Visit This Website [INTELSECTOR.COM] Directly and Daily for Updates, Social Media Platforms Are NOT Sending Through Website Traffic and Are NOT Listing Our Posts in Newsfeeds

by K.I.G operates on the frontlines in the war against the Control Grid Syndicate because of this social media platforms and newsletter services are not serving our posts and links that people are sharing on their social networks.

The only way you can follow our updates and reporting is by directly typing in “” in the address bar of your browser and then hit the “enter” button on your keyboard.

As convenient as it may seem, to use a social media newsfeed to stay updated about anything, the truth is that that method is not working at all when it comes to fighting back against the Control Grid Syndicate. Obviously they do not allow real rebellion to operate on their platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter etc.

For those who haven’t yet, bookmark this website and get back here at least once per day.