The “News Cycle” is a Crucial Part of the Control Grid

by K.I.G

As long as you know and understand that when you consume “the news” you might as well be consuming 100% scripted and manufactured infotainment (Google’s Selfish Ledger comes to mind), you are pretty safe… relatively speaking.

However, most folks, including “truthers”, still don’t seem to get it (after decades of activism). Daily, you can see them go on and on about what the news media sends into the world, in the form of… alleged news. Assuming that any of their info really matters…

One way the Control Grid Syndicate tries to keep control over society is by controlling the news cycle and since the CGS also, mostly, controls the printing of money, well… you get the point, I’m sure…

Keeping our eyes on what the news media in general, regardless of affiliations, puts in front of the general public is certainly something we MUST do, consuming it all like it all really matters we MUST NOT.

By sabotaging and neutralizing the control grid we can advance in our efforts to defeat the Syndicate. Dismantling their news cycle is, thus, as crucial for us as their news cycle is for them. Dismantling their news cycle begins with understanding that their news cycle is a hostile asset that is used to keep you locked up in the control grid, regardless of how tempting it may seem to get dragged along with the infotainment out there.