US/Somalia: The Hunt for Former Al Shabaab, Mukhtar Robow, is (Still) On! But Why REALLY?

INTEL SECTOR – Earlier it was announced that an alleged former Al Shabaab leader, Mukhtar Robow, had left the insurgents group to start his own (crime/terror) syndicate in Somalia. Robow was then allegedly removed from the US Rewards for Justice program, canceling the 5 million dollar reward that was put on his head.

On July 2nd, 2017, the US bombed undisclosed(?)(additional link 1, link 2) areas and a convoy in Somalia, allegedly also Al Shabaab headquarters, and allegedly killing Ibrahim Haji Daud, an Al Shabaab intel commander.

However, the Pentagon refuses to disclose details about its mission, even though the local Somali press has reported in detail on the war campaign.

Furthermore, the bombings actually came at a very suspicious moment, when the hunt for Mukhtar Robow is at its peak – by the US, Al Shabaab and the Somali military. However, adding confusion to the case, Somali military spokespersons have allegedly stated that the military had sent out 300 soldiers in defense of Robow, a few days prior to the US bombings. Mukhtar Robow may already be dead and any future reports about him in the press must be taken  with a grain of salt to say the least.

Clearly Robow is/was aware of very sensitive details, not only about Al Shabaab internally, as he is an alleged former leader of the group, but also about external factors and involvements – about (foreign) financing for instance.

It is widely assumed, even by the politically correct press, that Al Qaeda and associated groups are at least partially funding Al Shabaab and that Al Qaeda and associates get funded (extensively) by several Arab Gulf states and even get support (training, weapons, intel) from the US and the NATO-wide block. All of this is on the record, not speculation.

Adding everything up, there is obviously much more going on at this moment in Somalia than is being allowed to be reported about. Clearly Robow can spill the beans (or has already) of someone who wants him dead for that very reason… and it is not just Al Shabaab, that’s for sure by now.


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