Activism and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

By K.I.G

Here’s where I get confused…

On one hand you have activists and truthers who want to get rid of oppression and the control grid syndicate but on the other hand you have the same activists and truthers voluntarily complying with the very oppressive regime policies that they want to get rid of.

Take for instance the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Before I go on, we know that the EU came into existence without the consent of the European people. Not all populations of all EU member states were ever invited to take part in referendums about whether or not their country should join the EU. Belgium, the very center of the EU, is one such country. No one was asked there in a referendum if their country should join the EU. The reason why they weren’t asked is because the control grid syndicate knew that there would never be a majority at the time that would vote in favor. So, it was decided to skip the referendum process altogether and carry on without the public’s consent.

So, today we see popups appearing on thousands of websites asking “visitors in Europe to consent to the use of cookies and similar technology”, under the direct orders of… the EU.

I hope you see the contradictions here, or maybe rather the hypocrisy.

How is anyone to take you ‘the activist’ serious about wanting to free the world from undemocratic processes and oppressive regimes?

Voluntarily enforcing the EU’s dictates is not activism, it is called submissiveness and being a gullible asset.

I’m sorry, but I refuse to put such trash on my website. I refuse to enforce the EU’s dictatorial regime policies. I refuse to recognize the EU as a lawful, legal government of anything at all. And if you are a true activist, truly against undemocratic rulers then you should also reject this General Data Protection Regulation imposed by the EU.

As a Belgian, I lived under the EU tyranny in 2002 when their euro was introduced, in 2005 when the people of The Netherlands and France rejected the EU constitution by referendum and in 2009 when the Lisbon Treaty came into force. Never in those years, all the way into 2013, was I ever asked in a referendum for my opinion about the EU.

Obviously I would have voted against anything that would make the EU stronger and more integrated.