WordPress Company Fears the Control Grid Syndicate’s Knife on Throat, Joins Ranks of CGS

by K.I.G

On august 13, 2018 the New York Times wrote: “This Company Keeps Lies About Sandy Hook on the Web”, referring to Automattic’s WordPress.com platform.

One day later WordPress.com deletes dozens of individual blogs including Scott Creighton’s American Everyman and Eowyn’s Fellowship of the Minds in yet another purge that leaves the purged ones with nothing more than a “you’ve violated our terms of service” message.

Although in this case many put the blame on Leonard Pozner, a “Sandy Hook father” and gatekeeper, the truth is that also “he” is merely a useful asset of the Control Grid Syndicate (CGS). They have literally millions of individuals like him at their disposal at any given time. Folks like him allow the puppeteers to remain unnamed and behind the curtains of the CGS matrix.

This is comparable with a crime syndicate, in this case the CGS, operating a racketeering network. Intimidating a (new) asset to stick to the script and program: “The New York Times Company is an investor in Automattic”