Is Former Al-Shabaab Leader (Somalia) Going to Spill the Beans on Western Funding?

INTEL SECTOR – Unconfirmed reports are going around that describe how Mukhtar Robow (former Al-Shabaab) may be in negotiations with the Somali government, after he previously abandoned Al-Shabaab.

Former terrorists/patsies that turn themselves in is not special news perse but when the US government is involved one always needs to be wary and observe the bigger picture.

It is also being said that Robow has first-hand knowledge of foreign funding of the Al-Shabaab group and that Robow has been presented an offer to do “business” with the US. All of this is speculation at this point, we suppose.

Still, a few days ago the Trump administration allegedly dropped its 5-million dollar reward that was offered for information leading to Robow’s arrest. That reward is still listed, though, on the RFJ website as of this writing. A manhunt by Al Shabaab may be on the way.


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