95%: Putin and the “CIA’s” Terror

INTEL SECTOR – People are still reposting and resubmitting the ruse of Putin allegedly having said that 95% of all terror acts are orchestrated by the CIA.

We must continue to point these things out because too many people – and, thus, potential 5%-ers – get derailed because of the false quotes and fake ‘revelations’.

First, the “source” of this ruse is Your News Wire, a fake news website. The person who operates the site is a former David Icke associate that has been scamming his readership into damnation.

Second, the alleged claim by Putin makes little sense given that he himself actively participates in the dumbing down of his and foreign populations. Every week Putin is paraded in front of TV cameras as he attends one or other globalist forum, conference or summit. Practically every time he repeats the same story that Russia must and will work together with the rest of the world in combating terrorism. A blanket term that pretty much allows for the validation of any given act of war or otherwise by any given government, including the government under Vladimir Putin. Although terrorism does obviously pose a security threat to most countries it is not so that most of the terror acts are spontaneous. They are, indeed, orchestrated by (foreign) interests and powers abroad that seek to advance an agenda through a proxy or other useful idiot.

Third, for Putin, or anyone else, to be taken serious by us about fighting “terror” he must speak such (alleged) words in public: “95% of world terrorist attacks are orchestrated by the CIA” – for instance. However, doing so would also mean that Russia would become a 99% embargoed nation. All NATO-countries would submissively follow the embargo dictates of the US government.

Until that day, which will likely never come, the Russian government remains part of the problem.


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