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by K.I.G operates on the frontlines in the war against the Control Grid Syndicate because of this social media platforms and newsletter services are not serving our posts and links that people are sharing on their social networks. The only way you can follow our updates and reporting is by directly typing in “”

The “News Cycle” is a Crucial Part of the Control Grid

by K.I.G As long as you know and understand that when you consume “the news” you might as well be consuming 100% scripted and manufactured infotainment (Google’s Selfish Ledger comes to mind), you are pretty safe… relatively speaking. However, most folks, including “truthers”, still don’t seem to get it (after decades of activism). Daily, you

Citizen Journalism Purge Not (Yet) Uniting Activist Collective

by K.I.G As also WordPress has been indicating lately that it has given in to the pressure that is associated with the Control Grid Syndicate’s racketeering business, numerous blogs, fanpages and microblogging accounts keep getting purged from the internet. Resulting from this is a worrying trend however, the purged ones are not stepping up their

Global Food Supply

By K.I.G Every year, for at least a decade, it is estimated that society produces 4 billion tonnes of food. Roughly 1.3 billion tonnes, or 33%, gets lost either during food processing or simply as waste. In the US on the other hand up to 40% of the food intended for humans is never eaten.

Activism and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

By K.I.G Here’s where I get confused… On one hand you have activists and truthers who want to get rid of oppression and the control grid syndicate but on the other hand you have the same activists and truthers voluntarily complying with the very oppressive regime policies that they want to get rid of. Take