Citizen Journalism Purge Not (Yet) Uniting Activist Collective

by K.I.G

As also WordPress has been indicating lately that it has given in to the pressure that is associated with the Control Grid Syndicate’s racketeering business, numerous blogs, fanpages and microblogging accounts keep getting purged from the internet.

Resulting from this is a worrying trend however, the purged ones are not stepping up their efforts to speak with unified voices. Quite the contrary.

For instance, the “conservative left” claims to being silenced and blames their alleged enemies, the right. The “conservative right” claims to being silenced as well and blames their alleged enemies, the left.

Strangely only a few seem to notice that all sides are being silenced at the same time and obviously by the same Syndicate. This for various reasons, everything indicates that.

Not only is the ongoing and expanding purge meant to stifle free speech and suppress any and all truly potent grassroots opposition it also enables the Syndicate to further divide the grassroots activist collective, resulting in non-aligned activism, scattered pockets of rebellion and distrust among the awakening public.

As hard as it is, the activist collective must now put aside the differences that divide us and recognize the common threats and enemies. That only is the way to successful campaigning against the Control Grid Syndicate. Only through streamlined efforts can the grassroots activist collective survive and grow. We have tried all other options and none of them are working in our favor.