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Media Streams Monitor (MSM)

Learn the Difference Between Mainstream, Altstream, Hardstream, Fakestream and Fact-Checkers

The REAL "News Guard" is Already Online...

November 16, 2017 | By Media Streams Monitor,
... at the Media Streams Monitor website:
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Are “Shadow Brokers” Israeli Cyber Spies?

November 15, 2017 | By Media Streams Monitor,

In the latest newsletter of the Committee to Investigate Russia, Hollywood’s most recent real-life propaganda campaign, the reader is invited to believe that Russian hackers are the “Shadow Brokers”.

Russia Possibly Behind Huge N.S.A. Security Breach

“A group called the Shadow Brokers has infiltrated the National Security Agency (N.S.A.) and has “somehow obtained many of the hacking tools the United States used to spy on other countries. American officials had to explain to close allies – and to business leaders in the United States – how cyberweapons developed at Fort Meade in Maryland came to be used against them.”

But is that the reality?

Why Would it Not Be Israel?

As usual, no evidence is presented by anyone that the Russian government is responsible for the series of NSA break-ins. For this reason, the entire story of the NSA having been hacked may as well be a complete concoction. Nothing suggests it may be anything else.

But lets assume that half of the Shadow Brokers story is true. Why name Russia when no evidence can be presented? We receive this information through highly censored news media outlets in both the mainstream and altstream that have a stunning track record of willingly lying to their audiences, even after they were caught. How is anyone to believe anything that they say or write? Why would they not lie at this point about “the Shadow Brokers”?

By the same standards, using the same news media outlets their alleged truths: Why would it not be Israel?

In an alleged unrelated case of hacking, mainstream reports tell us that Israel was aware of the NSA being hacked into for more than 2 years before the jewish state government notified its US counterpart.

From the New York Times:

It was a case of spies watching spies watching spies: Israeli intelligence officers looked on in real time as Russian government hackers searched computers around the world for the code names of American intelligence programs.

What gave the Russian hacking, detected more than two years ago, such global reach was its improvised search tool — antivirus software made by a Russian company, Kaspersky Lab, that is used by 400 million people worldwide, including by officials at some two dozen American government agencies.

The Israeli officials who had hacked into Kaspersky’s own network alerted the United States to the broad Russian intrusion, which has not been previously reported, leading to a decision just last month to order Kaspersky software removed from government computers.

Rephrased: The Israeli government discovered the spying and hacking more than 2 years ago but the breach was not fixed until just last September.

How is anyone to take anything from these news media and these two governments, the Israeli and the US, serious? Nothing about this makes any sense, only extremely gullible people would even consider this story line to be real.

Clearly, if true, a real conspiracy was at play that would allow for the continuation of the alleged spying and hacking aimed at the NSA or the NSA simply is trying to get more money from the US people by scamming them big time.

Then there’s the extremely flimsy excuse presented by the news media that needs to convince all of us that Israel would never dare hurting or provoking the USA.

“Countries like Israel and France are capable, but would never publish, because they wouldn’t want to incur the wrath of the U.S.”

“They wouldn’t want to incur the wrath of the U.S.” As if the US is the most powerful nation on this planet, as if the US is some sort of divine entity that needs to be feared at all time. How pathetic…!

Clearly the example about the jewish state deliberately not informing its US counterpart neutralizes the entire “wrath of the US” excuse.

Most may also have forgotten about the fact that the Israeli government was extensively spying on and stealing information from the US government and the US citizens for years, leading up to 9/11. At the time Fox News reported about that.

Also in the years leading up to 9/11 the zionist state was aware of what was going to happen that very day, on September 11 (2001), but deliberately refrained from informing the US people. Why would it be any different this time around? Nothing suggests that today the Israeli state is less hostile towards the US and the rest of the world. On the contrary…

Let us not forget that its creations, Duqu and Stuxnet among several others, have sabotaged nuclear plants and various other industrial installations, jeopardizing thousands if not millions of people’s lives in the process.

Why would the Shadow Brokers not be the Zionist Entity? They certainly have the perfect track record and reputation for it.


Premeditated: COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of Lebanon Planned by Israel More Than 10 Years Ago

November 13, 2017 | By Media Streams Monitor,

Flashback: “CIA, MI6 and IDF Plan Lebanon Invasion After Syria is Captured

In 2012 Haaretz wrote, in their article titled Senior IDF Officer: Israel Is Preparing for the Next Lebanon War:

Officer says instability in Syria could ignite violent confrontation with the Lebanese army, says ‘Goldstone report will pale in comparison to what will be here next time.’

Six years after the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War, the IDF is saying openly that Israel is preparing for another Lebanon war.

In IDF simulations of what a third Lebanon war would look like, ground maneuvers in villages that are considered bastions of Shiite Hezbollah become particularly important. “The next war will be different, and therefore we should stop it as quickly as possible, in order to make things easier for the home front. This means carrying out a very strong attack against Lebanon, and the damage will be enormous,” says a senior officer in the Northern Command.”The Goldstone report will pale in comparison to what will be here next time. There is no choice but to fight against the enemy where he is, and that is in the heart of a populated area.

“the IDF is preparing seriously and professionally for another Lebanon war. The response will need to be sharper, harder, and in some ways very violent. The next war will be with very heavy exchanges of fire on both sides, and so both need to make every effort to stop this happening. In the Goldstone Report, the community and the world tended to get confused and think that this can be done in a nicer way. It cannot be nice. Without the use of great force, we will find it difficult to achieve the aim, and the enemy should also know that.

More than 5 years ago the Israeli government announced that it would totally destroy the state of Lebanon in a war that would claim the lives of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese civilians and thousands of Israelis and Palestinians.

The aim was to topple the Syrian regime and invade the country in the meantime, by having US-Saudi trained and funded mercenaries destabilize Syria.

Council on Foreign Relations: “The Syrian rebels would be immeasurably weaker today without al-Qaeda in their ranks”

Although this part of the plan has royally failed, since Syria has been able to crush the proxy armies of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, with major support from Russia and Iran, the Israeli government is still determined to wipe Lebanon off the map.

At least since 2007, shortly after the end of the  (2nd) Israel-Lebanon War, Hassan Nasrallah (Hezbollah) warned that the Israeli government together with the US was already planning a third war on Lebanon that would seek the total destruction of the sovereign nation.

What we have seen develop in Saudi Arabia in recent weeks [3, 4] is provably nothing more than the Israeli government playing its secretive blackmail card against the Saudis, also by having the US put pressure on the new Saudi head of state. In a nutshell: “Play ball and stay filthy rich.”

The problem now is that this, Israel’s premeditation of Lebanon’s destruction, will lead to a major conflict in the coming years that will involve all Gulf states, the entire NATO block and the Israeli government as the main instigator.

The plan was there all along, even long before the second Israel-Lebanon War. Sadly, this reality is not correctly reflected by most mainstream and alternative news media outlets.


Altstream’s False Conspiracy Theory: Islam’s “Shocking Amount of Control Over American Made Media"

November 11, 2017 | By Media Streams Monitor,

Today in the altstream: The islamic lobby’s control is reaching “shocking” levels.

But is that the reality? Or is there a far more complex agenda at play?

For starters, occasionally following Squawker gives you a good idea about what lives in the altstream. The topic of this report is in response to one of its recent so-called “factual” articles because that’s what the altstream website claims it produces and publishes: “facts are considered to be valuable above anything else”. It is said, by Squawker itself, that it stands for “quality writing” and “high-grade content”. But again, is this the reality?

Lets find out.

They claim that Hollywood is increasingly being controlled by some sort of islamic lobby that has gained “a shocking amount of control” over the US media and that it oversees also the screening of most Hollywood films before they are even allowed to be presented to the public. It, it is claimed, first needs to give its consent to the film studios before any Hollywood film is allowed to be released. “To make sure [Hollywood] depicts only a positive portrayal of Islam and its adherents” the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) has been put in charge of all film screening, by the islamic lobby of the US, Squawker appears to be claiming.

We really would have wanted to believe this narrative, were it not that Squawker chose a completely wrong bogeyman for their story line.

The Muslim Public Affairs Council is directly linked to the Muslim Reform Institute (MRI), through its president Salam Al-Marayati who is also a board member of the MRI.

One only needs to go one more layer up in the social pyramid to find out what all this really means.

Suddenly, when you understand that MRI and MPAC are in fact chess pieces of the Pacific Council on International Policy, initially through MRI’s and MPAC’s (co-)founder Maher Hathout, the bigger picture or more complex agenda reveals itself to you.

The Pacific Council on International Policy was created by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Hathout was a member of that Pacific Council.

The very purpose of the Muslim Reform Institute is to “reform” islam, to develop and promote “moderate muslim thinking“. What this really means is that islam, according to the CFR, needs to be deconstructed, eventually. This allows for the western alliance, NATO for instance, to more easily take over the Middle East and Africa because today muslims and islamists tend to be too hard to wage winning wars against. The chaos in the Middle East attests to that. Muslims who are not “moderate” simply won’t have foreign invaders trample their culture and lands. Moderate muslims are open to the west’s so-called “democracy”, on the other hand.

At the heart of the Pacific Council on International Policy was once Warren Christopher.

“Warren Christopher is a friend of Israel and a friend of the Jewish people, and anybody who suggests otherwise doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” said Ed Sanders, former president of the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles and former national president of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the main pro-Israel lobbying group."L.A Times

In 2013 the Pacific Council presented its inaugural Warren Christopher Public Service Award to Hillary Clinton, of all people. They did so in a ballroom packed with a who’s who of west coast movers and shakers at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. That’s what the MPAC and the MRI are linked to and controlled by.

Claiming that these two organizations somehow are part of the “islamic lobby” would only make sense when at the same time it is stated that the zionist lobby, or pro-Israel lobby, is directly responsible for the actions and policies of the MPAC. Since the social pyramid ultimately attests to that reality.

Related:FRANCE – Why Are Jews At The Head Of ALL Islamic Institutions?


Media Streams Monitor ( Website Sabotaged on Launch Day

November 10, 2017 | By Media Streams Monitor

When you are not part of the inner circle of the power structure , when you are considered a true independent news media entity and when you have a very potent strategy then the only things that can and will happen to your website on launch day are sabotage and attacks.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday, November 10, and what is still going on today.

As the Media Streams Monitor was launched last night we closely monitored the incoming traffic, for two reasons: To measure the effectiveness and success of our overall internet strategy and to have a practical real-time overview of and access to malicious efforts targeted  against our website,

We strongly anticipated that there would be entities and interests out there that would try to kill off our website and traffic very early on. Our assumptions were correct.

“302 Moved Temporarily”

Within a matter of hours after the initial launch of the website the incoming traffic was nearly entirely killed off and all that was being registered at one point was our own logons to the website admin panels. Most of the incoming traffic just prior to the collapse in traffic registered as “302 Moved temporarily (redirect)“.

Not is this just odd, it should also be totally impossible since our website is brand new and has no 302s in place anywhere on the website. Also the history of the domain name, so before we owned it, can’t possibly be the reason why 302s are registered in the stats logs, because there isn’t any such history. This simply doesn’t make any sense.

We’ve looked into this and found out that “302 redirect” hacks and sabotaging are very common and they come in various kinds. Mostly through the use and manipulation of  Google search results.

However, not a single Google referrer was registered in the stats for that entire period so that leaves us, very likely, with a far more sinister agenda at play against our website. It’s obviously not just a series of hacks by people who seek to profit financially from a new domain name on the .press TLD.

All of this would mean very little though, we admit, if it was all isolated to that. But it isn’t.


A total of 5 companies that basically have access to the backbone of the internet or have dominant positions in the field have blacklisted and flagged this website within the first 24 hours of it being online. We can also confirm this through the IP log of addresses coming in and through the URL referrers log. We also had put in place various other detectors to track everything because a situation exactly like this was anticipated.

Here’s what the workers of those companies may see when they try to visit our website:

[xxx] co-workers are allowed to use the Internet to search for work related information or private use if it does not interfere with any work related activity. The page you are trying to reach is not blocked but it is advisable to proceed with caution. It could contain inappropriate content, e.g. nudity, violence or other content which is in contradiction with [xxx] values. The Web page may breach codes, policies, rules and standards decided by [xxx] or authorities. If you consider the requested site to be at no harm for [xxx] and align with codes, policies, rules and standards decided by [xxx] or authorities and accept that your actions are being traced, then click Accept below to proceed to the site. For more information, please contact your local [xxx] Service Desk.

All of the real visitors that did get through spent more than 30 minutes on our website and that is a very good result and it shows that we have tapped into an interest that really lives on the internet but that is extremely hard to service… because of the war that is going on against real independent and incorruptible news media outlets like

The fact is that we’re already on “their” radar and they are not going to stop their sabotaging. The reason is very simple, we lay out the entire news media spectrum as clearly as possible and we show our readers and supporters how the news media really operates and what the real streams are.

Basically what folks have to do at this point is to arrive on our website by typing in the domain name ( in the surf bar of their browser and then push the “go to address” button. Direct hits are far less likely to be sabotaged but there’s little guarantee for this being an airtight solution.

We ask that everyone who reads this message sends it out to as many people as possible, so that everyone knows that they have to send their browser straight to our website, manually or by having a shortcut to our website on their desktop saved.


True: “Geoengineering” Has Indeed Been “Hijacked”

November 9, 2017 | By KJ for and
The following excerpt is from Media Streams Monitor (MSM) ( a new news media watchdog. They wrote:
A hardstream report that was published by on September 30, 2017, claimed that “geoengineering” (geo-engineering) has been “hijacked” by mainstream media and science.

Indeed, the term geoengineering is almost exclusively used by the press, governments and scientists to refer to weather and climate engineering practices and installations, while the term has a far broader meaning.

“Geoengineering refers to the methods and installations that can alter the state of weather, climate, volcanoes, tectonic plates, gravity, tides and even human and animal perceptions and moods. On an extremely advanced level it also refers to the methods and installations that can affect intercelestial forces (besides the tides),” wrote on November 5.

More evidence that’s claims are accurate comes from a Federation of American Scientists pdf document...
More from the same website, MSM, on other topics:

"Largely Unreported and Unknown to Almost Everyone"...

November 8, 2017 | By KJ for and
The following is my comment for a Washington's Blog article and the reposting thereof by "Blacklisted" News (my god, what a joke - "blacklisted", yeah, right. Paper tiger rebels you mean.)
You guys are so stupid. The entire "alternative news media" paradigm has collapsed because of idiot reporting like this. And this is just the minor manifestation of the overall derailment.

"unknown to almost everyone" ... what a fucking joke!!! This was all over the mainstream news about Iran and 9/11.

Like I said earlier, you too should consider yourself an enemy of the real rebellion.

Fucking backstabbers!

Three Reasons Why the Real Rebellion MUST Step Up its Efforts

November 7, 2017 | By KJ for and
The first reason concerns the effective dumbing down of the people, not by the regular press but by the "truth" or alt news movement itself. If this is the level of the average "truther" today then it has suddenly become clear to me why I struggle to find real rebels. Somehow, I don't feel the need to add more comments, just see this...:
The second reason is the hijacking of narratives, most recently the one about the Las Vegas shooting. Right now they are trying to completely erase the history of the Israeli government and state news media their involvement in and foreknowledge of the Vegas false flag attack. See this. Suddenly it is all Saudi derailment and I'm tired of just sitting by and not responding to it.
The third reason is a cyber plague that is trying to kill off the real rebellion. An alarming number of people are posting fake alternative news media links and posts on social media and on their blogs. Post from known backstabbers like AWD News (, Your News Wire (,, Neon Nettle (,,, Wake Up Call News (WUC-News,, News and Stories from USA ( etc. This is actually killing the rebellion because it basically equals to being bombarded from within, to being undermined by the ones we are trying to help and protect. There is little we can do against such backstabbing and blind propagation, but we can at least start by classifying all those people, who share and make viral this fake alt news jive, in the same category of the flat earthers. Just maybe this will be a proper shock treatment for these folks... but I seriously doubt that they can be helped at all at this point. It's likely too late for them anyway.
Damn, the real rebellion really is in deep trouble (yes, I mean the real rebellion, not the altstream concoction that is described here and here).

"Paradise Papers" is an Infotainment Ruse and NOTHING More!

November 6, 2017 | By KJ for and
Bank on it that the news media - both mainstream and "alternative" - are going to milk this for weeks to come while there is no case at all. It is the perfect distraction from the stuff that I and a few others write and report about and it once again stalls the further development of the real rebellion.
The reasons why I know for sure that this is nothing but an infotainment ruse is because everything points to that, when you focus on what really matters here, what is actually being achieved and how and what to look for other than the news headlines and factoids.


Likely the most important piece of evidence in this case, from the perspective of the real rebellion, is this statement from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) about the "Paradise Papers", the organization that is also the source of the "leaks":

"We do not intend to suggest or imply that any people, companies or other entities included in the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly.

Nor has any charge been brought against Appleby, from which the documents were stolen by Wikileaks and Anonymous double-agents.
Read that again, there haven't been any crimes committed except by those who stole the documents from the Appleby servers. Of course that is not a juicy reality and that will not be the headlines of the alternative news media their endless clickbait campaigns now.

2. Appleby

The following is the statement from Appleby, concerning the "leak":

“Recent media coverage, including the Panorama programme aired on 5th November, continues to focus on the offshore sector.   The journalists do not allege, nor could they, that Appleby has done anything unlawful. There is no wrongdoing. It is a patchwork quilt of unrelated allegations with a clear political agenda and movement against offshore.

We wish to reiterate that our firm was not the subject of a leak but of a serious criminal act.  This was an illegal computer hack.  Our systems were accessed by an intruder who deployed  the tactics of a professional hacker and covered his/her tracks to the extent that a forensic investigation by a leading international Cyber & Threats team concluded that there was no definitive evidence that any data had left our systems. This was not the work of anybody who works at Appleby.  Panorama stated they have nearly seven million of our documents.  They also claimed to have sourced information from “publicly available documents”.  The BBC website states that “the Paradise Papers contains 13.4 million documents”. It is plain that the source of documents is not confined to Appleby.

We have had lengthy correspondence with the International Consortium of Independent Journalists (ICIJ). Their claim that we “did not reply to their detailed questions” is false. We responded to their questions and we requested that they show us the documents they have in their possession which belong to us. Extracts of our response to the ICIJ, which they acknowledged on 26 October, are set out below.  We take client confidentiality extremely seriously and we are disappointed that the media has chosen to use information which has emanated from material obtained illegally. This has very little to do with accurate and fair reporting, and everything to do with the pursuit of a political agenda. These journalists will not permit fairness and accuracy to get in the way of their political objectives.

We also wish to clarify that Appleby is a global organisation comprising ten offices which have equal prominence within the global business. We do not have a headquarters. It is not correct to state that Appleby has its headquarters in Bermuda.

Appleby has thoroughly and vigorously investigated the allegations and we are satisfied that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing.  We are a law firm which advises clients on legitimate and lawful ways to conduct their business. We operate in jurisdictions which are regulated to the highest international standards. We do not tolerate illegal behaviour and we reiterate our commitment to responsible business conduct.  We are committed to the highest standards of client service and confidentiality.  It is what we stand for, this commitment remains unequivocal.
The statement continues here.
Now compare the above with the "edited for length and clarity" excerpt of it published by the Guardian. I hope you feel as disgusted as me because it attests to the gutter journalism that the Guardian increasingly resorts to in hopeless efforts to stay relevant. If you don't know how to compare the two versions just take note of the fact that the Guardian doesn't want their readers to know that Appleby referred to the "leak" as the pursuit of a political agenda and also note the deliberate omission of "this has very little to do with accurate and fair reporting".

3. Offshore

Offshore business isn't illegal and the ones out there who now again pretend that it is wrong to not want to pay taxes by creating (elaborate) financial constructions are hypocrites. No sane person wants to pay taxes to scamming governments that go to war while the people say NO. Not wanting to pay taxes is smart because governments are pits of corruption that seemingly have too much cash anyway since they can still steal it from the public or use it for things that no one really asked for. Like building creepy control grids and police states that serve the few that aren't even listed in the Paradise and Panama Papers at all, obviously.
So what? A bunch of rich people got outed as tax evaders. So what? Big deal. I'd do the exact same thing if I was stinking rich. Of course I would. And so would everyone else. Hiding your jealousy behind a mask of false justice makes you no better than the ones who organize the false flag attacks. You disgust me just as much.
If you don't understand how the money game is played then you should start paying attention and get up to speed with the real rebellion, if you care enough about our work and the future of your children, if you have any.

4. Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Guardian

These "news" papers who are also at the source of the "leak" are all partners of Wikileaks. Including an expanding list of dozens more mainstream "news" outlets. Wikileaks is mainstream, it always was and it was intended to be that. The fact that that CIA/zio front organization is involved along with Anonymous deceivers who are yet another proven CIA/zio outfit makes it crystal clear what the deal is here.
Keeping people occupied with nonsense and freak infotainment ploys shows how much they fear the real hardcore rebellion, if not they wouldn't have to go to such lengths to keep people distracted. Our core rebellion can never outscream the media frenzy that is again being unleashed and the conspirators of darkness know it. But they do need huge ploys to sabotage our efforts.
Sadly, literally hundreds of thousands of "truthers" and gullibles will get sucked into this infotainment ruse and will be spending the next two weeks chatting away about nothing. They'll be digging through an empty bubble and further feed the derailment of the real rebellion and that is what pisses me off the most because we are trying very hard to win but simply aren't allowed to and the fake alt media and their idiot followers are part of the problem, clearly.
If you have fallen for this ruse but now see that you were fooled, worry not. We welcome you and we will stand by your side.
If you still believe and will feed this ruse after having received our information, presented here today, then please step aside and remove yourself from our path. We will crush you too eventually if you don't! It's because of people like you that I can't even work properly on the Intelligence Academy that I am building and it is because of idiots like you that it gets harder and harder for us to expand the real resistance.
This ruse, the Paradise Papers, is yet another litmus test that most of the alternative news media WILL not pass.

"Geoengineering" DISINFORMATION at Global Research and Geoengineering Watch

November 5, 2017 | By KJ for and
Their latest report is so full of holes, lies and misconceptions that I don't even know where to start with the shredding of their disinformation (campaign?).
Let me first show you what I am referring to: "Organizations Warn Geoengineering Programs Fuel Unprecedented Firestorms"
Now let me shred their first lie: "Geoengineering is the science term that applies to processes of climate intervention on a global scale."
I already explained that earlier, what geoengineering really means, here, and I have now also included that topic in the "Geoweapons" Module of the Intelligence Academy, in the Global Weather Grid section.
For those who still don't know what geoengineering means, or who are too lazy to click on embedded links:
Geoengineering refers to the methods and installations that can alter the state of weather, climate, volcanoes, tectonic plates, gravity, tides and even human and animal perceptions and moods. On an extremely advanced level it also refers to the methods and installations that can affect intercelestial forces (besides the tides). - All of this of course with the understanding that you are NOT a flat earther, obviously! HINT, HINT...
Why is this so important to know and repeat? Well, read: CONFIRMED: "Geoengineering" (Geo-engineering) Hijacked, Hollywood's Upcoming GEOSTORM Movie is Part of the Global Master Plan of Deception
Lets continue to shredding their next lie: "Climate engineering programs are completely disrupting natural weather and climate cycles all over the world, destroying the ozone layer, and decreasing the overall hydrological cycle (which, in turn, fuels record drought and firestorms)."
The lie there is actually so gravely imposed on the reader that it qualifies as mental terrorism. Really, think about it and assess what they are claiming.
Provably "the overall hydrological cycle" is not decreasing, so, therefore that can not fuel "record drought and firestorms". Provably? Yes. This is first of all also documented in the Global Weather Grid section at the new Intelligence Academy website and this has been extensively documented, independently, by Weather War 101 as well. Just go through his several hundred videos.

"Roughly 5,015 Olympic swimming pools of water are artificially added to the atmosphere every day" in the US alone - Intelligence Academy

As we have seen with the most recent "wildfires", those too were started on purpose, not because of a "decreasing overall hydrological cycle". Nor did the Mexican drug cartels or the destroyed power lines cause the California wildfires (check the geoweapons section of this website).
Next: "A primary process of climate engineering operations involves jet aircraft spraying of atmospheric aerosol particulates. These elements are then manipulated with powerful ground based radio frequency / microwave transmissions."
Although this statement is half true, it is also half false because it deliberately omits HOW "aerosol particulates" are being manipulated and by WHAT kind of transmissions.
There are two very simple reasons why Global Research and Geoengineering Watch don't mention that information because:
  1. They have no idea what they are talking about, AND
  2. They hijack and then marginalize the work of Weather War 101 because that's where they get their half truth from. If they would add the full explanation everyone who is aware of their scam would know that the source of "their" claim is in fact Weather War 101
The answer to what manipulates the aerosol particles is: Doppler radars, part of the Nexrad network in the US and part of the OPERA network in Europe. Terminal Doppler weather radar (TDWR) stations may complement the effectiveness of the Nexrad network’s use for weather engineering.
Another lie: "A public outcry against geoengineering operations is desperately needed to bring the operations to light and to a halt."
That public outcry that is needed can't take place since the propagators of these lies willingly derail any such attempts to mobilize the masses, because in a best case scenario they have no idea what they are talking about or in the worst case scenario are coopting venues that deliberately keep the people as far away from the truth as possible.
Either way, you can forget about "public outcry" of any significant value and scope. Controlled opposition and willing ignorance simply cause too much damage. Besides, the operations have already been brought to light many times, and still, but as you can see for yourself the deceivers prefer this status quo. Natural News included (Read: "The Geoweapons Interview that Got Sabotaged and Banned by the (Alternative) News Media" on this page).

Recent "Release" of CIA Files Proves My Point Perfectly

November 5, 2017 | By KJ for and
I told you that I am not interested in the so-called JFK files for the simple reason that they will not reveal any damning information. I'm not going to repeat all of that. Why? Because I don't have to. Recent 9/11 files prove my point perfectly, that the CIA is full of shit and that those who constantly fall for this hype actually have shit for brains because no matter how many times you explain something to them they will continue to waste their time with wandering off the path.
How do the 9/11 files prove this?
Well because the CIA claims that Iran is the main actor in the 9/11 terrorist conspiracy. That of course is beyond stupidly ridiculous. We all know - well at least many of us do - that the Israeli government had foreknowledge of the attacks. They had been spying so hard on the US government and people through for instance Amdocs that it didn't leave any room at all to not know about the then impending events. And this is merely one angle to the actual story. Also this I'm not going to redo entirely. If you didn't know about Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks then you have a lot of catching up to do. Unfortunately, I don't have time for that here.
In any event, if it seems odd to you that I'm not talking about "major" stuff like the JFK files, Wikileaks, Snowden etc. then all it means is that it isn't worth my time, nor your time. If it isn't posted here it probably isn't worth very much anyway.

This is the Intelligence Academy -

November 5, 2017 | By KJ for and
I'm going to open up the Intelligence Academy website, in test mode though. So members can already browse around and help further build the content and features.
The site is far from finished of course but I need feedback from members and users so that we can build a really effective platform together, to recruit more rebels and activists for the real rebellion and to help already active activists work more efficiently.
Like I said earlier, the rebellion has a serious problem but I'm working an a solution and if you want to contribute to the expansion and success of the Intelligence Academy then I'm looking forward to reading your messages and emails ASAP.
The funding for the Intelligence Academy website and platform came from a donation that was made through the website, thanks again M.B.

"More People Are Waking Up, We ARE Already Winning"

November 5, 2017 | By KJ for and
That's what average "truthers" say because that's what has been spoon-fed to them by their alternative news media idols and heroes but the reality is far more different than that, and far less simplistic as well.
I'm not denying that more people find their way to alternative news sources where they are initiated to the realms of many proven conspiracies and hidden histories.
However, 9 out of 10 such altstream news venues are hijacked themselves or are not even aware that they have been/are being coopted by those who want to control the narratives and the minds of the people. The same alphas of darkness that have been spoon-feeding the so-called alternative news media all those lies and fabrications about the Las Vegas shooting.
Till this very day you can easily find the majority of the "truth" movement still intensely debating the color of Stephen Paddock's car or van and whether or not he had a "number 13" tattooed on his /neck. Like any of this matters at all! The point was to distract you with this and THAT has succeeded fantastically.
The majority of the "truthers" and average activists haven't questioned the Israeli government's role in this and have conveniently forgotten about how it provided the evidence that it had foreknowledge about the Vegas shooting.
In any event, whenever you see people posting that more and more people are waking up and that we are winning against evil, be sure to inform them about the true reality that exists outside of their manufactured alt bubbles.
There's more than just a red and blue pill out there...

The Rebellion is in Trouble But I'm Working on a Solution

November 2, 2017 | By KJ for and
The biggest problem that the real resistance is facing right now is in the numbers, there aren't enough of us out there that are serious about staying loyal to their own principles and to the truth. Too little code, too little honor. That's what I think of it and that is easily proven.
Check any random alternative news website and you'll see it for yourself, how they mix their (sometimes) good reporting with pure mainstream rehashing that is all based on hearsay because that is what we have today with the press.
Most in the activist community, if we can even call it that, seem to forget that the news media and the governments that they serve have had decade after decade, for more than 70 years, to fine tune their broadcasting and conditioning tactics.
Today it has to be assumed that EVERYTHING that they spout is FALSE, until the opposite is proven. That is the reality that we live in but that most refuse to understand or recognize.
I understand that it must be intriguing for many out there to endlessly chat about the JFK files, and what  they DON'T include; about Trump and Clinton; about the ever changing Las Vegas shooting narrative; etc. But while that is happening people don't have their guard up and are wandering off the main path that should be leading us to winning at least some of our battles.
Simply put, we need to recruit fresh minds and fresh blood because most of the activists today can't even be called rebels anymore, we are truly few. Sad but true.
Therefore I have started to work on a recruiting platform to do just that. To attract the young generation of today and tomorrow because they still have a chance to start with a clean slate. They have not been exposed (too much) to the coopted activism that is raging out there online and in the streets.
Of course, the platform will also be available to anyone else who sees that we are heading the wrong way with the so-called activist community and that we have to start to think about replenishing our ranks.
I've started this on my own but I welcome all the help that you too might offer to further build that platform. When you are a good writer, researcher, programmer or just very dedicated to the cause then I will very much appreciate your email or message (
I expect the new platform to be ready by the end of the month or so because it is quite a big job to do all by myself. There's a lot of content to be written and collected and the structure of the new website for it has to be further improved.
There's a lot of work to be done still and that is also one of the reasons why I just can't comprehend how people can coze away their precious time that is now starting to run out.

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