Attention: THIS is Likely U.S. “Purple Revolution” Material – Stay Away from it

INTEL SECTOR – From what it looks like, the recently launched Medusa Magazine website is purple revolution material for the US.

Five reasons why IntelSector is of this opinion:

  1. It deliberately tries to divide the US population into pro-Trump and anti-Trump (pro-Clinton), this is a cornerstone tactic of the US purple revolution
  2. It emphasizes and subscribes to the radical feminist agenda carried by the US purple “revolution”, which is not pro-women – among the other agenda points of the purple revolution instigators
  3. Because it follows the purple revolution agenda so closely and explicitly the website’s theme color is all the more of importance
  4. It has unnatural website traffic and social media behavior, while having only 22 followers on Facebook as of this writing
  5. Like the hundreds of other “alternative” news websites (that allegedly want to restore society’s sanity) it eagerly taps into the website monetization plans that serve ads that completely contradict or even oppose the alleged intended principles of the website owner(s), although that this in Medusa Magazine’s case also is questionable

In any event, like it is with Your News Wire, stay away from it. Don’t let websites such as those two go viral on the internet. You cause more harm to the cause of the 5% than you might think, especially in the long term. The best way to fight back against websites like Your News Wire, Medusa, AWD News and the hundreds of others is by not granting them the advertising revenue. They are clear extensions of the A.I. control grid that is already in place.


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