What Happened to WeatherWar101? Urgently Report Anything that Might be of Interest!

by K.I.G

Something VERY strange and worrying has been going on for at least 8 months now. The person(s) who operate(s) WeatherWar101 and Global Psyop seem to have disappeared or discontinued his/her/their operations – for yet unknown reasons.

The last video and tweet that was sent out by WeatherWar101 is now more than 8 months old. Not just that, both websites associated with WeatherWar101 and Global Psyop are no longer there either.

Weatherwar101.com is offline, yet registered until 2019-06-10. Globalpsyop.com is also offline (now hosts a torrent site), yet registered until 2019-07-06.

Not a single word can be found online about what is going on here. Nobody seems to know anything about this bizarre situation.

Whether or not you have agreed with WeatherWar101 through the years is now of no importance, the fact that the associated operations seemingly are dead without anyone knowing anything at all should cause all of us to be suspicious and worried. Stuff like this might happen to us next, we all can just vanish and I personally would not want people to find out that I am missing… after 8 months.

We all have to look into this and find out what the hell is going on here!