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Wake-Up Call: Bitcoin Has Already Been Hijacked by Zionist Bankers and Spies - Banks Are "NOT" in Panic Mode over the Crypto Hype - #ZioCoin (Archived)

October 27, 2017 | By KJ for and
Staying ahead of the curve, as the final frontier in information warfare, means that people should be able to count on you when most find themselves on a false path to truth and freedom. With bitcoin it isn't any different, so it seems.
People have been receiving too many false reports during the past several weeks that it is now time to cut through all the distortion and shred the lies.
The reason why I grew exceptionally skeptical towards "cryptos" in general and bitcoin in particular is because the so-called underground currency is no longer underground. It is fully mainstream and this could only have happened with the full consent of the true money changers in the world. The zionist financiers. Sadly my research has shown this to be true, even though I really hoped it wouldn't.
So, lets follow the money and apply logic. To understand who could control or hijack a crypto like bitcoin (regardless of it being, allegedly, "decentralized") we need to see who mines the coins.
Even though Bitmain is a Chinese bitcoin mining company, the biggest in the world they say, it is however also operational in Israel and not just via a small insignificant hub in Ra’anana.
ConnectBTC (Bitmain Israel) "provides highly detailed real-time information and analytics to miners, and gives mining operators a better understanding of their performance, without having to develop custom internal monitoring tools. It was fully developed by Bitmaintech in Israel."
What this really means is that Israeli spy agencies are already live connected to the entire Bitmain online network, through the
Ra’anana-based mining pool and service hub.
You think this is of no importance? Think again. With Israel's blackmailing and spy history which also includes the creation of Stuxnet and the deployment of that virus at several nuclear facilities around the world, especially the ones in Iran and Japan (FUKUSHIMA attack, 3/11), anyone who is still not concerned about the Israeli
ConnectBTC is not paying attention.
Once the Israelis get their hands on any part of any company that is linked to the internet all bets are off for that company. Not so sure about that? Ask TEPCO. (Prior to the internet the Israelis mainly used Amdocs and AT&T to spy on people and to sabotage companies and governments)
Still doubtful? See who else has already been compromised by having their companies handed over, pretty much on a silver platter, to the Israeli spy agencies. The hook, you ask? "Cyberspark".
Since 2014 the Israeli government has been inviting all leading internet and technology companies of the world to come and establish branches in the new national cyber park of Israel, Cyberspark, in Beer Sheba (Beër Sjeva). Cyberspark is only 47km away from the Rotem Industrial Park in Dimona where security companies and agencies (Mossad inc.) are located such as the Israeli Magna BSP, which was involved in the sabotaging of the Fukushima nuclear power plants.
But the zionists their tentacles reach much further and deeper than that though.
Take Xapo, the Swiss company that was recently in the "news". Xapo "combines the convenience of an everyday bitcoin wallet with the security of a deep cold storage vault." Yes, it's the same company that offers luxury vault services for the super rich bitcoin owners, the bitcoin "elite" if you will. This is the top of the bitcoin food chain. More so when you check out who is in control of the company's policies and ins and outs. You guested it, a zionist jew.
The most important name at Xapo is Lawrence H. Summers (note the nose photo) he would have been the new boss at the US Federal Reserve if Janet Yellen wasn't appointed by Obama. Not that that would have made much difference since she too is a zionist jew. Most of the Fed bosses have been zionist jews. Israel always makes sure that they control the US central bank, it funds their war on fake muslim terrorists. Summers is also a World Bank creature so you know for sure that he is one of those types that pull the strings over at the BIS (Bank for International Settlements).
And then we get to understand why bitcoin hasn't had that hard a time to receive prime time exposure, and why it is NOT the fear of central bankers and asset managers. It's quite the opposite, clearly. It's always the same MO, whether it is a crypto, a false flag event or controlled opposition or a "leaks" outfit.
This brings me to another crucial item of this report, the distorted messages that people are receiving from the so-called alternative media about bitcoin allegedly "clotheslining" the "400-year-old banking swindle".
What a ruse! What a lie!
Surely, the audiences of those "alternative media pharisees" have lost all touch with reality and it is not so much they themselves that are to be blamed here because they have simply put their trust in the wrong sources. Again... First it was the "mainstream" press, now it's the "alternative" press.
I understand that it has gotten very murky by now. Who's who? Right?
Well, the ones that are screaming that bitcoin is the savior are either uninformed outlets and need to read this report (and my previous ones about cryptos) ASAP or are hostile entities that deliberately keep the hard facts from their audiences because if I can connect the dots all by myself, thus without paid staff and so forth, then for sure the most popular "alternative" news media outlets can do so as well. Yet, they haven't. The reason for that is obvious of course. It is the same reason why they are not considered the final frontier of information warfare where the real rebellion resides and fights.
Get your piece of the bitcoin pie while you can but know who has hijacked it and for what purposes. If you thought that you'd be setting yourself free through bitcoin you will be very disappointed very soon. Extract your gravy from the system but realize that the central banks and the zionist financiers have their strings already attached to the entire crypto scene, globally.
The 400-year-old banking swindle? Well, it just got crypto pimped.



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