“You Got Programmed”

INTEL SECTOR – “You got programmed”, look it up with Google or Duck Duck Go and, as a Five Percenter, be amazed how little online content is indexed for it by either search engines.

Apparently there aren’t too many people in the English-speaking world that have written or produced anything related to it OR it is one of those search terms that are hated by the incrementalists and are, thus, basically reduced to ‘meaningless’ thought strings that would only pop up in a Winston Smith character’s freedom seeking mind.

Is there a hidden (social engineering) conspiracy present and active here or is it simply a void in the social fabric of mankind? You be the judge.

In any event, any time you are cornered in a discussion or can’t seem to convince a common unit of the true reality in this world, tell him or her YOU GOT PROGRAMMED. Works ever time and in many instances even forces them out of their artificial bubble.


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