“You Got Programmed”

Is there a hidden (social engineering) conspiracy present and active here or is it simply a void in the social fabric of mankind?


Remember that the Global and Physical “Climate Control Grid” Has Already Been Documented Extensively, Regardless of the Info Blackout

The real-world physical “climate control grid” is always active and can be spotted in action EVERY day. The purpose of the worldwide climate control grid is to keep up ‘weather appearance’, pretending that all is well and “natural.


US/Somalia: The Hunt for Former Al Shabaab, Mukhtar Robow, is (Still) On! But Why REALLY?

The Pentagon refuses to disclose details about its mission, even though the local Somali press has reported in detail on the war campaign.


Enemy of the 5%: The “Anonymous” Cult

This Report Has Enraged MANY Alleged Rebel Activists – Good – Remember, Don’t be the Chaff!

What actually triggered this report today, about Anonymous, is the fact that it – the Cult – provably seeks to further misdirect, discredit and neutralize any true danger to the power structure through the pro flat Earth narrative.


Heads Up! Japan May Be Under Attack VERY Soon!

If all 60 BIS member states would learn from Japan’s example and work towards similar results the BIS would be reduced to a useless bureaucratic blob (which it always has been from our perspective).


Venezuela: Latest “Coup” Attempt is Likely a Staged Event

the fact that none of the four grenades went off – that were allegedly thrown by Oscar Pérez, the militant/actor from a hijacked helicopter – shows that either the Israeli-made grenades are crap or were never meant to go off at all. The latter means that the event is staged, a.k.a. artificial grassroots.


July 22, 1668: Top Banker Sentenced to Death by Court, Pardoned by Elite

This 349-year old court case is the perfect example of how also today (and in the direct aftermath of the 2008 global heist/financial “crisis”) the bankers and top private financiers are placed above the law and are protected by their political slaves in government in return for extremely royal payments and generous participations in financial constructions such as the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)….


Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Update: More Power into Fewer Hands

INTEL SECTOR – Over the weekend the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) updated its statutes, specifically regarding its directors… Learn, in general, how to decipher the BIS documents.


ACX Crystal, USS Fitzgerald: The Case of Proxy-Sabotaging Ships

there are still more questions than answers in this case and we have deliberately refrained from covering this topic any earlier but the time has come to go public with what we believe may have caused the extremely suspicious collision.


Is Former Al-Shabaab Leader (Somalia) Going to Spill the Beans on Western Funding?

Former terrorists/patsies that turn themselves in is not special news perse but when the US government is involved one always needs to be wary and observe the bigger picture.


Self-Destruction is RAMPANT in the Alternative Media

INTEL SECTOR – The latest “alternative” news media victims of AWD News have been located, to spare them from further shame we will not list them here today, we will just focus on the fake news that they fell for… again.


Terror: From Israel with Love – From “IZL” to ISIL (ISIS)

INTEL SECTOR – When we first came across historic acts of terrorism carried out by IZL we thought that it likely concerned a spelling error and that the writer meant ISIL (a.k.a. ISIS)


Attention: THIS is Likely U.S. “Purple Revolution” Material – Stay Away from it

Five reasons why IntelSector is of this opinion


Princess Diana’s Murder “Admitted” by Former Mi5 Agent

INTEL SECTOR – The “Your News Wire” website is becoming a serious problem for the 5%


95%: Putin and the “CIA’s” Terror

INTEL SECTOR – People are still reposting and resubmitting the ruse of Putin allegedly having said that 95% of all terror acts are orchestrated by the CIA.


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