Enemy of the 5%: The “Anonymous” Cult

INTEL SECTOR – You can’t win any battles, let alone a war, when you don’t define and identify your enemies. The 5% has to step up its efforts in these matters too. ASAP!

Anonymous, the collective or the cult, is provably one of the biggest enemies of the 5% and that is to be expected when you dare to resist and counter any regime or fake grassroots rebellion.

The problem that “Anonymous” now poses has reached worrying levels and this has serious implications for the 5% that is yet to fully arise globally. When we don’t address this issue all resistance efforts are futile.

Recently Anonymous was once again proudly featured on prime time TV and by the mainstream and “alternative” news media online – this time to send you on an alien NASA sidetrack. The fact that Anonymous is featured by the mainstream press already shows that the cult CAN’T possibly be a real danger to the power structure. Real threats, on the other hand, are silenced, ignored and neutralized, often to death. If you don’t understand this then you must strongly be offended too when we say that Assange and Snowden are fabricated heroes. Allowed into prominence to further the war and spy agendas.

That are the exact purposes that also the Anonymous cult is serving right now. If it ever was a 4Chan outfit, it sure isn’t anymore and the cards on the table prove it.

The Anonymous video about NASA that was recently sent to the front pages of the press spectrum is allegedly a real Anonymous production. It allegedly came from the core of the cult. Well, fine.

The same core of that cult has already broken its very own rules many times, not in the least by siding with Donald Trump. Anonymous code prescribes that they don’t support politicians – ever.

But the fake grassroots cult, cultivated by the international intel communities, is far worse in nature than breaking its own code of honor and conduct.

Based on the same “core” of the collective Anonymous has been a powerful war tool and propaganda arm of the Knesset, the US government and the Pentagon (see: “5 Ways to Rock Jihad World“, among many other such ludicrous propaganda productions by “Anonymous” that nonetheless keep persuading an ever growing number of people – which is why the cult is such a danger to the 5%).

Never has any meaningful Anonymous voice or interest pointed to the fake ISIS beheadings, all the cult did was helping the Knesset and its enslaved “allies” sell the fear mongering and helping them fuel and fund the war machine by promoting the mainstream narratives for the “real” beheadings. Time after time, until this very day.

But what actually triggered this report today, about Anonymous, is the fact that it – the Cult – provably seeks to further misdirect, discredit and neutralize any true danger to the power structure through the pro flat Earth narrative: See Anon blog post, Anon Youtube video. Note that the Anonymous website that is pushing this currently has 8.365.205 followers on Facebook, that is not an insignificant group. It is an audience that needs to be seen as potentially hostile since it is actively supporting and expanding the Anon cult.

Most of the folks who follow that Anon page and website are still to be considered potential 5% material. Yet, when they start walking the flat Earth path it can and will become an out of control menace that will only aid in the destruction of us, the 5%. We MUST avoid this scenario at all costs.


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