July 22, 1668: Top Banker Sentenced to Death by Court, Pardoned by Elite

INTEL SECTOR –  This 349-year old court case is the perfect example of how also today (and in the direct aftermath of the 2008 global heist/financial “crisis”) the bankers and top private financiers are placed above the law and are protected by their political slaves in government in return for extremely royal payments and generous participations in financial constructions such as the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)….

And that, basically, is all there is to say about Palmstruch vs. the people dd. July 22, 1668; about the global heist of 2008 and about the corrupt BIS system.

Effectively, the BIS admits that their system is flawed and that it results in “crises” every 30 years on average. This literally means that their system is, by design, a ripoff system that is being kept alive in a parasitic existence. Regardless of any measures taken in the past or to be taken in the future the BIS system will be flawed indefinitely also because their (currently) 2% inflation scam is designed in this way.

Regardless of the strengthening of banks and other institutions as a result of the 2008 crash, and futures crashes, (and any other measures taken/to be taken) the governments, and thus you and your family (as a “common” household) will continue to bail the banks out. The BIS system is built this way, with the general public as the ultimate backup vault.

Until folks around the world understand this, it matters not in what kind of “democracy” you’ll live. Either way you will pick up the tab each and every time the bankers rip off your government and your local bank.

From the BIS and the top private financiers that own the BIS their point of view, their system isn’t flawed at all. It is the perfect system that is sustained by a massive crowd of people (billions of folks around the world) who haven’t got the slightest understanding of how the cash in their pockets is being created out of thin air by the world’s most notorious but ‘legalized’ mafia syndicate.


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