Heads Up! Japan May Be Under Attack VERY Soon!

INTEL SECTOR – Japan is doing too good in the eyes of the financial “experts” and the mainstream market watchers. Basically, they are left speechless (although they make a lot of noise) on how Japan can absorb its own national debt at a stunning rate and keep its economy healthy at the same time because Japan’s inflation is said to be only 0.2%. What this means is that prices in Japan aren’t going up significantly and that the value of the Japanese their money isn’t falling. Purchasing power has been stable.

Government Debt

The national bank of Japan has been buying the government’s debt to now over 40%. It owns almost half of the debt and this makes it increasingly independent from (foreign) powers that normally, in the BIS system (Bank for International Settlements), control governments and populations through the debt that a government creates. The less Japanese government debt is held by banks and foreign interests the more autonomous the Japanese government can rule over the country. The freer it is in crafting its own policies on practically all matters.

Mainstream market watchers and “experts” are dazzled by the Japanese their financial policies and what this makes all too clear is that whenever someone or something goes into the main stream and dares to think outside of the box the mainstream minions feel threatened and fear the demise of their beloved BIS system. It is all they know, they have been raised, educated and brainwashed into and by it. It is their entire existence. Without it they have no understanding of life on Earth, let alone of financial markets.


Inflation: A general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money – Oxford Dictionary

In the BIS system all nations are required to hold on to a 2% inflation rate per year, meaning that all labor, products and currencies must devalue by 2% annually. This puts the BIS and the ones who own it in a very strong position because it allows them to further force new debt on governments, leading to more power over these governments and the populations they rule over.

With Japan’s inflation at 0.2% the Japanese purchasing power doesn’t drop and the artificial devaluation doctrine has little or no influence on the Japanese economy. Also here, Japan is moving towards greater independence on domestic and foreign policies. This, of course, is absolutely hated by the BIS system incrementalists and their talking head minions in the news media.


Financial Times: “Rising employment confirmed the strength of the labour market, with the unemployment rate holding steady at 2.8 per cent, compared with analyst expectations for 2.9 per cent. Unemployment is at its lowest since the early 1990s.”

Thus, people in Japan also have jobs (the Japanese have put their interests first), they have steady purchasing power and they are reducing the power that can be leveraged via their government debts.

All of this is totally counter current, from the perspective of the market gurus and the ones they worship. If all 60 BIS member states would learn from Japan’s example and work towards similar results the BIS would be reduced to a useless bureaucratic blob (which it always has been from our perspective).

Since Japan is doing so well (compared to the west and others), regardless of what the “experts” try to make you believe, we should be very cautious and alert because the Japanese people may very soon come under attack one way or another. Be it financially or by another “natural” disaster.


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