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#OpNewBlood: "Anonymous is Hiring" is in Fact an Active Honeypot Operation (Archived)

October 15, 2017


The latest news from "Anonymous" is that they are "hiring" and especially for this occasion the supposedly "decentralized" collective has created a dedicated central email address,, to which you should send your résumé or CV. That is... if you are stupid enough to buy their scam.
The Anon faction that organizes this latest honeypot (with more than 6 million followers on Facebook!) has changed its domain name earlier from to because it was getting too obvious for too many people that the "collective" was scamming the public and was only trying to sell you gadgets and gear. In addition to being a mainstream parroting service, which they still are.
The reason why this is a honeypot that seeks "new blood" is because there is literally a lot of information to be gained from such an operation.
People send their résumé or CV voluntarily, this can easily be linked then to one or more IP addresses and (an) email account(s). Along with social media profile pages and online comment histories in comment sections and even forums. It's only a matter of obtaining the correct (meta)data and bang... the A.I.s do the rest.
Profiling of the potent rebellion is what modern online honeypots are used for because it is always better to lead the resistance yourself than to fight it. #OpNewBlood is part of such a honeypot campaign. It seeks to identify "professional or semi-professional editors / proofreaders and investigative authors & journalists," who are "experienced" and "have portfolios".  Have "very good English skills in reading, writing & communication." Are "online & available 5-7 days a week." Are "older than 18" and have finished basic education levels.
That is the ideal profile group that can be tapped into when troll brigades need to be sent out or when other dubious practices need to be rolled out during efforts to sabotage the true resistance out there.
In addition to that, the duped subjects will also have their devices (PC, laptops and phones) tapped and infected at a later stage since these can then be deployed in attacks on real rebel websites, such as


The same "Anon faction" is part of a bigger psyop, or a honey net if you will, because one of its alter egos at successfully pushed a flat Earth deception campaign upon their gullible "truther" and anon audience. That's right, the prominent Anon websites actually try to convince you that the Earth is not a spherical body.
Why would anyone want to "work" for them after finding out about that? Only flat Earthers would of course, and likely many such useful idiots WILL now send in their résumé. Only to be further profiled and categorized in preparation for future information warfare campaigns and hack attacks in which they, and their devices, will be deployed as.... useful idiots, yes. The ones responsible for the Anon flat Earth BS have more than 9 million Facebook followers!
Two other remarkable features of the Anonymous collective are that they are easily paraded on mainstream news outlets. In reality, true enemies of the deep state, or whatever you want to call it, are silenced, oppressed and made into caricatures. The other feature is that Anonymous has never publicly stated for ANY ISIS beheading video that they were false and that they were staged productions, always mysteriously discovered by the Israeli spy outlet Site Intel (Rita Katz, a radical zionist).
Isn't it strange that a presumed collective of 'smart' hackers can't figure out that at least a few (if not all) Katz ISIS beheading videos were faked? I haven't found one credible Anon video or message saying that their followers should not believe the mainstream news media's ISIS propaganda and beheading videos. On the contrary, what the Anons do is parroting the false NYT, CNN and WaPo narratives. On a daily basis. Sure, on the surface it looks as if they are on the people's side but in reality all they do is undermine any potent resistance.
When you read my updates on this website then you are smart enough not to get entangled in their honey net and that is what I'm glad for the most.  

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