How to Dissect a News Media Outlet

By K.I.G

The most important fact that you should always remember about news media outlets – be it newspapers, websites, radio shows, podcasts or video channels – is that 90% of them exist only to keep you inside the loop of meaningless infotainment and scripted realities. Sadly, most people are still unaware of this. This becomes evident once you observe how people allow themselves to get sucked into pointless debates and posting comments on their social media timelines about topics that they in fact know nothing about.

It matters not whether the news media outlet you are dealing with is either a so-called “mainstream” or “alternative” news media outlet. To understand why read the report “A Red Herring: Mainstream Media vs Alternative Media“.

Knowing who you are dealing with is as important as finding out how true and factual their content is. Although it might sometimes be of very limited value to know that a news outlet considers itself “mainstream” or “alternative”, one should never make up his or her mind about the outlet based only on this notion.

More and more the news media outlets are drifting off into each other’s territories. Where seemingly really controversial matters were once only discussed by fringe websites and individuals we now have an entire news media spectrum indulging itself in shades of controversial. Where once pro-war was an establishment media shtick, we now find hundreds and hundreds of “alternative” outlets supporting the calls for more warfare, especially in the Middle East. Provably, the “alternative” media has largely bought into, for instance, the false paradigm of “the (muslim) terrorists” against “us”.

Immediately after 9/11, in 2001, this would have been impossible to think of or see become reality. 17 years later, however, that mission is largely accomplished. Most of the news outlets, on either side of the media spectrum, eagerly peddle the 20th century war machine’s concoctions.

Wrongfully it is assumed by millions of people around the world that RT for instance, Russia Today, is an “alternative” news media outlet. In reality, though, the Russian government propaganda arm simply bets on duping and creating as many conspiracy theorists as possible, by profiling itself as anti-establishment and anti-mainstream.

With its +300 million audience and very mainstream editorial policy, as its main website’s frontpage indicates on a daily basis, RT is very much not an “alternative” news media outlet, in the way that “alternative” is perceived by most uninitiated individuals. In fact, RT can easily be seen as the Russian counterpart of the US its VOA, Voice of America, which is shortly described here too.

Thus, dissecting a news media outlet is much more than trying to determine on which side of the media spectrum a news media outlet positions itself.

Dissecting an outlet requires that you find out who owns it, who publishes for it, who funds it, who advertises with it and who has interests in it upholding specific narratives.

On the website you can find the profiles of a growing list of news media outlets. Make that list one of your core tools when dissecting news media outlets.

It is not required that an outlet is literally owned by someone in order to have control over it. When an outlet peddles narratives that are favorable to a certain agenda then there’s no need to go out and physically acquire it. This is already to a very great extent achieved today, especially when you consider how little truly independently thinking news outlets are left in today’s news media landscape. Most of the so-called “alternative” outlets already have bought into the various “mainstream” concoctions without anyone asking them or forcing them into doing so. They have been deceived by slick information warfare campaigns that they don’t even recognize or, even worse, willingly hand to their own audiences.

This too can easily be proven by the fact that almost all news media outlets profile individuals like Edwards Snowden and Julian Assange as grassroots heroes who seemingly dare to stand up against the machinations of oppression, while in reality these folks are mere plants or patsies, and they preferably don’t know it themselves. This is not just my opinion, there are several other hardcore information outposts out there that confirm this in their own perspectives and through their own investigations.

It is important that audiences understand that what is presented and who it is presented by is merely the end product of days, weeks, months and even years of masterminding. In general and on a global scale it is a scientific program that must see to it that as many minds as possible can be harvested.

When you dissect news media outlets you can eventually only conclude that only a very small minority of news media outlets are part of a hardcore information collective that seeks to inform the public correctly and unconditionally but that is hardly, if at all, streamlined in any significant way or to any noteworthy extent. That of course is to be expected when so much effort is constantly being put into instilling distrust and division among the people of this collective.


To get the feel of how to best dissect and interpret news media outlets we will look at a few examples here that we have selected. Another example can be found in the report A Red Herring: Mainstream Media vs Alternative Media, where we took a closer look at the news outlet Blacklisted News.

Example 1: Washington Post

The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), through the holding Nash Holdings LLC. The holding owns Washington Post’s online and print editions, the daily free paper Express, the weekly Spanish-language paper El Tiempo Latino, the Gazette community papers in Maryland and some specialty publications such as New Homes Guide and Apartment Showcase.

(Everything else that the Washington Post Company owns is not (yet) part of Bezos his piece of the WaPo pie. Thus, the Slate Group (including Slate and The Root), Foreign Policy magazine, The Post’s group of local TV stations, StudentAdvisor, SocialCode and the Kaplan for-profit college/test-prep company are not owned by Nash Holdings LLC.)

This chart created by Visual Capitalist and dated June 20, 2017, claims to list the companies that Jeff Bezos owns or has invested in.

In addition, Jeff Bezos, through Amazon, also is a co-founder of the Internet Association. An organization claiming to be “the only trade association that exclusively represents leading global internet companies on matters of public policy.” The members of the Internet Association currently are: Airbnb, Amazon, Coinbase, Doordash, Dropbox, Ebay, Etsy, Eventbrite, Expedia, Facebook, Google, Groupon, Handy, Home Away, IAC (owner of Vimeo,, Dotdash, The Daily Beast, Investopedia and a 150 more companies), Intuit, Letgo, Linkedin, Lyft, Match Group, Microsoft, Netflix, Pandora, PayPal, Pinterest, Quicken Loans, Rackspace, Reddit, Sales Force and Snap Inc.

As a result, content that appears on or in the Washington Post and its affiliated publications will always meet the politically correct community standard of being aligned with official narratives, regardless of those narratives being accurate and trustworthy.

Example 2: Fox News

Fox News is a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox, which is currently likely to be sold, at least partially, to the Walt Disney Company. Disney already owns the American Broadcasting Companies Inc., ESPN, Lucasfilm, Marvel and many more entertainment and information platforms and assets.

Fox News is currently, anno 2018, a mouthpiece for the Donald Trump presidency. It maintains direct lines with Donald Trump and his administration and this is obviously reflected through Fox News its editorial policies.

Fox News, like the Washington Post, is an expert at parading infotainment as if it was actual news and although it positions itself on the right in the political spectrum, in the end also Fox News aligns itself with the narratives that it is being fed by its corporate owners. These narratives are largely the same as the ones that WaPo is being fed by its respective corporate owner(s).

Interesting in this case here is the fact that Fox News is one of those entities that literally operates as a damage control or controlled opposition asset. Right wingers and conspiracy theorists that find themselves opposing the left/democrats faction are nonetheless herded into complying with the shades of free will and co-opted rebellion.

Example 3: Global Research

Global Research presents itself as an alternative research and media organization that is based in Montreal, Canada. It was founded and is headed by Michel Chossudovsky. Chossudovsky is a regular contributor at RT, Russia Today, a “mainstream” propaganda arm of the Russian government.

Although by far not on par with the Washington Post or Fox News when audience size is considered Global Research (Center for Research on Globalization) is a popular news media outlet among activist communities that position themselves in the “alternative” sector of society and news media spectrum.

One of the biggest problems with Global Research, and the many alike, is the fact that it actively keeps its audience in the loop of the constant war machinations. In general, it continues to buy into the scripted narratives, even as it seems that they are not. On a daily basis this news media outlet too floods its website with war reports, reports of terrorism and pieces that aim at debunking “mainstream media” news while its own website is filled with false or misleading reporting. A recurring theme at Global Research is the “New World Order”, an entity that doesn’t even exist but that is constantly being presented as the bogeyman.

The truth is that by constantly presenting such kind of material to your audience you keep your readers mentally in a state of hot war. In fact, those western interests that are responsible for the wars in, lets say, the Middle East have everything to gain from people constantly thinking that war is on their doorstep too. That’s how the psychology behind this all works.

Example 4: RT, Russia Today

Russia Today is “an autonomous, non-profit organization that is publicly financed from the budget of the Russian Federation”.

RT has gained substantial grounds in the news media landscape in the past decade. Its main tactics include predominantly the creation and feeding of conspiracy theorists in the west, the US and Europe. It does this by profiling itself as an anti-establishment news outlet and by preying on audiences that, rightfully, have had enough of the NATO warmongering.

As an alternative it presents its audience with, one one hand, entirely “mainstream” news loops and, on the other hand, a platform where westerners can vent their anger and frustration. It is a golden business model. Like Global Research, RT understands the psychology behind the war machinations and its editorial policy reflects this.

As more and more people in the US and Europe find themselves disappointed in their local or regional news media outlets they switch to the Russian government’s media arm whose only purpose is to weaken the NATO member states. As US and European populations seem to increasingly revolt against the oppression at home they seek refuge in the arms of the Russian information warfare asset.