The Control Grid Syndicate

By K.I.G

In the second half of the 20th century a phrase was being popularized around the world, long before the internet as we know it today had been created.

The “new world order“, a catchphrase for everything that concerns oppressive people, organizations and corporations that seek to jointly dominate the world in a rather fascist fashion. Although the idea that such a collective exists isn’t based on fantasy the name that was chosen for it was a rather comical one. Kind of like a caricature of what was intended to be made clear to the public that was/is unaware of this collective’s intentions.

You see, when Rome was a ruling power, in the age of the Roman Empire, there was also a new world order. They were mainly that order. There was the Roman Empire in the military sense and their was/is the Roman Empire in the religious sense, since the Roman catholic church is still one of the biggest and most influential religious institutions in the world.

After Genghis Khan started the Mongol Empire it too became a new world order, historians say that it peaked around the 1270s.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of using the phrase new world order. I mean, when you are not aware of its dark connotations, which most folks don’t know about, you would be of the impression that there is nothing wrong with this new order. New world order, it sounds like the coming of new times, new ideas, a world without wars, peace in the streets. That is why most people appear confused when initiated activists go on their lengthy rants about how evil the new world order is. To the average person it just doesn’t make any sense.

But that is only one important reason why I refuse to use this term. Another important reason is that the term by now has been definitively linked to conspiracy theorists, flat earthers and extremist racists, even though there are many others who also use the phrase but who aren’t part of any of the former groups. I’ve seen highly educated people using the phrase simply because of the lack of a more accurate term.

Because think about it, what does it really say? New world order? How do you fight that? What do you target when you want to bring it down?

That is why, starting today, I am going to use a much more accurate term for the same group of people, organizations and corporations. I am going to use “control grid syndicate” instead.

I want to use this phrase because it can be traced back, in the future, as having been first used in the first quarter of the 21st century to indicate that group of people, organizations and corporations.

Also, it perfectly describes what we are dealing with. A control grid syndicate. A syndicate that wants to implement and control a control grid that keeps everyone under surveillance and in line, around the clock all over the planet.

That is exactly what the “new world order” is being accused of doing but you’d never know that simply by hearing its name.

So how do you fight this syndicate? Well, by attacking and taking down its control grid, through which it seeks to dominate the planet. That makes sense, that is something that most uninitiated people can wrap their heads around.

No one wants to live in a control grid and certainly not when that grid is operated and owned by a syndicate. The very word “syndicate” is in today’s society used to refer to criminals and mafia hoodlums and their dons.

Truly, that is what we are up against, a control grid syndicate.

Take the news media for instance. It’s a perfect example of how pre-approved information gets handed down to the public. Before a “news” piece hits the newswires or the TV screens it has to go through the authorization machinations of the control grid. Someone up there can always stop a piece of information from reaching the masses. That is what you’d expect from a control grid, especially when a syndicate is in charge of that grid.

Ask yourself. Who is it that decides that countries become police states? Surely, a control grid syndicate. That makes sense, from their perspective. A new world order, militarizing the police around the world? Why would it want to do that? Oh, a control grid syndicate is militarizing the police around the world? Now that sounds scary, and it is. That is worrying. That makes sense, from their perspective. People can understand this. They can see the dangers hiding in it.

The control grid syndicate. It includes the deep state of your country, wherever you live. Well, almost.

It includes the BIS banking system, the (for us) failed UN system, the military complex and almost everything else you’d want to classify as being new world order related. Certainly the Bilderberg group is an important part of the control grid syndicate. So is the Council on Foreign Relations, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, NATO, the EU, the various multinational corporations – from Monsanto to the Walt Disney empire.

When you think of this, all those entities collectively, as a control grid then alarm bells should go off! You’d be a fool to want to be left behind and not knowing that this control grid syndicate is real. That it is out there, tightening the noose one day at a time.