About IntelSector.com

The purpose of this website and service is very simple:

We need approximately 5% of the global population to join forces against the post-truth incrementalists and their minions. In order to achieve this the 5% also needs a (public) intelligence service that gathers and disseminates trustworthy and accurate information; that fosters the advancement of knowledge and that contributes to the positive development of a global rebellion that opposes the mindless race to the bottom. Still, IntelSector.com is not an “alternative” news website or just another personal activist blog. It is a powerful intelligence tool that separates the wheat from the chaff. Don’t be the chaff!


Anyone can be “the 5%”, regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation (minus pedophilia) or political affiliation. However, keep in mind that the struggles and battles of the 5% are twice as numerous and intense as those of the general public and the average “alternative” activists.


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