ACX Crystal, USS Fitzgerald: The Case of Proxy-Sabotaging Ships

INTEL SECTOR – As long as no clear statements are being made by any party involved in the collision between the ACX Crystal and the USS Fitzgerald rumors and wild assumptions will not go away.

The fact is, though, that there are still more questions than answers in this case and we have deliberately refrained from covering this topic any earlier but the time has come to go public with what we believe may have caused the extremely suspicious collision.

Lets first examine what the captain of the ACX Crystal, allegedly, stated in a recent interview:

In his report, the ACX Crystal’s captain said there was “confusion” on his ship’s bridge, and that it turned around and returned to the collision site after continuing for 6 nautical miles (11 km).

This “confusion” is likely the result of the ship being under remote control by a hostile entity because it took the crew and captain about 50 minutes to get the container ship back under their control. Based on other reports published by the press [1, 2]. That may very well be the reason why the US authorities and the Japanese authorities hold on to their version of the events. Putting the collision an hour earlier according to the US its current public statements.

Although the ACX Crystal is a 2008-built ship, and thus likely has some kind of direct connection through satellite internet, it is not necessarily required to have the ship online to remotely control it.

According to Yachting Monthly, container ships get “a computer disk delivered from HQ which lists how the containers must be stowed”. Likely, also USB sticks can be used for this purpose. In the ACX Crystal’s case, this disk or stick may have been infected with a computer virus or military-grade sabotage program that causes “confusion” for the captain. Leaving him in the belief that all is well, until checks are done manually. Which is what happened in the case of the ACX Crystal. None of this excludes the possibility that the same (or similar) may have happened to the USS Fitzgerald.

Earlier we have already seen how the Israeli/US Stuxnet and its variants have caused mayhem in various facilities around the world, of which at least two nuclear facilities. We have also seen how airliners have remote-control abilities that can be taken over remotely as well.

The ACX Crystal and the USS Fitzgerald may now share such an identical fate.


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