remotely serious enough to mitigate ACD impacts" means only that other, more powerful and more dangerous, forces are at play here that control and blackmail governments.
I don't believe that governments could keep it a secret for very long that they are involved, as masterminds, in hostile weather engineering and deliberate killing and terrorizing of their own populations through meteorological geoweapon deployment. But I DO believe that infiltrators and saboteurs in government positions provide access to government funding and infrastructure to facilitate these operations.
No one is going to admit this of course so it is up to yourself to dig for the facts but the linked report is basically a rehash of mainstream propaganda that always dances around the truth.
Likely the Nexrad/OPERA networks and associated weather manipulation techniques and strategies have already disrupted the natural climate and weather cycles to such an extent that if they would be turned off completely a nasty reality of "dead weather" may be revealed. That there is hardly any natural weather left at all.

MGM Resorts, Owner of Mandalay Bay, is Part of the Whitewashing and the Information Control Concerning the Vegas False Flag Shooting

October 5, 2017
The MGM Resorts corporation is currently working with Southwest Airlines to funnel all (or most) family members through their networks. MGM resorts is offering free rooms and Southwest, as MGM Resorts' exclusive travel partner in this, is taking care of the traveling. Together they create a closed information circuit.
The purpose of this in a false flag event is to control the information and possible witness accounts that don't jive with the mainstream narrative. Anyone who strongly contests the narrative will disappear instantly.
There have been put too many resources and too much money in this psyop and false flag attack that it simply won't allow to be torpedoed by a handful of family members who are willing to dig all the dirt up to avenge their lost loved one(s).
You speak... you die! It's as simple as that.
That is why they need a sterile environment, for this to work. MGM Resorts and Southwest are providing that sterile network because they have been involved in this event from the start, months ago, because that's how long it takes to plan an attack of this size.
People have been receiving the following message or email lately and should be very wary of it. Know that if you opt to take advantage of their offers that you can disappear when you have hard questions for the local authorities or for the US government in this matter.
"Southwest Airlines is providing complimentary air transportation for families who have lost a loved one or have a loved one who is hospitalized as a result of the Las Vegas tragedy.

If you receive a call from a family member affected by this tragedy inquiring about travel or transportation, please have them send an email request to Below are some additional details that will help you assist Customers:
Transportation is subject to availability and could change without notice.
Travel requests received via email will be processed between the hours of 0900 to 2100 CDT. Within the email, the family member must include a valid call back number so they can be reached."
It wouldn't be suspicious what they are doing if the shooting didn't have (US and Israeli) government fingerprints all over it and if Southwest Airlines wasn't mentioned several times in the past as a Central Intelligence Agency gateway.

Las Vegas Shooting: Controlled Opposition "Alternative" Media and Reddit Conspiracy Agree, There Was a UFO at the Mandalay Bay

October 5, 2017
If you don't know what this is about, see this first:
Now, I don't care about any of the forgeries that are out there by now because it is SUPER EASY to photoshop images to make them look as if they were taken at night or very early morning, but that won't cut it with me this time. I don't care how many alleged legit photos trolls and paid agent provocateurs are sending me or trying to squeeze into forums and comment sections. All that proves is that my analysis is spot on! Why else would these shills go to such lengths to try (try) to "debunk" my reports on this? Because they are scared like shit over it, that's why!
Besides, there's another photo out there that also doesn't show smashed windows, even within the first hour or so after the shooting ended.
See this and this.
I have no further comment on this topic, other than that the alt media and reddit conspiracy can't connect two dots on a bed of nails.

Las Vegas Shooting: Provably and Beyond Any Doubt, the U.S. and Israeli Government Are Directly Responsible for the Murdering of 50 People and Wounding of at Least Another 200+ - EVERYTHING is Documented!

October 4, 2017

This open letter is specially addressed to the U.S. and international mainstream news media and to anyone who can't connect two dots.

The official, mainstream or politically correct (or however you want to call it) narrative about the Las Vegas shooting of October 1 (2017) that has been sent into the world by the news media, the Las Vegas police, the FBI and other US government agencies and bureaus has been debunked to such an extent that truly nothing of it is left standing in any respectable way. All the arguments, angles and distortions that the authorities and the press have applied have not been able to suppress and kill off the truth about the October 1 Las Vegas shooting event.
On the contrary, the lies that have been forced upon the public, internationally, have only helped me and the hundreds of other serious investigators to make our case even stronger. The ones who have published and broadcast these lies and deceptions in and on their mainstream publications and outlets have actively contributed to their own demise that is already set in stone in the not too distant future.
Before I continue to the core of the case, the shooting itself, I will write the words that hundreds of thousands of people around the world want to share with you too but who don't have the needed platform to openly reach out to you, the mainstream press and all the ones who can't connect two dots.
You have to understand, especially at this stage now, that the mainstream news media (especially the so-called "established" or "respectable" press) is directly responsible for terrorizing millions of people around the world with the spouting of their (your) lies in their publications and during their broadcasts, be it online or on TV and the radio.
These lies, that will be addressed later down this open letter, are provably key elements and even weapons in acts of terror on the minds and lives of literally billions of people in the U.S. and around the world.
These lies, these weaponized "news" articles and broadcasts of yours have in the past three days been attacking the physical brain of anyone who has seen, heard or read your spiked content.
You have deliberately terrorized the people with your weaponized content and are, thus, aware of your own actions. You have shown no signs of remorse or change of plans whatsoever. On the contrary, you have even expanded your efforts and the depth of your lies. Whether these have been spoon-fed to you by government authorities or not doesn't even matter anymore at this point since you have deployed your resources to serve evil at any price. You have all literally sold your souls to the darkness of this world where the vilest creatures dwell that would never survive in the slightest ray of light. You all dwell amongst them. You are actively and willingly a terror tool of the very well known deep state and BIS banking cartel that through acts like the Vegas Shooting attempt (attempt) to control every aspect that defines this world.
Don't take this accusation too lightly, I'd suggest, because you are finding yourselves on extremely thin ice here. Should it be so that you would continue to travel on this path that you have chosen for yourselves, for your news companies and your staff (the journalists, anchors and editors) then I can only assure you that mobs of furious citizens around the world will hunt you down and hang you alive in public. Pogroms will be organized wherein everyone who is affiliated with mainstream press or national government will be exterminated, and rightfully so. Imagine yourselves, in such case, literally burning in eternal damnation while the whole world is a (silent) witness that is mocking you.
However, given the ongoing spouting of fresh lies and fabrications in the matter of the Vegas shooting I already see that the aforementioned scenario is your only future and destination.
As for the U.S. and Israeli governments, if not several others, they have the blood of the dead in Vegas on their hands. Both the US government and the Israeli government have openly and deliberately committed and assisted in acts of democide during the evening of October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas, as the Route 91 "Harvest" Festival was finalizing.
I can write these accusations with absolute self-assurance and in a very relaxed way and setting, since all the evidence that is needed to have you convicted in courts of law has already been collected and will be officially made available to the broader public at the appropriate time and place. You will have wanted that Wikileaks and Anonymous were your worst nightmares ever, not your own fabrications and psychological operations.
The single piece of evidence that is needed to torpedo your flimsy narrative for the shooting event is already in the open and it is therefore that Las Vegas police at this very moment are going mad trying to convince the public to only listen to their jive and observe only their maniacal funks. In a futile effort to dismiss and kill off the truth that is already out there and very much alive in the minds of hundreds of thousands of people, and not just in the US, unfortunately for you.
I know for a fact that the news media and even Silicon Valley have been nervously exchanging the very photo of the Mandalay Bay that effectively and totally killed your narrative of the "one shooter" and everything else that has been fabricated around it. Regardless of who it was that scripted the lies so far. The fact is that you are all busted and exposed for the evil crud that you merely are.
That photo can once again be found here:

That single photo proves beyond any doubt, of any sane person, that "Stephen Paddock" didn't act alone at all that night - if at all - because the photo shows only one broken window of the supposed room from where allegedly the shots were fired into the crowd across the street. One broken window means that someone else broke the second window AFTER Paddock was already dead. Do you even understand what that means? How screwed you are because of this single photo? Never mind the ones who can't connect two dots anyway because me and thousands of others are at this point no longer letting go and WILL see to it that justice is served eventually. Unlike you we will not have to resort to violence and deception. You basically have hanged yourselves with it because that photo was recovered from a mainstream news outlet that you should have been controlling much tighter apparently.
Someone DID kick in that second window though, so it is up to you to prove who that was because as you well know Paddock was already assassinated by his puppeteer(s). Patsies are NEVER left to live and tell their story. That's psyop 101...
Since this puts the ball back in your camps I don't even have to continue anymore but I will because the deception is simply too extreme with this case. We have let you off the 'hook' with 9/11 and Sandy Hook but not again. I can promise you this much. You have crossed the lines with this latest and WILL pay for that one way or another.
Since the US government was well aware of what went really down in Vegas, already days before shots were fired, it is directly responsible for the deaths at the Route 91 "Harvest" Festival. This can't be perceived any other way. The US government, all the way up to Washington and Langley, was actively, knowingly and deliberately involved in these murders of innocent people. The photo of the one broken window stands like a mountain in this matter and dwarfs any and all of your fake news and narrative spinning.
It takes advanced planning and scripting to have someone sent there to break a freaking window in order to sabotage or steer the narrative. That is the government fingerprint that is needed to pin them down with. We have all been a witness of premeditated mass murder by a government.
Governments that kill their own citizens is what is called democide. The US government is guilty of this and the public better be made aware of it in the establishment press too.
Also the Israeli government is directly involved in these killings, for it provided direct assistance in the planning and execution of the massacre plan.
Without the Israeli government's direct and deliberate interference Reshet Bet could have never obtained a name of an alleged suspect of the Vegas shooting that early in the reporting and news cycle of that day. Nor could it have known (or thought it did) that the supposed shooter was a muslim named Samir al-Hajib. That information (false or not) came directly from the Likud government because Reshet Bet is a Kol Yisrael subsidiary. A public asset controlled by the Israeli government.
Trying (trying) to control the narrative for an event that it helped to plan, orchestrate and execute is the only reason why a foreign, and especially the Israeli, government would want to sabotage the news cycle (as it did on 9/11, 2001). An act that by itself is already dubious and hostile enough, regardless of the actual shooting taking place or being part of the plan.
The fact that the Israeli government provably distributed false information shows that it was aware of the events that unfolded in Vegas long before the public was made aware and long before the first shots were fired because it requires advanced planning and processing time to have the (false) information transmitted to Reshet Bet. That doesn't happen in a matter of seconds. A name, Samir al-Hajib, has to be hatched and the event has to be known for which a name is to be hatched. This proves that the Israeli government knew way in advance what was going to happen in Vegas on the evening of October 1, 2017.
Therefore they are directly involved in at least assisting the US government deliberately engaging in acts of democide. This can't, convincingly, be interpreted in any other way. It does, though, require the ability and will, to connect two dots.
At this point it matters not anymore how the news media, the government officials and others are trying (trying) to spin the narrative. Brand the patsy, Stephen Paddock, as you will. Make him a lone wolf or ISIS soldier as much as you deem necessary. The fact remains that all of those name tags stem from the Israeli government's Reshet Bet lie. Pushing too hard on this issue will eventually also result in ISIS being exposed as an Israeli/US proxy army too. Think your next moves well through because they will decide the future and nature of your next false flag attacks and the deployment of the news media as your mental terror grid.
And it really IS a mental terror grid that is being controlled by a very, extremely powerful, few. This too can easily be documented.
For instance, extensive scrubbing of the web requires access to basically all websites in the world. This is exactly what has happened, scrubbing the web, in the past two days or so. Especially in reference to the killing of "Stephen Paddock" by the Las Vegas police or his CIA/Mossad puppeteer(s). This is not easily done unless you have access to the backbone of the global internet infrastructure. Not too many are in that position. It requires government resources and funding to pull this off, or secret backdoors that even the NSA isn't officially aware of and that tells you something about how powerful and desperate the driving forces behind the Vegas shooting truly are.
It was literally reported, by the "respectable" news media, in this exact wording that "the gunman was shot dead by authorities after he opened fire on the concert." Strangely, that has been scrubbed from the internet, almost entirely. Except for the ones that have not yet been corrupted or hacked into. This screenshot proves all of this. When you search for that exact line you get 9 (NINE!) search results on Google. That used to be thousands a few day ago. How on Earth is that possible, to all have disappeared practically overnight? Only a super deep state swamp could have pulled this off!
And it matters not how deceitful this mental terror grid is being deployed now at this very moment, by also providing cover stories on Snopes the "respected fact-checker" (what a JOKE). It is documented that Google is a cornerstone if not a backbone segment of this mental terror grid.
So worry not, mainstream news outlets and useful idiots that can't connect two dots on a bed of nails, we are coming for you. The truth is hunting you down for the wet dogs that you are.

GAME OVER: Official Story of Las Vegas Shooter is DEAD in the Water, Here's Why...

October 3, 2017
UPDATE 4: If this video footage is authentic (LISTEN GOOD IN THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE VIDEO, YOU'LL HEAR IT CLEARLY THAT A SECOND SHOOTER WAS FIRING FROM WAY FURTHER AWAY FROM THE MANDALAY AND THE DRIVER IN THE VIDEO HER LOCATION) then it proves beyond a doubt that there were multiple vantage points and shooters, and no it wasn't from the two windows on the 32nd floor since these were smashed in the daytime AFTER the media went into a frenzy. I have explained that earlier, below.
UPDATE 3: We heard the shots get fired, we saw the smoke,” Ashley Fowler, who was with friends, told K-Rock radio station in St. John’s. “Everyone thought it was fireworks at the show until Jason Aldean dropped his mic and ran from the stage, so everyone started to run.”  This means that the shots that she supposedly witnessed weren't coming from the Mandalay Bay at all, it is simply too far to even hear the shots from that distance, over the concert sounds. Let alone seeing the smoke at the exact window where the shots were fired from allegedly. The shots, in this case came from a totally different vantage point, much much nearer to the actual concert crowd. None of this story makes sense anymore. Someone has his undies in a bundle over this and is about to lose his job.
"Smoke detectors" - They are lying their asses off. It's beyond anything I have ever seen when investigating this kind of events. When the narrative spinning is considered this one takes the cake, hands down. Even the Sandy Hook story was more solid.
New York Times: "The police reported clearing out the Mandalay Bay’s 29th floor and then working their way up to the 32nd floor" [because they didn't know which room the shots were allegedly coming from].
Dallas News: "A team of six officers conferred with security and went up to the 29th floor and worked their way up until they found the room they thought the shooter was in."
NZ Herald: "It wasn't the hundreds of muzzle flashes that exploded from the shooter's automatic rifles that gave away his position. Nor was it the panicked 911 calls from people reporting the rhythmic thundering of gunfire. It was the smoke. As the gunman, identified as Stephen Paddock, fired round after round, gunsmoke filled his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, said Randy Sutton, a retired lieutenant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, citing police sources. The Swat team used the alarm triggered by the smoke to zero in on Paddock's position" Now why would they have to "work their way up" starting at the 29th floor when they know exactly, allegedly, in which room the smoke detectors were triggered??? I call BS on the entire story. Nothing is left of it. Only a complete retard would still believe anything that is being claimed by the police and the news media in reference to this shooting.
UPDATE 1: Get this... "One official said Paddock had a camera mounted in the room, apparently to record himself." IF true (IF), then this strongly indicates that someone was following the job remotely. I bet the very limited audience for this video footage would in such case be located in Langley or/and Tel Aviv. The camera may as well simply have been there to record the event from a specific vantage point, without having shots being fired at all from the same room. Which makes shooters among or nearby the concert crowd even more likely.

They said that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, fired his bullets from two windows of his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay, across from the concert area. This lie has now completely been debunked and there is no way out of this anymore for anyone. Not the script writers, not the zionist controlled news media around the world. Here's why...
They were caught in the act as they kicked in the supposed windows of his hotel room DURING DAYTIME! Let that sink in for a few seconds.
When we take the official narrative, as told by the New York Times then: "The first reports of the shooting came at 10:08 p.m. local time."
10:08 pm means late in the evening, so it is dark then obviously.
Therefore it is completely impossible to have the supposed hotel room windows, where the shots were allegedly fired from, only being kicked in during daytime as the two conclusive photos will show you:
  • Photo one, one window kicked in/destroyed (daytime) - Source (original - archived): Daily Egyptian - Photograph courtesy of SIU alumni Steven Byrczyski. "The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is pictured Monday, Oct. 2, 2017, the morning after Stephen Paddock, of 64, of Mesquite, Nevada, injured over 500 and killed over 50 at a Jason Aldean concert, causing the deadliest massacre in the United States in Las Vegas, Nevada. The shooter’s room is circled in red."
  • Photo two, second window is now also kicked in/destroyed (daytime)
This proves that the shots were likely not even fired from inside the Mandalay Bay and that the shooters had different vantage points, likely far more nearer to the actual concert area. There are hundreds of vantage points available there from where you can easily hit a few dozen people. Also the inflated numbers of alleged victims (550+) is very dubious considering the limited time that shots were actually fired. I'd say at least half of that number is false (originally it was 200 and multiple shooters). Inflated by a lying news media. Regardless of which part of the media spectrum they find themselves in.
Next, also following the NYT its same reporting, ISIS, through its so-called Amaq news channels, claimed the attack, saying that Paddock had converted to islam.
Problem: Well, as I have documented yesterday, that specific line came straight form the Likud government, through its Kol Yisrael news media network. Long before the local Las Vegas press started to put the pieces together. THAT is not possible when the Mossad is not involved!
Clearly and provably the entire shooting event was a Mossad/CIA operation. We have yet to see any CCTV of Paddock being there. Don't hold your breath over it though. Like with Sandy Hook no crucial CCTV footage will be released, ever.
Lastly, Paddock wasn't dead yet when the police stormed his room because he allegedly shot a police officer as they tried to neutralize him. Only after the "suspect" shot the cop/guard did he die somehow. They say he shot himself but considering everything else it is far safer to believe that the cops shot him, that it wasn't suicide at all. It is standard MO to kill the patsy, to avoid any trials and hard questions. The James Wesley Howell case proves this too. They seem to have let him live and are now lost as to how to deal with him.

FACT: New 4-Part ISIS (Docu)Drama "The State" is Zionist Propaganda, Just Ask the Jewish Director

October 3, 2017
Peter Kosminsky is the creator of this propaganda campaign for Channel 4 (but in reality it is for Netanyahu his Irgun Likud Party), titled The State. It tells the story of people joining ISIS (Islamic 'State').
It isn't Kosminsky's, who is a zionist jew, first such propaganda campaign. A few years ago he made another such "dramatized" 'factual' piece called Britz. He openly admitted then that "I know a lot of people will be very, very angry. I've no doubt somebody will accuse me of making an al-Qa'ida recruitment video." The Independent added "others will surely object to Muslims being shown as extremists yet again."
Well yes, that's what this kind of propaganda is intended to do. To polarize opposing groups and to radicalize muslims in the west so they can keep the fires burning in the Middle East as unwitting proxies. That's the whole idea behind the Irgun Likud Party its war on terror doctrine that the entire world seems to have copied blindly (or under extreme pressure by (nuclear) blackmail at the hands of the Israeli government).
From another perspective, I'm actually positively surprised that critics and observers of the Wikitribune are paying attention. At least for now.
Wikipediocracy: "Please ask Mr. Kosminsky why he felt the need to “intersect” drama with journalism. In other words, why was there a need to dramatize what seems like could have been a perfectly engaging factual documentary? And how is the viewer supposed to decipher what aspects of the story adhere to authentic journalistic procedures, and which aspects have been artificially enhanced for (presumably) ratings goals."

Stephen Paddock (ALLEGED Las Vegas Shooter) "Killed Himself"... the Story Now Goes

October 2, 2017
UPDATE: "Police have found Paddock’s 'companion', Marilou Danley. They said she was out of the country and has been questioned by the police." - Out of the country? How can that be when she was allegedly there at the crime scene? Like I said, the story STINKS. Someone can't handle the pressure that comes with controlling a false narrative.

Folks, it's going fast now. Don't drop the ball with this one!
The story is starting to fall apart at the seams. When the narrative changes this fast you simply know that the entire thing stinks to high heaven. I'm already willing to state loud and clear that the guy, whoever it was, is a PATSY! And I won't be required to eat crow over this. That's for sure.
The Express headlines this: "Las Vegas shooting: Gunman Stephen Paddock, 64, killed himself in Mandalay Bay hotel room" (original)
Wikipedia is also going with the suicide narrative. Very odd stuff going on right now guys. Stay awake out there!
The mainstream narrative widely was, earlier: "the gunman was shot dead by authorities after he opened fire on the concert".

Take Note: Israeli Press Just Attempted to Sabotage Las Vegas Shooter Reporting and Hijack the Narrative

October 2, 2017

This is GOLD

There is no denying it now, the Israeli government, press and news media have openly tried to sabotage the Las Vegas mass shooting narrative.
Arutz Sheva 7 -, October 2, 2017:

Report: 'Samir al-Hajib,' Shooter from Las Vegas

According to an unofficial report from Reshet Bet, the Las Vegas shooter's name is Samir al-Hajib. He is an American who converted to Islam at the age of 30 and lives in Las Vegas.
"converted to islam" - hmm. Very cute...
Reshet Bet is one of the numerous Israeli radio stations operated by Kol Yisrael. Kol Yisrael is "Israel's public domestic and international radio service [read: propaganda network]. It operated as a division under the Israel Broadcasting Authority, until 14 May 2017, and the following day it started operating under Israeli Broadcasting Corporation (that replaced the IBA)."
"Public"... as in state-funded. In Israel too that means full government control over all propaganda that is being put out. Including this about the Las Vegas shooter. Now named as Stephen Craig Paddock.
This once and for all proves that the Israeli  government is the cancer in this world and is the author of the US, and the rest of the world, its war on terror doctrine. As a newbie you may not see it that way but when you are a seasoned investigator you know exactly what time it is here. I'd say..... ..... BUSTED! ..... ..... Big time!

Spanish Police, and Many Others, ARE Occasionally Trained by (Private) Israeli Agents

October 2, 2017
In response to my Catalonia update some are now saying that Israel does not train Spanish police.
Well, in reality it does and that includes even the Catalan forces too, whether they even know it or not. There exist "secret" agreements between the Israeli government and (military) corporations and the Catalan government. Much is not being revealed about this, since.... it is considered secret. Training military and police forces IS part of the package nonetheless. I have looked into this and it is, sadly, a fact.

BUSTED: Mainstream Propaganda Outlets Caught Denigrating Child "Enemy"

October 2, 2017
The mainstream propaganda quaternity - Associated Press, ABC News, Washington Post and Times of Israel - are currently still using a photo of a Lebanese child that is being soft-branded as an enemy of Israel in an upcoming war with Lebanon. At least that's what I make of it after being tipped off about the photo by a reader.
The photo is this one and can be found on the aforementioned war spouters their sites, just click the links above.
The caption for the photo of the child reads: "A Hezbollah supporter listens to Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, pictured, as he delivers a message via video link, during the ninth of Ashura, a 10-day ritual commemorating the death of Imam Hussein, in a southern suburb of Beirut, Lebanon, Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017. Ashoura is the annual Shiite Muslim commemoration marking the death of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, at the Battle of Karbala in present-day Iraq in the 7th century. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)"
The child can't be any older than 10.
It is despicable that we have to witness this kind of degeneration by alleged respectable press outlets, and to think that most people in the world who come across it won't even find it the slightest bit odd that they are being presented with such blatant and dark propaganda.
Calling a 10-year-old "a Hezbollah supporter" in this way is a sign of true desperation of the US-Israeli war and propaganda machine and
it documents their determination to kill off anything and anyone that is standing in their way of indoctrinating the entire world with their fraudulent war on terror doctrine. The Washington Post even has the nerve to charge you a monthly subscription for this degeneracy. Unbelievable that people would, and do, actually pay up for rags like the Washington Post and the New York Times.

To: "From the Trenches World Report". Just in Case You Wouldn't Publish My Comment on Your Site, So Folks know That You Were Informed Properly

October 2, 2017
About your reposting of the "Weather Wars. Weather Weapons. Surprised?" article on your website. I won't even go into the source, where you got this piece from.

My comment (comment-1249938) on your website, From the Trenches World Report:

What a bullshit article. To find that here reposted makes me doubt if you are even awake behind the wheel. Sorry.
Natural News is a fraud, especially on this topic. And so is Geoengineeringwatch. I thought you’d know that by now and that you wouldn’t send your audience on a sidetrack of reality.
I am 100% sure that you know of the Weather War 101 channel on Youtube and although you and I don’t have to agree with all his claims, his work is top of the line and dwarfs both Adams and Wigington.
On that note, I invite you to take a look at my “geo(-)engineering” and geoweapons reports on my website,

"Dictadura": Spanish Police Terrorize Voters in Catalonia - Video Footage Included

October 2, 2017
First, 90% of the votes were pro-independence, for Catalonia.
Second, like I said multiple times, the Spanish central government didn't have anything in place to rig the Catalan referendum or to forge the referendum results afterwards. This is exactly why they have been terrorizing the Catalan people, and extensively since September 20, 2017.
Speaking of terrorizing... The Spanish national police that was sent to Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia to sabotage and block the peaceful and lawful referendum - which is binding! - treated the voters like trash and all of it had eerie similarities with the Israeli oppression forces their treatment of Palestinians and Israeli jews who oppose the Israeli occupation of Palestine. No wonder it seems, the Spanish police forces are trained by the Israeli apartheid regime.
Below is some video footage that shows the despicable behavior of the Spanish police, not the Catalan police because they were FOR the vote. They didn't even bother to put up blockades at the polling stations.


You have to understand that this historical vote in Catalonia was a true grassroots event. Parents with their little children were peacefully occupying the schools and other locations where the votes were to be held - DAYS AHEAD of the referendum. This means that it was not some paid gang of instigators, like the antifas and the black block, who forced their will upon the majority of the Catalan people. That's another reason why this referendum should be taken very seriously. Like I said, the Spanish government didn't have a single way out of this except through violently oppressing the Catalans, which they did. And the Spanish government had the full support for this of the deep state creatures and institutions such as Trump and the EU. THAT TOO is all documented folks.
The Catalans were very determined about their referendum, they even used chains and concrete to retain their ballot boxes. Those are not signs of foreign agendas (EU/US) being enforced. It are signs of a local population not wanting to be part of a dictatorial regime. All empires crumble eventually and Spain is no exception to this age-old rule.

Geoweapons: In 2013 the World Economic Forum (WEF) Helped Pave the Way for Current GEOSTORM Propaganda and Related Brainwashing

October 1, 2017
I am not surprised about this at all. I'd be worried if this wasn't the case because then it would mean that the international deep state is not the one who is in charge of geoweapons and then we'd now be searching for an other secret society that wants to pervert this world with geoweapons of mass death and destruction.
From the World Economic Forum's website:

Rogue Deployment of Geoengineering

In response to growing concerns about climate change, scientists are exploring ways in which they could, with international agreement, manipulate the earth’s climate. But what if this technology were to be hijacked by a rogue state or individual?
...a country or small group of countries precipitates an international crisis by moving ahead with deployment or large-scale research  independent of the global community. The global climate could, in effect, be hijacked by a rogue country or even a wealthy individual,  with unpredictable costs to agriculture, infrastructure and global stability. The problem is that the only way to truly test solar radiation management is at scale. This potentially conflates large-scale research with deployment, thereby giving rogue nations political cover under the guise of science. Much research has gone into whether a programme could be targeted at the Arctic, for instance, where the impacts of global warming are being felt the most, but some researchers suggest that the impacts could quickly migrate from the Arctic to other regions. Many say that a true test of solar radiation management would have to be global. Due to such complexities, most of the science to date has been conducted via computer modelling, although scientists are looking for ways to test these ideas with local experiments. But overall, despite calls for more coordinated government science programmes, the funding landscape for this kind of science remains spotty. This leaves a gap for unregulated experimentation by “rogue” parties. For example, an island state threatened with rising sea levels may decide they have nothing to lose, or a well funded individual with good intentions may take matters into their own hands. There are signs that this is already starting to occur. In July 2012 an American businessman sparked controversy when he dumped around 100 tonnes of iron sulphate into the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of Canada in a scheme to spawn an artificial plankton bloom. The plankton absorb carbon dioxide and may then sink to the ocean bed, removing the carbon – another type of geoengineering, known as ocean fertilisation. Satellite images confirm that his actions succeeded in produce an artificial plankton bloom as large as 10,000 square kilometres. The individual hoped to net lucrative carbon credits, but his actions may have been in violation of two international agreements. Observers are concerned that this may be a sign of what is to come.
From what it looks like, when you zoom out, the doctrine seems to demand that the ones who control the narratives in the (western) news media should at all times also be in charge of geoweapons, for our own good. They are not considered "rogue", the thinking surely goes. They should be the ones in charge of weapons of mass destruction, it must be assumed. Not Russia, North Korea or China. Although these too, combined, already have their alternative geoweapons I'm sure and I wouldn't rule out Iran either. There's more to this expanding war in the Middle East and the Korean peninsula than the press claims.
This further underlines the importance and accuracy of my previous report on the hijacking of "geo(-)engineering.
And... I don't care how hard the fake opposition and false truthers try to sabotage this website and the information that it puts out. Eventually all of you idiots will be hunted down by the real hardcore rebellion out there that isn't impressed by the extent of the deceptions that you lend your soul to. You will all perish at the hands of the light that will destroy your masters their age of darkness. Suck it Up, buttercups!

Response to My Miyagi Triangulation

October 1, 2017
UPDATE: Let me also add that the USGS had forged the ShakeCast data BEFORE it reached the news media on March 11, 2011. Also take note again of the fact that the US NRC was running a DRILL, enacting the exact Fukushima scenario, on the very day of the tsunami, which wasn't triggered by a 9.0 magnitude "natural" seaquake.

SelfAwareLitterBox: "The 2011 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku (東北地方太平洋沖地震 Tōhoku-chihō Taiheiyō Oki Jishin) was a magnitude 9.0–9.1 (Mw) undersea megathrust earthquake off the coast of Japan that occurred at 14:46 JST(05:46 UTC) on Friday 11 March 2011,[7][8][9]with the epicentre approximately 70 kilometres (43 mi) east of the Oshika Peninsula of Tōhoku and the hypocenter at an underwater depth of approximately 29 km (18 mi).[7][10]" Copied from Wikipedia. Are their sources wrong?

Me: Definitely. The entire "scientific" narrative and documentation on this specific event is false. In that it has been injected with fraudulent data at day one. This is proven by the triangulation documented above. And by witness reports on the very day, within minutes of it occurring. It is totally meaningless what you have pulled from Wikipedia, sorry. It's nothing personal though. The deception is simply too big for most folks but I am still willing to give the facts, even after six years of activism.

By SelfAwareLitterBox: "well all the sources Wikipedia used [about the 2011 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhokuare] are right on the page. You haven't actually explained what's wrong with any of them other than "because I said so". Can you source your "triangulated" data for me? Thanks."
Me: Of course I can. I have been doing this for the past 6 years.
The CRIEPI map is used by Japanese engineers and gov, who have been researching the event. More than this as a signal towards the truth they can't give or they simply get erased from this planet.
The CRIEPI map comes from the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry of Japan (CRIEPI). Was rendered on March 11, 2011. Can be found online, for instance, here (page 14):
It is deliberately placed next to the seismic records in that pdf file, as above, to show you that THE earthquake's epicenter was in region MYG004. The station that recorded the strongest shaking and shocks. The epicenter of THE earthquake (occurred at 14.46 local time).
The small map on the left in the triangulation is a Google map to show the location on a clearer map.
The big map on the bottom in the triangulation was released by the university of Tsukuba (Japan) and comes with a set of recordings. Of which the table next to the CRIEPI map is an excerpt.
The Tsukuba map and tables are here:
There are also witness accounts and TEPCO press releases that support this.
Documenting this truth is super easy, as the triangulation shows.

Erdogan Claims Mossad Played a Role in Iraqi Kurdistan’s Independence Vote

October 1, 2017
Article is here. No further comment needed. Title speaks for itself and reflects reality.
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