Remember that the Global and Physical “Climate Control Grid” Has Already Been Documented Extensively, Regardless of the Info Blackout

INTEL SECTOR – Due to the lack of time we’re going to make this very brief:

The real-world physical “climate control grid” is always active and can be spotted in action EVERY day. The purpose of the worldwide climate control grid is to keep up ‘weather appearance’, pretending that all is well and “natural.


Keep your eyes on the doppler radars that seem to activate the chemtrails over the US (NEXRAD) and Europe (OPERA).

Similarly, artificial weather is created with the rapid evaporation coming from cooling towers, as can also be concluded from these official maps:

USA Surface Temperature for February 2015 – NASA

See Weather War 101 his Youtube channel for full details.


Take note of the remote/mobile weather manipulation platforms and installations that can trigger the biggest typhoons the world has ever seen, since modern records.

From this video the following is created:


Write down the instances when “strange” pulses are seen coming from the Antarctic region.


Learn how to spot fake (5-frame loop) weather newscasts.


Ask yourself. How natural is the weather today? Is the climate changing due to mankind (common folks) or has it already changed due to military testing and warfare and is the real climate merely being suppressed through artificial weather systems? Are THEY simply buying time for not having to live in wastelands, yet? Has the natural climate already collapsed and are they simply picking up the pieces that they caused? If so, then the UN has everything to lose if/when their CO2 ponzi scheme is exposed by the 5%.

Note: The above concerns events and programs that are altering weather systems and entire climate regions by design, military-grade. It does not take into consideration the actual natural weather modifications caused by space including the sun.


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