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7,000+ Years of Nuclear Power Still Available - "Uranium One" and "Small Modular Reactors" Are Diversions (Archived)

October 26, 2017 | By KJ for and
Oddly, once again, no one else is talking about what the false "nuclear" topics of recent days are trying to make people forget.
We have "uranium one" in the U.S. and we have "small modular reactors" in the U.K. Both topics appear to be of great importance. But are they really, when hidden agendas and the real related conspiracies are considered?
While both news items will provide an abundance of entertainment for the soft audiences around the world and for the alternative news media their following, the fact is that none of these talking points are of any great value to the real rebellion, the real activist resistance.
Most people don't even know that the world is deliberately being taken hostage by a dark sect that has made sure that hardly anyone is aware of the closed loop nuclear cycle that is making Russia the leading, and likely only, nuclear authority in the world. Because it is in Russia that the nuclear power plants of the future are already going operational, as you read this.
While the audiences in the west are kept docile with mere infotainment, which is what the two mentioned talking points are, they are also being diverted away from the nuclear truth.
In the west, and the westernized countries, the scientific "consensus" preaches that the world has roughly another 150 years to go until all nuclear material (fuel) has been used. This is one of the false paradigms that also the green cult (manmade climate change movement) has as a cornerstone. This (blind) belief is based on literally outdated nuclear technology (since at least the 1970s) and power stations that are deliberately built for once-through cycles only. Basically using up only 1% of the nuclear fuel that goes through the reactor plants. Leaving 99% of the potent fuel unused. This of course is by design.
Based on modern Russian nuclear technology, however, 100% closed loop cycles can already be implemented, for already more than a decade in Russia and historically even since the 1970s globally when closed loop research and funding was blacklisted by most governments around the world and especially in the US.
Regardless, the current Russian nuclear technology allows for a massive life extension of the nuclear industry and supply chain, worldwide. By at least a factor 50. That means that when the world would keep its current consumption of nuclear generated power the Russians their technology can give the world electricity for at least another 7,000 years.
Isn't it weird that this reality and information at this very moment, when nuclear power and nuclear material are the talking points in the press and the alternative media, isn't even being discussed at all?
Go ahead, do the test yourself. How many "news" outlets can you find today that have discussed this absolute reality in the last 30 days or so? None.
And then there's another thing. The fact that nuclear power is so hated, allegedly, by the green cult (the ones who scream "climate denier" when you dare to question their "scientific consensus") also shows how either uneducated or deliberately disinformed they are about the real state of affairs in the nuclear power sector.
They constantly throw at you that 'renewable' energy is the only way forward, like solar and wind. While those are viable alternatives in some areas, on a global scale however these installations simply can't keep up with the efficiency of nuclear power generation.
Just think of the huge number of wind farms (and how immense these would have to be) that you'd need to power up the entire world, not just your and my home but also the entire industries that exist around the world. It simply isn't doable and the same goes for solar. Nothing beats nuclear and they know it. That's why they hate it so much because it shatters their entire false UN we-are-the-world reality that they live in and want to force upon the rest of us, violently even.
Take also the lifespan in account for instance. Today's wind turbines will last for about 25 years, after that they become too expensive to maintain and must be replaced.
A nuclear power plant will easily last for 50 years and upwards at this moment. That means that you'd have to renew ALL your wind farms all over the world twice during this same period. Not only is that very expensive (and not cost effective) it is also a huge logistical undertaking that requires massive amounts of energy. Energy that can be spent in the overall economy much more efficiently.
The truth is that none of the climate change, Greenpeace, WWF, Green Climate Fund and UN folks can come up with viable solutions that would even offer half of what nuclear already can offer today. I haven't seen any realistic solutions for the generation of electricity that would buy us another 3,500 years with their proposed "renewable" energy solutions.


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